Developer Notes for Adventurers

Developer Notes for Adventurers

Greetings, Adventurer.
This is the Black Desert Mobile Studio.

We'd like to express our gratitude for the support from our Adventurers
for the new class Askeia update, introduced in April through our developer notes.

We've looked over all the feedback and heartfelt advice through comments and posts
regarding the details we announced earlier.
We're grateful for the passion and interest you've shown,
and we'll continue to put our best efforts into delivering news on Black Desert Mobile.

In these developer notes, we'd also like to discuss the details on future updates
and news that's soon to come your way.


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New Co-op Rush: Ronin

First, we'd like to talk about the new Co-op Rush introduced under "Early Notice" in our previous patch notes.

Following the introduction of Offin in April of 2022 and Garmoth in April of 2023,
a new boss, Ronin, will be added to the Co-op Rush with the update on Jun 4 (Tue), 2024.

Ronin is the boss of the Forest Ronaros in Kamasylvia.
The lower half of Ronin shines mysteriously with leaves breathed to life by the Forest Spirits
while its ivory-colored upper body, with sharp horns and spears, showcases its valor as a powerful guardian.


Long ago, when hoofbeats echoed through the sacred forest,
the Forest Spirits were unable to sleep, hearing such a sound for the first time.
The next day, when the source of the mysterious sound finally emerged through the bushes,
the Forest Spirits gave it the name "Ronin."


When the matured Ronin vowed to protect the forest of its birth forevermore,
the Forest Spirits, impressed by its will, breathed the life of a tree into it,
and bestowed upon it the spirit name Forest Ronaros.

Endowed with the power of the spirits, Ronin naturally became the leader of the Ronaros,
and its form resembled that of a deity incarnate of the forest.

How much time has passed since then?
The Fadus, having lost their sanity to the fog blowing in from the Ash Forest,
invaded the Ronaros' habitat, the Loopy Tree Forest.

The Ronaros, driven out by the conflict, settled in the Tooth Fairy Forest,
and for the Ronaros, enraged from losing their home and being driven out, the Oath of the Forest to protect their land was no longer a priority to them.
Then, Ronin vanished entirely, leaving only faint traces in memories.

One day, there were whispers that the Forest Ronaros emerged from Ron's Mirror, which shone ever brightly.
Upon seeing this sight, some felt that Ronin, the Forest Guardian, must have finally returned.
Could it truly be Ronin who appeared?
Beyond the Loopy Tree Forest, an unknown energy stirs in the White Branch Tree Forest.


Co-op Rush is content where 10 Adventurers stand against a powerful boss,
thwarting various and powerful attacks to defeat it.

The new Co-op Rush boss, the Forest Guardian Ronin,
may not seem as intimidating at first glance due to its smaller stature compared to Offin and Garmoth,
but it will move swiftly and utilize its forest allies to challenge you.

However, if you enter Ronin's habitat, the White Branch Tree Forest,
you'll find it to be more challenging than any boss you've faced before.

Ronin harnesses the power of the forest to cause White Tree Thorn Vines to grow in the vicinity.
While the White Tree Thorn Vines do not move, they deliver a prickly attack to enemies who dare to come too close.
Moreover, once they are fully grown, they become immune to damage and can limit the combat zone, so swift action is required.

Vines that are immune to damage can no longer be removed and will aggressively attack everything around them.
Once that happens, even standing still will become dangerous.

After the vine attacks, you must pay attention to Ron's Mirrors that are around.

Ronin can use Ron's Mirrors to move or summon the Forest Ronaros.
If those in the Co-op Rush have dealt a sufficiently threatening attack, Ronin will hide and regroup using Ron's Mirror.

Riding alongside the cavalry of the Forest Ronaros, they swiftly charge forward, sweeping away enemies in their path.
Before Ronin appears, if there is a Ron's Mirror emitting a brilliant light, destroy it first to hinder Ronin's charge.

