2024 Heidel Ball Art Festival Announcement


2024 Heidel Ball Art Festival

We invite our Adventurers to join us for the 2024 Heidel Ball,
where we will share stories and the Art Festival will commence. 

With a variety of categories available,
why not showcase your talents in your preferred field
and challenge yourself for the rewards prepared for you?

We look forward to the enthusiastic participation of all our Adventurers.

Please check the details of the Art Festival below. 

We also ask for your interest in the upcoming 2024 Heidel Ball.
You can find more detailed information by clicking the button below. 

2024 Heidel Ball Art Festival Guide 

Submit by 11:59 PM on Sunday, July 14, 2024  
Voting and award ceremony will be conducted through the 2024 Heidel Ball LIVE broadcast.

「2024 Heidel Art Festival」 Live Voting Event! 🗳️

A real-time top-ranking voting event for the Art Festival of all Adventurers worldwide will be held through the 2024 Heidel Ball livestream on July 27(Sat).

🎁 A surprise reward has also been prepared for Adventurers based on the total achieved number of votes, so we humbly ask for your interest and support!

The 2024 Heidel Ball Art Festival consists of three categories.
Refer to the information below and participate in the 2024 Heidel Arts Festival!

Fan Art」: Draw fan art related to Black Desert Mobile! 

Free Category」: Any creation is welcome, including goods, emoticons, writings, videos, and music creation! 

Fashion Show」: Uniquely dress up and show off your character! 


Details on how the Grand Prize, Runner-up Prize, Excellence Award, Merit Award, and Special Award winners are selected: 

1. Up to 3 candidates per category from each service region, with a maximum of 12 candidates. (Global, Korea, Japan, Taiwan/Hongkong/Macau)

2. Candidates in each category will be voted on live at the 2024 Heidel Ball. 

3. The top 3 in each category will sequentially receive the Grand Prize, Runner-up Prize, and Excellence Award based on the number of votes.

4. The 4th place and below in each category will be awarded as Merit Awards. 


2024 Heidel Ball Art Festival Special Titles 

2024 Heidel Artist

Awarded to all winners in the
[Fan Art] and [Free Category].

2024 Heidel Superstar

Awarded to all winners
in the [Fashion Show].

Grand Prize 

30,000 Black Pearls 🟣
Special Title 🎖️

Runner-up Award

20,000 Black Pearls🟣
Special Title 🎖️

Excellence Award

10,000 Black Pearls 🟣
Special Title 🎖️

Merit Award

5,000 Black Pearls 🟣
Special Title 🎖️

Honorable MentionUp to 15 Adventurers who were not selected as candidates from each service region.

Honorable Mention

1,000 Black Pearls 🟣
Special Title 🎖️

Honorable Mentions will be selected from all categories.
All award recipients will be additionally notified after the end of the 2024 Heidel Ball.

Art Festival Participation Guidelines

- You can participate in all three categories of the Art Festival. 
- Only one entry per category is allowed. If multiple entries are submitted, only the last submission will be considered. 
- Entries that use inappropriate methods such as stealing other artwork, plagiarism, or artworks that are not personally created will not be accepted. This applies even if discovered after selection.
- The number of selected participants may change depending on the number of entries. 
- Three works from each category will be selected as voting candidates through internal selection among Adventurers from all service regions. 
- The voting candidates will be voted on by Adventurers worldwide during the live broadcast of the 2024 Heidel Ball. 
- Awards will be determined by votes for the Grand Prize, Runner-Up Prize, Excellence Award, and Merit Award 
- Up to 15 Honorable Mention Awards will be selected from non-candidate Adventurers from each service region. 
- Even if you win multiple awards, only the highest reward among the awarded categories will be given. 
- To ensure smooth event participation, please avoid changing your Family Name after applying. If you do change it, please contact customer support.
- All screenshots, videos, and other content submitted for the Art Festival, which fall under secondary copyrights, will be owned by the company and may be used for promotional purposes without time or regional restrictions. 
All creations submitted to the Art Festival must follow the [Pearl Abyss Fan Content Guidelines]. 
- Event periods and rewards may change, and any changes will be announced separately.
- If your account is penalized for violating the terms of service before the event ends or before rewards are distributed, your selection and rewards may be canceled. 
- This event complies with the [Black Desert Mobile Operation Policy] and [Privacy Policy].

Check Out Past Festival Arts

Illustration Category

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Free Category


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Fashion Show Category

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▲ KR_코디 Adventurer


We look forward to your interest and participation.