[7/7] Patch Note (Updated)
UPDATES 2020.07.07


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Greetings, Adventurers!


The patch notes for the July 7 Update are here. In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game. See the patch notes for more details about this update.


※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.


■ Class Awakening

- Added Class Awakening.
ㆍYou can play the Awakening quests by going to [Menu] > [Story] after you have reached level 60 and received a [Southwest Calpheon Pass].
ㆍYou'll gain new skills and access to new weapon types upon Awakening, which will add new dimensions and experiences to your character's playstyle.

Normal Class (Main Weapon/Sub-Weapon)  Awakened Class (Main Weapon/Sub-Weapon) 
Warrior (Longsword/Shield)  Berserker (Greatsword/Seal) 
Ranger (Longbow/Dagger)  Windbreaker (Kamasylven Sword/Feather) 
Witch (Staff/Dagger)  Invoker (Aad Sphera/Magic Tome) 
Giant (Axe/Ornamental Knot)  Destroyer (Iron Buster/Cannonballs) 
Valkyrie (Longsword/Shield)  Lancer (Lancia/Armband) 
Sorceress (Amulet/Talisman)  Reaper (Scythe/Soul Orb) 
Dark Knight (Kriegsmesser/Ornamental Knot)  Phantasma (Vediant/Magic Blade) 
Striker (Gauntlet/Vambrace) 

- The [Ascension Skillbook Chest] item name has been changed to [Awakening/Ascension Skillbook Chest] in accordance with the Awakening update.
- Added 2 Awakening/Ascension Weapon Exchange Coupons as an Awakening/Ascension quest reward.
※ Adventurers that have already completed Ascension will receive a Character Awakening/Ascension Coupon and 2 Awakening/Ascension Weapon Exchange Coupons in their mailbox.


■ Accessory Shop Update

- Added Abyssal-grade Accessories to the Accessories section in the Pearl Shop.
- Added An event which discounts the cost for refresh.
- Adjusted the cost for refresh and for currencies used in the Accessories section in the Pearl Shop.
ㆍThe currency required to refresh has been changed from [Pearl] to [Black Pearl].
ㆍThe cost to refresh the products in the Accessory Shop has been changed from a maximum of 150 Pearls to a maximum of 30 Black Pearls.
- Added an event for discount prices for Mystical accessory.

■ Accessory Awakening

- Added Accessory Awakening.

- Go to Camp > Blacksmith > Gear Awakening > Accessory Awakening to accept the quest for each piece of gear. Accessory awakening is available after you complete the given quest.

- Accessory awakening is available for only Mystical-grade or higher accessories.

- You can perform Awakened Enchantment after you complete accessory awakening.
ㆍAs with gear awakened enchantment, you can also obtain effects that increase AP/DP from accessory awakened enchantment.


■ Wardrobe

-You can combine stats and the appearance you want through the armor and weapon outfits in your wardrobe.
- You can access the Wardrobe feature in 3 different ways.
1) Menu - Wardrobe
2) Pearl Shop – Appearance – Wardrobe
3) Pearl Inventory – Select Outfit – Wardrobe
- You can either move a single outfit or use [Select Mode] to send multiple outfits to the wardrobe.
- You can then choose any outfits within the Wardrobe and apply the stats, appearance, and effects you want to have to match your preference.
- It could still be necessary to withdraw outfits from the Wardrobe for things such as applying dye, fusing outfits, or replacing it with another outfit. You will need to spend some silver to withdraw an outfit from the Wardrobe.
※ Outfits in the Wardrobe cannot be dyed or fused, though you may dye the appearance of the outfit that has currently been applied.
※ You are able to apply stats, appearance, and effects from outfits only for the class you are currently playing. Bonuses from outfits that are for other classes may not be applied.

