[4/14] Patch Note
UPDATES 2020.04.14

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Greetings, Adventurers!


The patch notes for the 4/14 Update are here. In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game. See the patch notes for more details about this update.

※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.


■ Tier 5 Pet

- Added Tier 5 Pet.

ㆍThere's a chance to obtain a Tier 5 Pet when exchanging a Tier 4 Pet.

ㆍ One of the pet skills will randomly change when exchanging for a Tier 5 Pet.

ㆍ Added Tier 5 Pet collection.

-  Added Choppy and Junaid Cat to the Tier 1 to 5 Pet collection list.

- A bonus stat is applied when you collect 10 or more pets for each tier.

■ 3-Slot Mystical Gear

- Added Mystical Gear with 3-slots.

ㆍThe prefix 'JIN' has been added identify 3-Slot Mystical Gear. This includes JIN Liverto, JIN Kite, JIN Rosar, and JIN Grunil.

ㆍGo to Camp > Blacksmith > Forge Mystical and use 3 Ultimate Liverto, Ultimate Kite, Ultimate Rosar, or Ultimate Grunil to craft this item. 

■ Ancient Ruins Season 2

- A new season of Ancient Ruins has begun.

ㆍIncreased the overall rewards, and the Kabuamilles battle has been slightly simplified.

■ Bounty Mission

- Added the Bounty Mission content.

ㆍ Bounty Missions will be available after completing 'The End of Southwest Calpheon Adventures' challenge.

ㆍYou can accept a total of 2 quests at a time from the Bounty Mission board, found in towns and villages.

ㆍ You can spend Silver to change the quests on the board once a day.  

ㆍ Complete Bounty Missions to obtain various rewards and grow even stronger.

※ The bulletin board will not appear if you haven't completed 'The End of Southwest Calpheon Adventures' challenge.

■ Added the option to create a room to observe matches in Ramoness Arena

- Many Adventurers voiced a desire to watch matches after the Ramoness Championship in March.
Now, Adventurers can use Watch Mode to freely watch matches in Ramoness Arena.

■ Alchemy Stone

- Increased the chances for Abyssal Alchemy Stones and Mystical Alchemy Stones to appear. 

■ Relic

- Increased the chances of Relics appearing that are Epic-grade and above.

- A new relic slot has been added.

- Added stacks towards acquiring a free relic while pulling relics.

■ Special Boss Rush

- You now have the option to enter normal Boss Rush even if you have Special Boss Rush Passes.


- If a character within the family has a record of completing some mission or Elite Boss Rush with where auto-play is restricted, you can use Auto-Combat on other characters.


- The boss at the hardest difficulty will become enraged faster when its HP drops below 50%. 


- Changed to allow Designated Exchange for accessories Mystical-grade and above in Shakatu Exchange.

- You can now select multiple items for Designated Exchange from Shakatu Exchange.

- Fixed an issue where the Camp tab at the bottom and Social Action button overlapped on some devices.

- Fixed an issue where the item description didn't display when tapping an item from the results screen after defeating a boss in Guild Boss Rush.

- Fixed animation and audio issues that occured during character ascension.

- Made a change to hide notice messages while playing Arena content.

- Adjusted the size of the Notification Settings button to make it easier to select and removed unnecessary information from the notice list. 

- Added a tutorial for the Blood Kin system. The tutorial will start when entering Social > Blood Kin.

- Added a notification message that will inform you if a Blood Kin doesn't respond.

- Added an alarm that informs you if a Blood Kin logs in. 



- Boss Rush: Fixed an issue where the character would occassionally not move when fighting Mogulis with Auto Repeat.


- Fixed an issue where text that appeared during weapon exchange at the Blacksmith was not correct.

- Fixed an issue where the audio was abnormal when entering the Arena menu.

- Fixed an issue where you would exit to the main menu and the Ramoness party UI would appear when tapping Back from the Ranked Arena.

- Fixed an issue where the skill button appeared during Ranked Arena.

- Fixed an issue where the Camp Management list arrow and icon overlapped the employment message that shows up after employing a Camp Manager.

- Fixed an issue where the message stating that you can accept better Black Spirit quests would continously appear.

- Fixed an issue where the language select UI appeared abnormally in certain UI sizes.

- Fixed an issue where the show helmet feature was not applied on your character from the Blood Kin screen.

- Fixed an issue where the color of the guild mileage alert message appeared in the color of the item you purchased from the Pearl Shop. 

- Fixed an issue where some UI overlapped when setting the tags to Check All for the Steps of Fortune. 


- Changed the skill Arcane Bolt to Blizzard.


- Hails down shards of ice to deal damage to enemies.

Blizzard (PvE)BeforeAfter
Lv 1Damage per hit 185%, Max 5 hitsDamage per hit 185%, Max 10 hits
Lv 10Damage per hit 240.5%, Max 5 hitsDamage per hit 240.5%, Max 10 hits

Blizzard (PvP)BeforeAfter
Lv 1Damage per hit 129.5%, Max 5 hitsDamage per hit 129.5%, Max 10 hits
Lv 10Damage per hit 168.35%, Max 5 hitsDamage per hit 168.35%, Max 10 hits

- Increased cooldown time by 2 seconds.

- The last hit will now freeze the target.

- Changed the effect of Enhanced: Increase Hit Targets to Increase Range effect. 

- Added Serrett and Labreve branch.

- Removed the maximum 1-time Piercing effect. 

- Removed Serrett and Labreve branch effect from Firestorm.  

- Changed to enable characters to run if they hold the move button after Firestorm ends.

- Increased the attack range of Frost Pillars.

- Changed to allow 'Hurricane' to be enabled right after using 'Tornado'.

■ New Events

- Strawberry Festival Event

- Shakatu's Log-in Event

■ Ending Events

- PvP Great Rewards Event

- Spring Log-in Event


■ Sale Ending

- Silver Level Up Package

- Black Stone Level Up Package

- Gold Coin Level Up Package 

- Boss Stamp Package

- Ancient Tablet Package

- Epic Accessory Chest I

- Epic Accessory Chest II

- Epic Accessory Chest III

- Epic Defense Gear Chest

- Major Restoration Support Pack

■ Sales Ending Next Week

- Gold Coin Level Up Package II

- Best Deals > Black Stone

- Ancient Gold Coin Package

■ Changes

- Relic Growth Chest will be available until further notice and the purchase limit has been removed.