[Adventurer’s Act of Kindness Event] Thank you for being together!

Greetings, Adventurers! 


Do you remember the [Adventurer’s Act of Kindness] event that we could witnessed the Adventurer’s heartfelt feelings and love? 


The event began with the goal of “selling 5,000,000 Tokens of Kindness”. Within only 7 days, this goal was reached and surpassed with the final total reaching “6,167,207,984 sold” -- a total that was 1,200 times our original goal, which definitely was a remarkable result with no doubt. 


We believe this is the result of everyone’s sincere generosity that went beyond the different borders of the world, thank you. [Event Link] 


Not too long ago, the Turkey Search and Rescue Association and Australian Rural Fire Service expressed their gratitude to all our Adventurers. We’d like to deliver the messages to you. 



■ Certification of Appreciation from the Australian NSW Rural Fire Service & Brigades 


■ Thank You Letter from the Turkey Search and Rescue Association 


Thanks to our Adventurers, we were once again able to experience the importance of generosity and are truly grateful to everyone who participated in this meaningful event.


Pearl Abyss does its best to send aid for coping with the difficulties and damage caused by disasters worldwide, such as donating to “Medical Workers and Volunteers” who are fighting against the recent hardships.

We’ll continue to work hard towards creating and encouraging truly meaningful culture of charity.


We hope you’ll continue to enjoy your adventures in Black Desert.

Thank you.