※ [Armor Outfits] and [Weapon Outfits] previously worn by all characters within the Family before maintenance have been automatically moved to the [Wardrobe].
※ To access the [Outfits] worn by all characters within the Family, please check [Menu] > [Wardrobe]. (Updated on 7/7)

■ Mega Growth Boost

- Added the Mega Growth Boost instance.
- Added the Mega Growth Boost to assist Adventurers that could use the help in their journey to grow stronger.
- The following effects will be applied from the Mega Growth Boost:
ㆍCombat EXP: +500%
ㆍField Item Drop Rate: +300%


🌱 What is Mega Growth Boost?
- The Mega Growth Boost is an effect that grants Combat EXP +500% and Field Item Drop Rate +300% for new and returning Adventurers.
- The effect is applied for 14 days, and can be applied until the highest level character in your family reaches level 60.
- You can manually turn the Mega Growth Boost effect on or off. You will be taken to a separate growth instance on your server if you turn it on, or stay on a normal instance when it is toggled on.
ㆍAdventurers who can not receive this effect will not be able to enter the Mega Growth Boost instance.
ㆍYou cannot be with a friend or guild member if they are receiving the Mega Growth Boost effect. (Following is possible if the effect is turned off)
- This boost stacks with the effects from all other Hot Times and buff items.
- The Mega Growth Boost is not applied in the following zones:
ㆍNightmare, Field of Valor, The Hidden Banquet Hall

■ Added [Copper] rank to Ranked Arena

- We've adjusted the Ranked Arena rewards. See below for more information regarding the changed rewards.

Rank Ranked Arena Victory Points  Reward
Challenger 4000 or above  3000 Black Pearls, 10 Million Silver 
Master 3500 or above  2200 Black Pearls, 8 Million Silver 
Diamond 3000 or above 1500 Black Pearls, 6 Million Silver
Platinum 2500 or above 1000 Black Pearls, 5 Million Silver
Gold 2000 or above 700 Black Pearls, 4 Million Silver 
Silver 1500 or above 400 Black Pearls, 3 Million Silver
Bronze 1000 or above 200 Black Pearls, 2 Million Silver 
Copper 100 Black Pearls, 1 Million Silver 

※ We've sent silver to your mailbox based on the June Ranked Arena results. Make sure to collect the reward before it expires.
- Added the rank [Copper] to Ranked Arena.
- Added Promotion Matches to Ranked Arena.
ㆍ Copper - Platinum Promotion Match: Win a best 2 out of 3 matches
ㆍ Diamond - Challenger Promotion Match: Win a best 3 out of 5 matches

■ Lock Feature for Inventory: [Open Chests]

- Added a lock feature to prevent opening certain items when using the [Open Chests] feature.
ㆍ Chests where you can receive gear
ㆍ Chests where you can receive "Plus" items
ㆍ Outfit chests
ㆍ Pet chests
ㆍ Items that change based on your character class upon use.

- Adjusted PvP damage applied to each class based on the addition of the Awakened class.
- Current ranking will be displayed below the Ramoness Points from the Ramoness screen.
ㆍChanged to allow Adventurers to view the rewards they can get based on their current rank from the Ramoness season reward screen.
- Improved the animation of Placement Matches when it concludes from Ranked Arena.
- Changed the reward type from a chest to a reward that is immediately given.


- Adjusted the minimum price of Mystical Accessories sold at the market in accordance to the current state of the economy and supply available.


- Changed the design of the profile information window of other Adventurers from the chat window.
- Added a button that tells how to obtain Advice of Valks below the Advice of Valks counter from the Awakened Enchantment screen.


- Fixed an issue where some graphic settings were abnormal due to graphic optimization caused by a device overheating.


[Shakatu's Shop]
- Class names will be displayed on the Select Class Weapon button in Shakatu's Shop.


[World Map]
- Changed the color of the text in regions where knowledge progress is below 100% to make it easier to discern.


- Added new Path to Power - Camp Growth quest [Ancient Relic Altar].


