[7/21] Patch Note
UPDATES 2020.07.21

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Greetings, Adventurers!


The patch notes for the July 21 (Tuesday) Update are here. In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game. See below for more details about this update.

All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.



■ World Boss: Enraged Bheg


- Enraged Bheg, a new World Boss, is now live.
ㆍThis World Boss will spawn every Sunday from 20:00 - 22:00 (Server Time). It can be found at the Northern Plains of Serendia.
ㆍCharacters that are Lv. 45 and above can participate in this World Boss Raid.


■ Abyssal Crystals

- Abyssal Crystals have been added.
ㆍAbyssal Crystals can be obtained at a certain rate through Crystal Fusion by going to [Black Spirit's Influence > Fuse Crystals].


■ Temple of the Sun

📢 What is the Temple of the Sun?

 - In this event, only a limited number of people can enter the chambers in the Temple of the Sun. When you enter a chamber, you can make offerings of silver to receive rewards.
1) When making offerings with silver, the items that you will receive as rewards will be from the normal list of items, with a chance of receiving an item from the best items list.
2) There is a limit to the number of people that can enter one chamber in the Temple of the Ancients. However, the chamber will remain available until all the best rewards have been claimed.
3) The event schedule and conditions are subject to change.

■ Temple of the Sun Schedule 

Date Opening Time (Server Time) Session # of Chambers Max. # of People per Chamber 
July 25, 2020 14:00 1 3 1,000
14:15 2 3 1,000
22:00 3 3 1,000
22:15 4 3 1,000
July 26, 2020 14:00 1 3 1,000
14:15 2 3 1,000
22:00 3 3 1,000
22:15 4 3 1,000

※ Please check the following conditions when you enter the Temple of the Sun!

1) Each chamber in the Temple of the Sun will have a limited number of spots available for participants.

2) Participating in this event while in a safe zone is recommended.

3) Having at least 15 Inventory Slots available before you participate in this event is recommended.

4) Make sure to check your Inventory space and weight so that you don't max them out while in the Temple of the Sun!

5) The fee per Offering may differ depending on the grade of the best items in a chamber.



■ Guild Rush: Season 2

- Season 2 of Guild Rush has begun!

ㆍThe new season will bring about an increase in the Guild Rush Bosses' HP as well as their attack and defense power. However, higher-grade rewards will be given for defeating these bosses.

ㆍThe number of Summoning Stones required for a Guild Rush has been changed to 5. Rewards have been increased to match this change.

ㆍAdded a function where item acquisition rates will increase if more Guild Members participate in a Guild Rush. 


■ Abyssal Gear Acquisition Rate UP Event

- During the event period, the chances of acquiring Abyssal-grade gear at Shakatu's Gear Shop has been increased.


■ Acquisition Rate UP Event for Certain Abyssal Alchemy Stones

- The acquisition rates of certain Abyssal Alchemy Stones through Crafting and Synthesis have been increased.


■ New Grade Bonus Added for Accessory Resonance

- A new grade bonus (9th Resonance) has been added to Accessory Resonance.


■ Tower of Trials Update: Max # of Floors and Party Members Increased

- The maximum number of characters that can be sent to the Tower of Trials has been increased from 4 to 5.

- The maximum number of floors in the Tower of Trials has been increased.

- A new event where clearing the Tower of Trials will grant increased EXP has begun.



- Changed the rewards given by some NPCs for completing their Amity Quest so that the rewards will be contained in chests.

ㆍThe contents of the rewards have not been changed.


[Node War/Siege War]

- Started an event that grants +50% Guild Bonus in Node War and Siege War.


[Alchemy Stones]

- Changed the description for [VBrave Stone of the Conqueror] so that it is more clear.


[World Map]

- Removed the need for Passes when accessing regions in the World Map.



- Fixed an issue in Camp > Blacksmith where the effects were not appearing correctly in the results window when exchanging materials.



- Lowered the EXP requirements needed to reach Lv. 71 through 75.

ㆍThe amount of EXP needed to reach these levels has been lowered. The current total EXP percentage will not be changed from this adjustment.
ㆍThe following rewards have been prepared to compensate players for this change:

1) Recipients: Players with characters that are Lv. 70 or higher

2) Reward: [300% Hot Time (3 Hours)] x3

3) Delivery Date(Server Time): 

ㆍNA: Every day at 22:00 from July 21 - July 27

ㆍEU: Every day at 07:00 from July 22 - July 28

ㆍASIA: Every day at 14:00 from July 22 - July 28

※ Please collect the rewards from your mailbox before they expire.



- Fixed an issue where the section displaying the season rewards was cutting off.

- Fixed an issue where the Rankings were not being displayed correctly in the Ranking Season Rewards screen for some players.

- Fixed an issue in Promotion Matches where the Season Ending Rewards text was cut off.



- Improved this class' skills so that [Sword of Judgment] can be used as a follow-up attack immediately after stabbing with [Shield Chase].



[Best Missions for New/Returning Adventurers] Event

- Discovered an issue with this event (which started after the July 7 Update) where certain Adventurers that fit the requirements were not included in the event.

- Rewards containing the completion rewards for 14 days will be sent to the Adventurers that were not able to participate in this event due to this issue.
ㆍThere is a lot of time before this event ends, so continue tackling the missions and get awesome rewards that will help you with your adventures!




■ New Events 

- Temple of the Sun: Special Log-in Event

- Terrmian is Now Open (Season 2)!

- Herawen's Special Missions! Tower of Trials Update

- Beat the Summer Heat! Black Spirit Bingo


■ Ending Events

- Eileen's Shop of Wonders

- Awakening Celebration! Daily Mission Pass

- Awakening Celebration! Black Spirit's Adventure

- Awakening Support Event

- Summer Log-in Event




■ Talish's Shop

- Talish's Shop has been reorganized.

ㆍThe product list will be updated after the maintenance.


■ New Products

- Pearls + Crystal Chest I

- Pearls + Crystal Chest II

- Mystical Crystal Package I

- Mystical Crystal Package II

- Epheria Marine (Armor)

- Parrot

- Magical Residue

- Magical Essence


■ Sales Ending This Week

- Lightstone Development Package

- Epic to Mystical Crystal Chest x10 Bundle


■ Sales Ending Next Week

- Valks' Challenge Chest I

- Valks' Challenge Chest II

- Valks' Challenge Chest III

- Valks' Challenge Chest IV

- Weapon Enhancement Chest

- Armor Enhancement Chest

- Weapon Development Package

- Armor Development Package

- Alchemy Stone Development Package

- Pearls + Mystical Lightstone Package

- Restoration Scroll Package