[3/24] Patch Note
UPDATES 2020.03.24

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Greetings, Adventurers!


The patch notes for the 3/24 Update are here. In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game. See the patch notes for more details about this update.

※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.


 ■ New Class: Dark Knight

-The powerful and lethal Dark Knight is finally here!

- A new collection has been added to celebrate the launch of the Dark Knight.

■ Tower of Trials

- Added [Tower of Trials] to help your characters grow. 

ㆍAdventurers can send a level 45 or higher offline character (maximum of 2 characters) to the Tower of Trials for training.You can earn experience and rewards from this content.

ㆍYour progress will depend on the CP of the character(s) sent for training. You'll start receiving rewards from the 1st floor all the way to the highest floor cleared.

ㆍYou can select which character will receive the Tower of Trials reward. However, only characters that trained can receive the training experience.

ㆍTower of Trials is available only once a day. Progress will continue until your character(s) has no remaining HP.

■ Auto-Quest

- The Auto-Quest feature completes quests for other characters in the family until it matches the character with the farthest quest progress.

■ Auto-Craft added for Alchemy Stone Content

- Added an auto-craft function on the Alchemy Stone window.

■ Portuguese added in-game

- Portuguese has been added in-game.

■ Combined Skill Training

- Combined experience from skilled training for all Ascended characters.

※ Non-ascended characters will not benefit from this.


- Changed some parts of [Jordine's Revenge] in Log - Southwest Calpheon.

- Changed the conditions for canceling a guild war for guilds that declared a guild war.

ㆍ Before: If the difference in score between the two guilds is 2,000 or more.

ㆍ After: If the difference in score between the two guilds is 20,000 or more.

The guild that was declared on for war has the option to surrender if the difference in their Guild War Score is 2,000 or more.

- Changed the available time to cancel or surrender in Guild War.

ㆍ Time available to surrender: 60 minutes

ㆍ Time available to cancel: 120 minutes

- Added a 3 minute time limit when a boss appears in boss rush.

ㆍ A 30 second timer limit will now display before it concludes. It will not be counted if you exceed the alloted time.

- Changed the gear crafting method in Blacksmith.

ㆍ Previously you were able to craft special gear. You can now also craft mysterious gear.

※ Mysterious Gear allow you to select a type of gear you want within a certain grade. 

ㆍ The crafting requirements for Mystical-grade or higher remains the same.

- Changed the level required to craft Epic-grade gear.

ㆍ Before: All Epic-grade gear is craftable at Blacksmith Lv 11

ㆍ After: Main Weapon: Lv 10 / Sub-weapon: Lv 9 / Armor: Lv 8 / Helmet: Lv 7 / Shoes: Lv 5 / Gloves: Lv 4

- Combined weapon and armor crafting at Blacksmith, now separated by category.


- Changed the automated start time on Boss Rush from 5 seconds to 3 seconds.

- Changed to display equipment crystal slot from Shakatu's Shop and Blacksmith.

- Pets that have completed skill training will now be selected when you access the pet menu.

- Adjusted the exit and retry buttons on the left and right side on the arena result window.

- Awards will now appear on the introduction video that plays as the application launches.

- Fixed the message icon that appears when you complete a collection.

- Removed the vibrate option from the effect options.

- Fixed an issue where the actual location of wild horses wasn't properly displayed on the minimap in the highlands.

- The Pearl Shop Category design has been improved to be more intuitive.

- Multiple main categories located on the right side of the Pearl Shop will no longer open all at once.

- Removed the feature to open all main categories in the Pearl Shop.


- Moved Black Market Vendor's gear to the following category: [Market -> Consumables -> Black Market Vendor's Gear Chest]

Previous category route was [Market -> Consumables -> Other Consumables]

- Added Black Market Vendor's Gear Chest to collection limit in the market.



- Fixed an issue where you were unable to enter the Ramoness Watch Mode room

if there were 7 or more users.


- Sorceress: Fixed an issue where damage was not applied when upon learning a shard based skill for the first time.


- Fixed an issue where the camp background disappeared when you log out while entering the camp.

- Fixed an issue where Spoils of Battle appeared in the air and became unobtainable.


- Fixed an issue where the expand icon from the chatting window didn't display properly.

- Fixed an issue where Character Rank and Family Rank UI didn't display properly when adjusting UI size to anything other than 75 or 100.

