[6/30] Celebrating Class Awakening: GM Quiz Event (Updated on 7/2)
EVENTS 2020.06.29


Greetings, Adventurers! 


To celebrate the Awakening update, a GM has prepared a quiz event for everyone! 

In 7 days, a daily quiz with an awesome reward will be ready for our Adventurers. 


We have decided to end the [Awakening Quiz Event] earlier than scheduled due to some technical issues.
The intended rewards for the rest quizzes will be sent to all Adventurers during the next scheduled maintenance on July 7th.
We promise that GM Quiz will come back with more improved and richer contents in the near future.


However, the introduction for each Awakening class will continue on the official social network and on the official website daily as intended.
We are sorry for inconvenience and thank you for your interest towards Awakening Quiz Event.



📢 Event Period

- America: 6/30, 00:00 - 7/1, 23:55 7/6, 23:55 (Server Time)

- Europe: 6/30, 09:00 - 7/2, 08:55 7/7, 08:55 (Server Time)
- Asia: 6/30, 16:00 - 7/2, 15:55 7/7, 15:55 (Server Time)


📢 Event Details

1) Log-in to Black Desert Mobile during the event period.

2) Participate in the event by pressing the [GM Quiz Event] icon located on the upper-left.

3) Read the questions carefully and choose the correct answer.

※ Please choose your answers carefully as your selection cannot be reverted.


💡 Hints

- Keep up with the Event and notices on social media, which will be posted daily at 00:00 (GMT-8). 👀


※ Please Note

- The [GM Quiz Event] will appear a total of 2 7 times, and each will run for 23 hours and 55 minutes.

- The event reward will be sent directly to the inventory of the current character that is being accessed.

- The event period is subject to change.


Thank you.



[Introduction for Awakening Classes]


■ Berserker 

The Berserker uses a Greatsword to deliver attacks that deal immense damage, making him a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. 

Standard  Awakening 
Warrior  Berserker 
Krieger  Berserker 
Guerrero  Berserker 
Guerrier  Berserker 
Воин  Берсерк 
Warrior  Berserker 
วอร์ริเออร์  อเวนเจอร์ 
Guerreiro  Berserker 


■ Windwalker 

The Windwalker takes up the Kamasylven Sword and cuts down her enemies with swift movements and deadly, relentless attacks. 

Standard Awakening
Ranger Windwalker
Waldläuferin Windläuferin
Exploradora Caminavientos
Rôdeuse Marche-Vent
Лучница Ловец ветра
Ranger Windwalker 
เรนเจอร์  วินด์วอล์คเกอร์
Ranger  Magi-Ranger 


■ Invoker 

The Invoker uses the Aad Sphera to unlock the mysteries of lightning and earth, making her a true force of nature in combat. 

Standard  Awakening 
Witch  Invoker 
Magierin  Erzzauberin 
Maga  Gran maga 
Magicienne  Enchanteresse 
Волшебница  Архимаг 
Witch  Invoker 
วิทช์  อินโวคเกอร์ 
Maga  Arcanista 


■ Invoker

Clothed in formidable iron armor, the Destroyer uses the powerful Iron Buster to set his enemies ablaze and leaves behind a level of destruction befitting his name.

Standard  Awakening 
Giant  Destroyer 
Riese Zerstörer 
Gigante  Destructor 
Géant  Destroyer 
Варвар  Разрушитель 
Giant  Destroyer 
เบอร์เซิร์กเกอร์  เดสทรอยเยอร์ 
Gigante  Colosso