If Ron's Mirror remains intact until the charge ends,
the reinforcements from the Forest Ronaros will arrive and pose a new threat to the Co-op Rush members.


If you corner Ronin, you'll be faced with its frenzied behavior as they lose their sanity.
They move as if to destroy everything around them with faster and more powerful consecutive attacks.
To avoid these lethal attacks, you'll need to stay focused until the very end.


When you defeat Ronin, you can obtain the [Shattered Guardian Belt] at a very low chance.
You can craft the [Forest Guardian Belt] with a Chaos-grade or higher Belt and other materials.
The Forest Guardian Belt, when using "Black Spirit's Rage: Absorb," recovers the HP of nearby allies and
increases PvP Damage Reduction and Limit for a set period of time.


Ronin threatens the Co-op Rush with swift and powerful attacks.
Gather forces with your fellow Adventurers to challenge this powerful Forest Guardian!


New Monster Zones - Donghae Province

Next, we'll discuss details on the new high difficulty monster zones in Donghae Province.

In the developer notes uploaded in April, we introduced monster zones that go up to a recommended CP of 71,000.
With the continuous increase in the average CP of our Adventurers as we previously mentioned,
we feel the necessity for more monster zones of higher recommended CP.

On May 7th, North Kamasylvia was updated,
and the 1st round of updates for the Land of the Morning Light: Donghae Province monster zones is scheduled for June.
The new high difficulty monster zones to be introduced is part of the region to be updated next.
As it requires a very high CP, we plan to provide this update in line with the progression speed of our global Adventurers.
Once the detailed update schedule is set, we will notify you separately.

This region will also become a place where Adventurers with higher CP can experience progression in a more enjoyable environment,
and for Adventurers who are still working on CP progression, it can be a new progression goal.

The new monster zones include Gowun Plateau, Straw Hat Ground, Land of Umbral Energy, and Dangsan Tree Forest, totaling four locations.
As previously mentioned, the highest recommended CP will be set at 77,000.

Gowun Plateau was not inhabited by people,

but those who lived nearby would collaborate
to harvest reeds together and share the profits.

However, after the hyungam of Dalbeol Village handed the farming rights to Choi,
the region became populated with the servants of the Honorable Choi House.

In the midst of working their servants day and night to fulfill their own selfish desires,
matters became worse, as people began to pass out and even die on the plateau.

The people who returned alive were so terrified that they could barely speak,
and all of them unanimously reported seeing beings wearing something on their heads.

Geuseunsae, also referred to as those wearing straw hats,
wear something like reeds upside down to prevent rainwater from seeping in.
They believe that those with evil energy or a resentfully deceased soul hides their appearance.

Honorable Choi's servants were terrified at the sight of these beings wearing straw hats.
It is said they are active not only at night but also during the day, attacking the innocent and taking their lives.
They began to settle in Gowun Plateau, where reeds grow abundantly.
It is speculated that one of the reasons is the open topography which is conducive to flying and searching for targets to attack from the air.
Amidst such barbaric news coming in, if one must pass near Straw Hat Ground,
the nearby villagers warn to never set foot there all alone.

Travelers visiting the Land of the Morning Light for the first time might find the term "umbral energy" somewhat unfamiliar.
However, if one crosses the brook to the north, and reaches the Straw Hat Ground,
they can experience firsthand what umbral energy is with every fiber of their being.
Dark and gloomy, or sometimes referred to as a chilly energy,
umbral energy is said to attract harmful spirits that are invisible to the naked eye.
As time passes, lands heavy with umbral energy have witnessed sightings of Servile Wraiths. 
Because of this, Five-colored Village Deity Flags imbued with the power to ward off spirits are hung throughout the forest. 
The warding cloth is said to be tied from the entrance of the forest,
meant as a warning to block the outflow and not to venture deeper inside,
and as one gets closer to the Dangsan Tree deep in the woods, a faint lament is said to become gradually clearer.
You must be careful if you hear something behind you in the forest.

