BDMWC – Ramoness S2: Round of 32 Participant List (Updated)


Greetings, Adventurers!

We are pleased to announce our 32 teams from each region that will be participating in Black Desert Mobile World Championship: Ramoness - Season 2!

■ Added on 5/18 00:30 (GMT-8)

First of all, We want to thank all of our Adventurers who showed immense interest and took their time to complete their registration for this tournament.

The number of registrations across all three regions has greatly exceeded that from Season 1, but with the tournament starting from Round of 32 this season instead of the previous format of Round of 64, we, unfortunately, could not include nearly as many capable candidates as we would have liked for Season 2.

Accounts with previous records of in-game restriction due to violation of our Operational Policy in addition to inappropriate player names and/or team name in the registration were other reasons for exclusion from the final list of candidates.

After completion of the exclusion process as mentioned above, the list below has been curated at random from the final list of candidates.

Our team will do our best to create the best possible experience for our Season 2 participants of the Ramoness Championship, and we hope to return even more improved for the eventual Season 3, and we hope to see you all there!

Thank you.



Due to the extended length of the entire list, this notice will only display the team matchups. The detailed match schedule can be checked by visiting the links below.


America Europe Asia


Please note that this season’s participants will receive an invitation via DM on Discord, starting on 5/18, to join the designated channels required for operation of the tournament. Also, applicants who did not abide by the rules as indicated in the original post were excluded from the final list.

If you are a participant and have not provided a proper Discord Tag in your registration, please join the Official Black Desert Mobile Discord by visiting ( and DM [GM] Joel for further instructions.


And without further ado, here are your participating teams for America, Europe, and Asia! 

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■ America Participants 

■ Europe Participants 

■ Asia Participants