[4/21] Patch Note
UPDATES 2020.04.21

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Greetings, Adventurers!


The patch notes for the 4/21 Update are here. In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game. See the patch notes for more details about this update.

※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.

 ■ Secret Shultz Fortress

- The new high-tier zone, Secret Shultz Fortress, has been added.

■ Awakened Enhancement

- Added Awakened Enhancement.

ㆍ You can perform Awakened Enhancement on gear that is Mystical-grade or higher and with an enhancement level of +40.

ㆍ [Pristine Black Crystals] are used for Awakened Enhancement.

ㆍ You can collect Black Stones from the Refinery in the Camp and then use them towards the creation of [Pristine Black Crystal].

ㆍ Advice of Valks can be used to increase your chances of a successful enhancement.

ㆍ If Awakened Enhancement fails, you can use Restoration Scrolls for a chance to maintain the current enhancement level.

■ Weekly Special Collection

- Added Weekly Special Collection.

ㆍ The rewards and criteria for Weekly Special Collections reset every Monday on 00:00 (Server Time).

ㆍ You can collect various rewards by completing the Weekly Special Collections.

※ Your Black Spirit level needs to be 100 or higher.

■ CP Breakdown Comparing System

- Changed the layout of the My Info > Check CP.

ㆍ The Check CP category has been grouped.

ㆍ You can now compare your CP with the average CP of other users.


- For optimization, effects will be simplified on devices with 1GB memory.


- Added a feature where you automatically obtain skillbooks.

ㆍ Characters that completed Ascension can immediately use skillbooks from Skillbook Chests when using the 'Open Chests' feature from the inventory.

ㆍ The 'Auto-Acquire Skillbooks' feature can be used from all chests within the inventory and 'open chest' menus.

ㆍ Skillbooks acquired before Ascension will automatically be used towards 'Family Skill Training'.

※ Skill Training is available after a character completes Ascension. Silver is needed for Skill Training.


- Adventurers entering the Normal Arena will now have a fixed AP and DP in order to promote fair gameplay.

ㆍ Other than CP, other stats (HP, damage inflicted to other Adventurers, damage taken from other Adventurers, etc.) will remain the same.

- Changed the damage inflicted based on CP to make Ranked Arena more competitive.

ㆍAdjusted damage will be applied based on the difference between your CP and your opponent. (4/22 Updated)

ㆍ Changes to Ranked Arena will continue to be made.

- Changed the level requirement for Ranked Arena from 25 to 50.

- Fixed an issue where points were deducted during matching phase even though the match didn't start in Ranked Arena.

ㆍ The points that were lost because of this issue will be restored after this maintenance ends.

- A win will be given to an Adventurer if his/her opponent leaves a match during Ranked Arena.

- Added Start Match and Bonus Match in the result window while in a Bonus Match at Ranked Arena.

- Changed the Season Rewards being displayed on the Ranked Arena lobby from the rewards being offered for the current tier to the rewards being offered in the next tier.

- The participants in Ramoness will have their points displayed and it can be viewed by others.

[Ancient Ruins]

- Adventurers will now automatically leave after a certain time once they complete the Ancient Ruins.


- The item description will display when you tap on the list of obtainable items.

- Adventurers can now enter Ramoness and Ranked Arena from the Camp.


- Changed to get a notification when a Blood Kin is online.

- Changed to get a notification when a Blood Kin declines the summon request.


- Fixed the word order of the horse tier text on the Exchange results window for each language.

- The guild tab is now available on the chat screen for easier access.

- Removed the option to equip crystals by going to the item tooltip comparison window on the Guild Boss Rush/World Boss result window.

- Fixed an issue where the animation for the Purchase button was displaying incorrectly when purchasing items from the Pearl Shop.

- The 'Refresh Products' text will now appear in the Pearl Shop when items cannot be purchased because they did not refresh.


- You no longer get [Awakening/Ascension Weapon Exchange Coupon] as a reward from the Dark Knight's Ascension quest 'Trial of Destiny'.

ㆍ The item cannot be used at this time.

ㆍ Items that are in possession by Adventurers have been retrieved and will be sent back out when it can be used again.

- Fixed an issue where a message was displaying incorrectly in the 'Open Requirement' window after defeating Hexe Marie.


- Fixed an issue where the camera didn't move when tapping on team members of Adventurers while spectating using 'Watch Mode' in Ramoness.

- Fixed an issue where the team victory text didn't properly display for certain languages in 'Watch Mode' for Ramoness.

- You can no longer enter World Boss Dungeons while participating in Ramoness.

- Changed to make Arena menu unavailable when you're in a location where use of Arena content is restricted.

- Fixed an issue where the Arena tutorial activated incorrectly under certain conditions.


- Fixed an issue where the Top Menu UI displayed when exchanging materials from the Blacksmith.


- Fixed an issue where the text cut off in the Special Boss Rush preparation window.

[All Classes]

- Fixed an issue where skills that deal damage over a period of time (DoT) was incorrectly applied with a +1 increase.

■ New Events

- Black Spirit's Adventure

■ Ending Events

- Dark Knight Level Up Event

- The Perfect Vacation Getaway (Terrmian)

- Barbecue Mission Event

- Daily Missions for New and Returning Adventurers

- Log-in Event for New/Returning Adventurers

■ Sale Ending

- Gold Coin Level Up Package II

- Best Deals > Black Stone

- Ancient Gold Coin Package

■ Changes

- After the 4/21 update, a special discount will be applied to Restoration Scrolls until further announcements.

ㆍ Restoration Scroll (Pearl) will be marked down from 12 Pearls to 2 Pearls.

ㆍ Restoration Scroll (Black Pearl) will be marked down from 12 Black Pearls to 2 Black Pearls.

- You'll have a chance to obtain the following pets from the Tier 1 Pet Chest purchased from the Pearl Shop > Best Deals > Packages.

ㆍ Snow Wolfdog

ㆍ Lost Penguin

ㆍ Junaid Cat

ㆍ Choppy

- The Chicken Soup Chest (Black Pearl) will be available through a different selling route.