- Changed so that Auto-Questing cannot be performed if you're in a party.
ㆍThe Auto-questing feature will automatically stop if you join a party.


- The Town Hall must be Tier 3 or above in order to build an Ancient Relic Altar.
- Adjusted the resources and food required to build an Ancient Relic Altar.


- Fixed an issue where the patch-downloading notification appeared and it would take abnormally long to load when playing on certain devices.
- Fixed an issue where changes made to resolution were not being applied.
- Fixed an issue where monsters would not appear occasionally when switching to a background.
- Fixed an issue where Auto-Hunt would stop when tapping on the button to continue Black Spirit's quest.


[Boss Rush]
- Fixed an issue where Boss Rush would progress to the next stage if Combat Plus expires while raising difficulty or is set on repeat.
- Fixed an issue where the previous boss information would abnormally be displayed when re-entering the Boss Rush screen.
- Fixed an issue where some classes would sometimes wander instead of move to their destination in Boss Rush: Illezra's Servant.


- Improved the animation of the Captured Ogre at Western Guard Camp to make its behavior look more natural.


- Fixed an issue where the afterimages displayed abnormally when tapping or dragging the UI for certain content.
- Fixed an issue where it would ocassionally show another Adventurer's information when checking their information through the chat window.
- Fixed an issue where the background image did not appear when viewing the Node Manager dispatch task within Bounty Missions.
- Fixed an issue where Magical Residue obtained from absorbing dark energy erroneously appear as a bundle image.


- Fixed an issue where a buff did not apply when switching a character to collect accumulated title rewards.

- Fixed an issue where a bush would not appear when moving a character inside a bush in the Ramoness Arena.


[Siege War]
- Fixed an issue where the Refund button would occassionally not appear.

[Void Knight]
- Fixed an issue where the Dark Mist skill effect didn't appear from another character if the [Display Hit Effects] were turned off.



[Special Benefits to Celebrate Awakening Update]
-We've prepared special benefits for Adventurers who have been waiting for the Awakening update.
ㆍAll Adventurers, excluding new Adventurers, will be recognized as Returning Adventurers after the maintenance.
ㆍThis means Adventurers will be able to participate in events for returning Adventurers, so be sure to check the new events.
Ex: Best Missions for New and Returning Adventurers
-Thank you for your unwavering support and we hope you continue to enjoy your adventures in Black Desert Mobile.


[Awakening Skillbook Exchange]
- We'll exchange the Ascension Skillbook Chest to Awakening/Ascension Skillbook Chest in light of the Awakening Update. Make sure to claim the Awakening/Ascension Skillbook Chest from your mailbox!


[Elle Bellucci Exchange Shop Season 2: Now Closed]
- The Elle Bellucci Exchange Shop will end following the maintenace on July 7 (Tuesday). Any remaining Season 2 Event Certificates will be deleted.



■ New Events
-Best Missions for New and Returning Adventurers
-Awakening Celebration! Daily Mission Pass
-Awakening Celebration! Black Spirit's Adventure
-Awakening Celebration Thank You Gift Event


■ Ending Events
- Collect the Melon
- Elle Belucci Exchange Shop Season 2
- Daily Missions for New and Returning Adventurers
- Awakening Class Popularity Poll
- World Boss Update: Giath Daily Missions Event


■ New Products
- New Weapon Outfits - Awakening
- New Weapon Outfit: Shudad - Awakening
- New Armor Outfits
- Pearls + Class Change
- Awakening Level Up
- Armor Outfit Chest x5 Bundle
- Weapon Outfit Chest x5 Bundle
- Major Growth Chest
- Leader's Blessing (3 Hours)
- Awakening/Ascension Weapon Exchange Coupon (Purchased with Silver)
- Character Awakening/Ascension Coupon (Purchased with Silver)


■ Sales Ending Next Week
- Alchemy Stone Fragments Chest
- Limited Gold Coin Chest
- Pearls + Silver Bonus I
- Pearls + Silver Bonus II