[5/26] Patch Note (Updated on 5/28)
UPDATES 2020.05.26


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Greetings, Adventurers!


The patch notes for the 5/26 Update are here. In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game. See the patch notes for more details about this update.

※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.


■ World Boss: Enraged Red Nose

- A new World Boss, Enraged Red Nose, has been added.
ㆍYour character must be level 35 or higher in order to enter the Enraged Red Nose raid.
ㆍEnraged Red Nose will appear every Tuesday from 20:00 - 22:00 at the Altar of Agris in Balenos.
ㆍYou can participate in Enraged Red Nose raids in addition to other available World Boss raids.


■ Craft Abyssal-grade Gear

- World Bosses will now drop Abyssal Gear materials.
ㆍEach World Boss will drop the following materials:

World Boss Obtainable Materials
Kzarka Kzarka's Fang, Kzarka Gear Fragment
Karanda Karanda's Claw, Dandelion Gear Fragment
Nouver Nouver's Scale, Nouver Gear Fragment
Enraged Red Nose Red Nose's Giant Sword, Red Nose Gear Fragment

- Abyssal Gear can now be crafted at the Blacksmith.
ㆍGo to Camp > Blacksmith to craft Abyssal-grade gear.
ㆍYou'll need the following materials in order to craft Abyssal Gear:

Abyssal Gear Materials required for crafting
Kzarka Gear Kzarka's Fang x1, Kzarka Gear Fragment x150
Karanda Gear Karanda's Claw x1, Dandelion Gear Fragment x150
Nouver Gear Nouver's Scale x1, Nouver Gear Fragment x150
Enraged Red Nose Gear Red Nose's Giant Sword x1, Enraged Red Nose Gear Fragment x40

■ Expanded Gear Resonance

- Increased the maximum Gear Resonance from Enhancement Level +38 to +40 for all gear.
ㆍAdditional AP and DP effects will be applied when the gear equipped have enhancement levels of +39 and +40.


■ Abyssal-grade Lightstone

- Abyssal Lightstones have been added.
ㆍYou can obtain Abyssal-grade Lightstones from the Pearl Shop using Lightstone Fragments or by fusing Mystical Lightstones.


■ New Ranking

- Guild and Family CP Rankings have been added.
ㆍ Guild rankings are calculated based on the CP of all guild members and the guild level. However, only guilds that have checked in once or more within 3 weeks will be counted towards the rankings.
ㆍ Go to Main Menu > Rank to view the Guild and Family rankings.
ㆍ You can [Send Praise] on the Guild and Family rankings.


■ Lightstone/Relic/Crystal

- Increased the rate at which you can obtain Lightstones and Relics.

- Increased the rate at which Lightstones and Crystals can be fused.


■ Tower of Trials

- Increased the number of characters that can be sent to Tower of Trials from 3 to 4.


■ Added a Season System and Rankings in Ramoness Arena
- A monthly season system and rankings will be available in the Ramoness Arena starting from the maintenance on June 9.
ㆍOnce the monthly season system is added, a new season will begin starting the 1st day of the month and the rankings will reset. A season reward will be available based on your ranking for that season.
ㆍThe ranking from the first season will be determined based on the points earned from June 1 at 00:00 until June 30 at 23:59.
- The current Ramoness Arena points will reset at midnight on June 1.
ㆍThe rewards based on the points earned until May 31, 23:59 will be sent out after the season system and ranking have been added.
※ The season system may be added at a later time. We will provide additional information about the season system later through the Patch Notes.

[Arena/Ramoness Arena]
- Changed the team identifier tag on the party widget when you are in Watch Mode for Ramoness Arena.
ㆍYour Team: Orange
ㆍOpposing Team: White
- A notification alert will show up when there is a Ranked Arena season reward available.
- Moved the social action button to the bottom of the screen in Ranked Arena.


[Shakatu's Shop]
- Removed the rate increase tag from Shakatu's Shop.
ㆍThe increased draw rate for Mystical Gear will still be applied.


- When buying normal trade goods from a Trade Merchant, there will now be marks to emphasize goods that you can sell to the Trade Merchant at the town that you set as the next destination.



- Changed quest titles and descriptions to make it easier see which Family Quests must be completed in order to complete normal Quests.


- Changed to make the buff list appear in one line at the bottom of the screen.
ㆍYou can tap on [Buff Information] to view additional details about buffs.
- Changed to make reward icon disappear once all Log-in Rewards have been collected.

- Fixed an issue where the item description didn't display when tapping the reward thorugh quest information.

- Fixed an issue where parts of the UI disappeared upon completing a quest at the camp.

※ The changes have been rescheduled and it will be applied at a later date. We will provide more details regarding this through the weekly patch notes. (Updated on 5/28)


- Black Desert Mobile is now available for download on the official stores in Belgium.


■ New Events
- Weekly Check-in Event (Event Certificate)
- Eileen's Shop of Wonders
- Wheel of Fortune: Enhancement Event


■ Ending Events
- Striker Special Log-in Event
- Field of Valor Event
ㆍTokens of Valor in your Inventory will be deleted.
ㆍThe login rewards will return to the previous login rewards.


■ Sale Ending
- Mystical Accessory Package


■ Sale Ending Next Week
- Relic Growth Chest