[5/19] Patch Note
UPDATES 2020.05.19

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Greetings, Adventurers!


The patch notes for the 5/19 Update are here. In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game. See the patch notes for more details about this update.

※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.

 ■ Fire Shot

ㆍGo to Guild Fortress > Armory to create the Fire Shot Supply Unit.
ㆍYou can summon the Fire Shot Supply Unit in Node War. Use the interact command on the summoned supply unit to get a Fire Shot.
- Throw the Fire Shot to inflict explosive damage on impact and damage over time. A maximum of 3 Fire Shots can be used per Guild.

- A character with the Fire Shot will be able to use Evasion, Run, and the I, II, and III command buttons. You can gauge throwing range by using I, II, and III before throwing it

- You will drop the Fire Shot if you die while holding it. The dropped Fire Shot will detonate in 3 seconds and inflict damage in the surrounding area.

■ Guild Rush: Elite
 - Guild Rush: Elite content has been added. Gear up and fight elite bosses together with your guild members.
 ㆍYou'll get currency known as [Elite Tokens] when you complete Elite Guild Rushes. The number of Elite Tokens rewarded will vary depending on the number of guild members. 
 ㆍUse the [Elite Token] to take part in the [Guild Rush: Elite].

■ Shakatu's Shop

 - Added UI allowing you to choose class specific weapons from Shakatu's Shop.
ㆍYou can select a Main Weapon/Sub-Weapon for a class of your choice with this feature.


[Node War/Siege War]
- Increased the tax you can collect when you currently possess a node or fort.
- Improved rewards in the Banquet Hall in accordance to the start of of the new season (Season 2).
ㆍIncreased the amount of loot that can be obtained.
ㆍIncreased the amount of Golden Fragments that can be obtained.
ㆍIncreased the drop rate for certain items.

- Fixed an issue where the character would turn back from the destination route when playing on Auto-play for missions or Boss Rush.

- Changed to allow use of the Hot Time item from the Buff Information screen even if there isn't one currently active, and if you have at least one in possession.
- Revised the message that is displayed when a new Adventurer clears the highest difficulty for the first time in Boss Rush.

- Changed to allow you to Affirm Pact with a Blood Kin who is online.
ㆍYou no longer have to wait for the Blood Kin to be present in the Blood Kin screen in order to Affirm Pact.
- Changed to make the notification indicating a Blood Kin is online only appear when there is a Blood Kin buff or quests available.
- Changed so that you can accept Blood Kin summons only when you are in town or a normal hunting ground.

[Arena/Ramoness Arena]
- If the next match in Ranked Arena is a bonus match, a UI indicating that it's a bonus match will appear on the Start Match button.
- Added a feature that allows you to check inventory slots and weight before the Ramoness Arena starts.

- The conditions to receive Ranked Arena rewards have changed.
ㆍ A new season will start on the first day of each month. You must complete placement matches and reach a tier in order to receive a season reward.

[Node Management]
- Fixed an issue where sometimes a node would be depleted before assigning a worker to the node.

[Boss Rush]
- Fixed an issue where some Boss Rush Ultimate Reward item descriptions were incorrect.

[Field of Valor]
- Fixed an issue where occasionally the result screen would not show up after Field of Valor concludes.

- Fixed an issue where [Event Certificate] obtained from Black Spirit's Race could not be used.
ㆍ Event Certificates equivalent to the number of Event Certificates obtained from the Black Spirit's Race event has been sent to your mail. The Event Certificate will expire 30 days starting from the day it has been sent. We recommend that you collect the reward as soon as possible.
- Fixed an issue where the required EXP to enhance a +26 Kite Shield was lower than the required EXP to enhance  a +25 Kite Shield.
- Disabled buttons that weren't functional when viewing the item description of relics from Camp Storage.

- Fixed an issue where an additional buff icon appeared when you logged in with a different character in your Family under certain situations.

[Pearl Shop]
- Fixed an issue where some items appeared as if they hadn't been claimed when you collected all Daily Packages by using the Get All button.


■ Archmage
- Fixed an issue where the projectile of the Fireball skill would not sometimes not display properly after evading.

■ New Events
- Monster-Hunting Missions (Event Certificate)
- Take Down the Bosses

■ Ending Events
- Let's Play Together! Bingo Event
- Puzzle Event
- Let's Play Together! Black Spirit's Race
- Epic 300% Hot Time Event

 ■ Sale Ending
- Mystical Accessory Package