Black Desert Mobile Q&A

Hello, Adventurers! It’s me, the Black Spirit!

I recently interviewed our mobile lead producer, Yong-Min Jo, and got answers to many of your questions directly from him. But it seems that there are still questions that have been left unanswered. So I, your favorite Black Spirit, have done some research and prepared some answers for your burning questions! Thank me later. Or now. That’s fine too. :)

Let's take a look!


Will there be new servers in the Global Launch? It’ll be too unfair if there are no new servers added.

We are preparing to add new servers to accommodate more Adventurers when Black Desert Mobile launches globally. You can also play with your friends who are in the soft-launch servers.


Accessing the patch note is very difficult. Can we have an easier way to do it?

We’ve been listening to your feedback about the patch notes, and we are working really hard to make access to our patch notes more convenient for all you studious Adventurers. There’s some tweaking to be done here and there--we appreciate your patience as we look for the best solution!


I am playing on AOS at the moment. Is it okay to play on iOS later on?

There are no problems when you link your accounts because the information is saved even when you play on other devices. So in order to protect your accounts, we strongly recommend having them linked. However, accounts cannot be transferred when changing servers or regions.


Is there any available party content that users can participate in? My friends and I want to play together!

There are many things you can do with your friends in Black Desert Mobile! You can cooperate with Guild members to fight other Guilds in [Nightmare], battle for possession of strategic spots in [Node War], and even challenge some big, epic, and definitely-not-as-cute-as-me baddies in Guild Boss Rushes. What’s more is that you can engage with your friends outside of your Guild with modes such as [Ancient Ruins] and [Ramoness Arena]. While hunting in the fields requires your own individual focus, there are still many things you can do with your friends and bask in the spirit of unity together!


There are users abusing the Arena! Do something!

[Arena] is one of the most important parts of the game for me! It’s something that will never get old for Adventurers since they can meet all kinds of different opponents and test their skills against them (and maybe become friends, who knows?). We also know how challenging it is for players to motivate themselves to try again when losing under unfair conditions. To those who are being defeated, we are keeping an eye on what adjustments to make to this mode, and we will do our very best to adjust it for a better and balanced game system.


Can we have personal customization and adjust the in-game UI?

Hey, you’re not thinking about getting rid of my cute icon, are you?! On a more serious note, the current in-game UI cannot be adjusted. We’re always looking to improve our UI, but we want to make sure that there is a good balance between the information being conveyed and the aesthetics. But if you have any issues with the UI or want to give us general feedback about it, contact my minions at Customer Support (and tell them to work on making me look more awesome in the UI ;) )!


I’ve already reached Lv. 55 and have nothing to do. Please unlock the Max Level cap!

You’re already done?! We are currently preparing a lot of game content for all of our Adventurers. As new content is released, the Max Level cap for all classes will also be unlocked! My awesome advice? If you’ve reached the current Max Level and are wondering what to do next, try out one of the other classes! You can experience a completely different playstyle and obtain benefits for your [Family]. And who knows, maybe you’ll end up falling in love with another class (or all of them)!


When can I use the Auto-Combat feature?

Black Spirits need to be strong enough in order to help their Adventurers through Auto-Combat, so you’ve gotta have your Black Spirit go through its 2nd Awakening! What’s that, you ask? Without giving away too many spoilers, all you have to do is complete certain [Main Quests]. If you’re curious about the requirements for unlocking other content, you can check them by going to the menu and pressing [Open Requirement] at the bottom left of the screen!


Do you have any plans to unlock genders for each class? I want to play a female Giant!

We don’t have plans to unlock genders for each class at the moment. But don’t worry! We are working to make classes in Black Desert Mobile more unique and varied by preparing classes that are similar in style of gameplay, but as the opposite gender. But each class will have their own unique features and stories that will give the game a whole new feel and experience. Look forward to it!


Got any other questions for me? Feel free to ask! I'll do my best to help you out, ‘cause we’re friends! Hehe!