Weekend Token of Valor Giveaway!
EVENTS 2020.05.13


Greetings, Adventurers!

We will be giving out an additional [Token of Valor] through mail throughout this weekend. 

Enjoy exploring the Field of Valor with other Adventurers and receive various rewards!

Find out more below.

📢 Event Period

From 5/15 (Friday) 09:00 - Until 5/17 (Sunday) 09:00 (Server Time)


📢 Event Details

- 1 [Token of Valor] will be sent to your mailbox at 9:00 during the event period.
- Use it to embark a 30-minute journey in the Field of Valor with other adventurers. 

※ Please Note
- The mail will be expired 24 hours after it is sent.
- The [Token of Valor] will be deleted after the event ends.
- The Event Period is subject to change.

Thank you.