[6/16] Patch Note (Updated)
UPDATES 2020.06.16


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Greetings, Adventurers!


The patch notes for the 6/16 Update are here. In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game. See the patch notes for more details about this update.

※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.


■ Gear Awakening

- Gear Awakening has been added.
- Awakening weapons and armor will greatly increase their base AP and DP.
- The following gear can be Awakened: Abyssal-grade gear, Ultimate Liverto gear, Ultimate Grunil gear, Ultimate Rosar gear, Ultimate Kite gear, and 3-Slot Mystical-grade gear.


- Preparations are needed in order to awaken gear.
・You must first complete the Gear Awakening questline in the [Story] menu.
・There are 6 quests to complete in order to clear this questline.
・The quests can accepted by going to [Camp] > [Blacksmith] > [Forge Gear] > [Gear Awakening]. You will only be able to accept one quest at a time.
・To awaken any gear, you will need the gear you want to awaken as well as silver.
- Enchantments, Crystals, and Enhancement Levels will be retained when awakening gear.


- You can also revert an Awakened gear back to its original state.
・Go to [Camp] > [Extractor] > [Remove Awakening] to revert Awakened gear back to its original state.



- [Awakened Enchantment] can now be implemented to Awakened gear.
・[Awakened Enchantment] offers stronger AP and DP stats than normal Enchantments but require more resources to implement.


■ Family Blessings Update

- [Family Blessings] have been added.
- [Family Blessings] will grant EXP buffs to all characters except the highest-level character in your Family.
・Log in with a character that is not the highest-level character in your Family to receive a +50% EXP buff that applies to the following areas in addition to normal quests and missions: Normal Field (hunting), Black Spirit Mode (hunting), Field of Valor, Nightmare, Ancient Ruins, and Boss Rushes.
- Family Blessings will be applied to a character until they reach the same level as the highest-level character in your Family.
・Use [Family Blessings] to grow your whole Family since it will apply to all other characters until they reach the same level as the highest-level character in your Family.


■ CP Analysis Suggestion

- [CP Analysis Suggestion] has been added
・This system analyzes your CP against those of other Adventurers who have a similar CP as you.
・This system can be accessed after completing the quest 'Giant Boss' in Southeast Calpheon (Chapter 5). The icon to access the system will appear beside the mini-map.
・The CP Analysis Suggestion system shows you various ways to raise your CP, which is displayed in a single, organized screen. The following information will be displayed:
① Areas where your CP is higher than others with similar CPs.
② Areas where your CP is lower than others with similar CPs.
・Tap [Check CP] on the right side of the window to see a detailed breakdown and analysis of your CP.
・Tap on [CP Analysis Suggestion] on the [Check CP] screen and vice versa to easily switch between the two screens,


■ Tower of Trials: Additional Floors


- Floors 31-46 have been added to the Tower of Trials.


■ Auto-Enchant

- The [Auto-Enchant] system has been added.
・Once your Black Spirit reaches level 65, you can use [Auto-Enchant] to continuously enchant your gear until you get the enchantment you want on that gear.


■ Changes to the Main UI

- Changes have been implemented to the Main UI.
・The location of the Guild and Skill buttons has been changed.
・Battle-related UIs have been split into 3 types, and you can choose which type of icons are displayed on the main UI.


[Ramoness Arena]

- Adjusted damage dealt to combatants so that it is comparable to the AP and DP of the involved combatants. (Updated on 6/17)

・ Continued changes and improvements will be made and applied to make this content more enjoyable for all Adventurers.


[Dark Energy]
- Gear that cannot be equipped because of unmet requirements will not longer be shown in the the [Dark Energy] menu.


[Black Spirit Mode]
- When logging back in after [Black Spirit Mode] ends, you will no longer log into the area you were last adventuring in while in [Black Spirit Mode].
ㆍThe results screen will now display the area where you were adventuring in while in [Black Spirit Mode].


[World Boss]
- The 'Use All' button has been added to the [Raid Scroll] so that large numbers of scrolls can be used at once.


- Family Quests will now have the text '[Family]' displayed to make them more recognizable.
  Ex. ) Good Friends 1 > [Family] Good Friends 1
- The Pearl Shop button has been added to the [Hidden Golden Vault] screen.
- The [Show/Hide Weapon] function for the Striker has been added to the Inventory screen.


- Applied fixes to address the issue where characters would occasionally move out of the map in both the Arena and Ramoness Arena maps.


- Fixed an issue where the game would crash in certain cases upon logging in after downloading a patch. (Updated on 6/19)
- Fixed the issue in Ascension Quests where faraway traps were not visible.


- Fixed the issue where the camera would not rotate after activating the Gladiator's Shield Block in certain areas.

- Fixed the issue where the [Craft Wagon] button would overlap with other UI in Camp > Trading Post.


- Fixed an issue with Pet presets where the list of Pets would sometimes be displayed incorrectly.


- Fixed the issue in the [Fuse Lightstones] window where the UI would overlap in some languages.


- The [War Vote] function has been added.
ㆍGuild Masters and Guild Officers can start and end a [War Vote].
ㆍIn the [Guild War] menu, enter the name of the guild and tap [War Vote] to start a vote.
ㆍOnce a vote has been initiated, all guild members will be shown a screen where they can cast their vote.


■ New Events
- Forgotten Labyrinth of the Ancients


■ Ending Events
- Hammer of Fortune Part 2
- Ramoness World Championship Support Event
- Ramoness World Championship Puzzle Event


■ Sales Ending Next Week
- Ultimate Steps of Fortune
- Lower Steps of Fortune
- Special Steps of Fortune