[7/21] Herawen's Special Missions! Tower of Trials Update
EVENTS 2020.07.21

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Greetings, Adventurers!


Training has never been more rewarding! A new event that grants increased EXP for completing the Tower of Trials is now live. Complete your training in the tower and be rewarded by Herawen with Grand Black Stone Fortune Sacks!


See below for more details about this event.



📢 Event Period
After the maintenance on July 21 (Tuesday) - Until the scheduled maintenance on August 4 (Tuesday)


📢 Event Details
1) During the event period, complete the Tower of Trials. Then, tap on the giftbox icon beside the minimap.
2) Go to "Herawen's Special Missions" Event tab to collect the mission completion reward.

※ Please Note
- Each mission can only be completed once during the event period.
- All missions are simultaneously active, and the completion results are cumulative.
Ex) If you complete the Tower of Trials once, all the missions in this event (Complete Tower of Trials x2/x3/x5) will count it as one successful completion.
- Using a [Tower of Trials Entry Pass] and completing the Tower of Trials will also count as one successful completion towards all missions.
- The event period and conditions are subject to change.

Thank you.