- Fixed an issue where the continue button appeared upon completing a guild mileage quest.

- Fixed an issue where the Ramoness Arena party information UI overlapped with the surrender vote UI.

[All Classes]

- Adjusted the damage distributed to surrounding enemies other than the PvP target.

ㆍ  Does not apply in Arena and Ramoness

- Fixed an issue where Black Spirit Mode would not activate upon entering the camp through a camp notification.

- Invincibility is granted for 10 seconds after traveling to a different region through the Altar of Memory.


- Adjusted the Enhance: Reduce Move Speed effect from Descending Current, Blasting Gust, and Evasive Explosion Shot

Skill LevelBeforeAfter
Lv 1-10%-5%
Lv 2-13%-7%
Lv 3-16%-9%
Lv 4-20%-12%
Lv 5-25%-15%


- Fixed an issue where the description for Enhanced: Increase DP buff icon was incorrect on Titan's Lava Piercer.


- Improved the animation when you collide with a target while running.

- Applied 'Super Armor when using skill' effect to Flashbang.

- Improved skill accuracy of Flashbang.

- Increased the casting speed and range of Implosion.

- Applied 'Invincibility when preparing skill' effect to Phantom Crash

- After using Dark Shift, Raven will switch to a running motion if you continue to hold the move button. 

- Changed the Wrath of Chaos skill animation.

- Changed Shadow Eruption to be a ranged skill.

- Changed the Flashbang skill effect from 'Knockdown upon hit' to 'Daze upon hit'.

- Applied 'Super Armor when using skill (not applied in Arena)' effect to Flashbang.

- Applied 'Invincibility when preparing skill', 'Super Armor when attacking' effect to Phantom Crash

- Changed the Phantom Crash skill effect from 'Daze on hit' to 'Stun on hit'.

- Adjusted the skill damage of Wrath of Chaos.

Wrath of Chaos (PvE)BeforeAfter
Lv 1374%700%
Lv 10486.20%910%

Wrath of Chaos (PvP)BeforeAfter
Lv 1347.82%630%
Lv 10452.16%819%

- Adjusted the skill damage of Flashbang.

Flashbang (PvE)BeforeAfter
Lv 1800%900%
Lv 101040%1170%

Flashbang (PvP)BeforeAfter
Lv 1560%810%
Lv 10936%1053%

- Adjusted the skill damage of Shadow of Eruption.

Shadow Eruption (PvE)BeforeAfter
Lv 1448.20%780%
Lv 10582.66%1014%

Shadow Eruption (PvP)BeforeAfter
Lv 1313.74%624%
Lv 10407.86%811.20%

- Increased the PvE, PvP skill damage of Dark Pulse

Dark Pulse (PvE)BeforeAfter
Lv 1280% per hit400% per hit
Lv 10364% per hit540% per hit

Dark Pulse (PvP)BeforeAfter
Lv 1196% per hit320% per hit
Lv 10254.8% per hit432% per hit

- Increased the PvE, PvP skill damage of Soul Siphon.

Soul Siphon (PvE)BeforeAfter
Lv 1380% per hit437% per hit
Lv 10494% per hit568.1% per hit

Soul Siphon (PvP)BeforeAfter
Lv 1266% per hit371.45% per hit
Lv 10345.8% per hit482.88% per hit

- Increased the PvE, PvP skill damage of Implosion.

Implosion (PvE)BeforeAfter
Lv 1402.5% x 3490% x 3
Lv 10523.25% x 3637% x 3

Implosion (PvP)BeforeAfter
Lv 1362.25% x 3406.7% x 3
Lv 10470.92% x 3528.71% x 3

■ New Events

- Friend Referral Event / Gathering of Friends Event 

- Daily Missions for New and Returning Adventurers

- Dark Knight Level Up Event

- Dark Knight Art Puzzle Event

-  Hammer of Fortune Event

■ Ending Events

- Dark Knight Pre-registration Event

- Dark Knight Daily Mission Event

- Daily Missions for New and Returning Adventurers 


■ Sale Ending

- 1500 Mileage Week - Shop Lightstone Fragment 1500

■ Sales Ending Next Week

- Daily packages will end next week. 

■ Changes

- The Character Slot Expansion Coupon purchase limit has been increased from 2 to 3.

(The item description will be revised in accordance to the change.)