[5/12] Patch Note
UPDATES 2020.05.12

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Greetings, Adventurers!


The patch notes for the 5/12 Update are here. In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game. See the patch notes for more details about this update.

※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.


■ New Class: Striker

- Striker, the eighth class in Black Desert Mobie, has been added.

ㆍ The Striker is a master of martial arts. He harnesses his energy to deliver powerful punches and kicks to pummel his foes. 

ㆍ The Striker's main weapon is the [Gauntlet] and he uses a [Vambrace] as a sub-weapon.

- A new Striker collection [Strong Gust of Wind] has been added to the Collection.


■ Hot Time Item

- A New Hot Time item has been added.

ㆍ Hot Time items are available through various events. You can use the item to get a Hot Time effect whenever you want.

ㆍ The Hot Time buff from the item is applied to Normal Field, Field of Valor, and Nightmare. 

ㆍ Hot Time items cannot be used after their expiration date. At that point you can delete the item or sell the item to a NPC if you have any remaining.

ㆍ You can get 100%, 200%, and 300% Hot Time buff items.

ㆍ The duration of the buff will vary depending on the Hot Time item. You can check these effects from the item description.

ㆍ You will receive a buff that is the sum total of the Hot Time items and the Hot Time event, when applicable.

※ If you use a Hot Time item with the same buff percentage, it will only increase the duration of the buff and not increase its effects.



1) 300% Hot Time (3 hours) + 300% Hot Time (3 hours) = 300% Hot Time buff (6 hours)

2) 100% Hot Time (3 hours) + 300% Hot Time (3 hours) = 400% Hot Time buff (3 hours)

3) 300% Hot Time (3 hours) + Event 200% Hot Time (3 hours) = 500% Hot Time buff (3 hours)

■ Shakatu's Shop Mystical Grade Item Rate-up Event

- The chances of Mystical grade equipment appearing has increased at Shakatu's Shop.

- We've sent 5,000 Ancient Gold Coins to your mail, so that you can enjoy the Shakatu's Shop Rate-up Event.


■ Field of Valor

- The Field of Valor returns to celebrate the arrival of the new class.

ㆍ The Field of Valor event will run for 2 weeks.

ㆍ The Field of Valor is only available after you get a Camp. You'll need [Token of Valor] to enter the Field of Valor.

ㆍ The Field of Valor consists of 1 to 6 levels. (※ You need a minimum of 1,600 CP to enter the first level.)

ㆍ You can obtain [Token of Valor] through the Log-in Reward Event.

ㆍ You can enter the Field of Valor through invites from friends or guild members if you are using Combat Plus regardless of your CP.

ㆍ The [Token of Valor] will be deleted after the Field of Valor event ends.


■ Pet

- Added the Pet preset function.

ㆍ The preset feature will allow Adventurers to easily take out a set of pets they want depending on the situation.


[Shakatu's Shop]

- Increased the speed of Auto-Buy in Shakatu's Shop.



- Changed the background image of Challenger tier in Ranked Arena.


[Boss Rush]

- Widened the prespective to allow Adventurers to have a wider range of vision when playing Elite Boss Rush, Regular Boss Rush, and Special Boss Rush.


[Ancient Ruins]

- Changed the death animation of Kabuamilles from Ancient Ruins.



- Changed the [Purchase] button on the Buff Information screen so that it is unavailable if there are no available items that can be bought.

- The default number of exchanges from Shakatu Exchange will now show the maximum number of exchanges available.



- Fixed an issue where the headmark and the text overlapped in the loading screen of Ranked Arena.



- Changed to take damage when you are automatically moving on your mount.



- Fixed an issue where the wagon weight and treasure chest information overlapped with the equipment status information.



- Fixed an issue where the name of the enemy and the name of the location overlapped on the designated enemy list within Outlaw mode.

- Fixed an issue where the crystal slots of equipment shown on the Auto-Buy result screen appeared abnormally from Shakatu's Shop.

- Fixed an issue where the (!) mark didn't appear on the enhancement button from the Black Spirit menu when the enhancement option was available.

- Fixed an issue where Friend/Guild Member rankings didn't display from the Arena/Life Skill rank screen.

- Changed the text information on the pop up that appears when you start Alchemy Stone Auto-Synthesis.

ㆍThe Alchemy Stone Auto-Synthesis will stop when there are no more Alchemy Stones left.


■ New Events

- Striker Hot Time Event

- Puzzle Event

- Daily Mission for New and Returning Adventurers

- Striker Level Up Event

- Black Spirit's Race [Event Certificate]

- Field of Valor Event


■ Ending Events

- Special Event: Striker

- Merchantry Missions Event


■ Changes

- The item name has been changed from [Bundle of 40 Shakatu Exchange Certificates] to [Shakatu Exchange Certificates x40].

- The purchase limit for [Character Slot Expansion Coupon], which could be purchased with Black Pearl, has been increased from 3 to 4.

ㆍ You can now have a maximum of 9 character slots per Family.