Even though the Land of Umbral Energy is spooky and frightening, it has been able to maintain its current state,
thanks to the sacred Dangsan Tree that stands tall in the depths of the forest.
Thanks to the Dangsan Tree, even if creatures that should not exist roam around,
they cannot do harm to humans.
However, whether the umbral energy has become more powerful,
or a malicious, evil incarnate has appeared,
or the divinity of the Dangsan Tree has begun to lose its strength,
those who sought the Dangsan Tree to appease the resentment of beings that had departed this world were greeted by...
not a sacred tree, but something harboring a grudge more malevolent than anything else.
Its form is indistinct, but one thing is certain;
it is not of this world,
and it approaches swiftly, driven by evil.


We look forward to your interest in the new monster zones
where you can experience and encounter more powerful and threatening monsters in a new background.


Node War Revamp

Before we introduce the following content, how about playing the music below?

With the new grand, spirited background music in Node War,
you will be able to experience more immersive combat in Node War.

Other Node War changes will also arrive with the addition to new background music.

Previously, Node Wars took place under the same rules for all Nodes.
Now, each Node will have its own unique features, and the wars will take place under new rules specific to each specialized Node.

First is the neutral fortress Nodes, with rules entirely different from those of current Node Wars.


For neutral fortress Nodes, there are no guild-specific Holy Artifacts.
Guard Towers and Barricades will be in the spots instead of Holy Artifacts, making them useful as a sort of revival point.
The guild occupying the most fortresses of the Node at the end will gain victory.
Strongholds can be occupied when destroyed. Other guilds can also attack and take over the fortress even after it's occupied.

There also will be Nodes for which you must carefully plan out your combat as the time until revival will increase each time you die.
Different nodes can now have between 2-5 participating guilds, instead of 3.
Moreover, there will be new Nodes that strengthen tactical weapons where the damage of Hwachas, Elephants, Cannons, and other weapons significantly increase.

While some nodes will see the implementation of new rules, others will continue to take place under the existing Node War rules.
In particular, current Nodes with a max CP limit will have their defining characteristics be further enhanced.

Nodes with a max CP Limit are structured such that if a participant's CP exceeds the limit, they will all enter combat at the max CP.
This update has been implemented to mitigate the differences arising from actual CP, enabling guilds with comparatively lower CP to participate in Node Wars.
With the Node War revamp, in addition to the max CP limit, a max limit will also apply to the following new stats.


  • Max HP

  • PvP Damage Dealt

  • PvP Damage Reduction

  • Branch Damage

  • Branch Damage Reduction

We look forward to newer guilds or guilds with a relatively lower CP to more actively
participate in Node Wars with these specialized Nodes.

As such, some Nodes will see the implementation of new formats,
and there will also be changes to the common rules that apply to Node Wars, including ones that proceed identically to the current Node Wars.



1. More Detailed Node War Victory Conditions
Currently, if the time limit expires without either side being able to destroy the Holy Artifact due to a heated battle,
it comes to a draw with the Node liberated and no guild achieving victory.
After the update, changes will be made to ensure that victory or defeat can be clearly determined based on the situation.


First, if no guild has occupied a Node, the guild with the highest Holy Artifact HP will gain victory.

Guild A  Guild B  Guild C 
Holy Artifact HP at 50% Holy Artifact HP at 50%  Holy Artifact HP at 51% 
Guild C gains victory with the highest Holy Artifact HP

If a Node is not occupied and the HP of all Holy Artifacts are identical, the unoccupied Node will be liberated.

Guild A  Guild B  Guild C 
Holy Artifact HP at 50% Holy Artifact HP at 50% Holy Artifact HP at 50%
Node is liberated

When the Node is occupied and if the remaining guilds' Holy Artifacts have equal HP, the guild occupying the Node achieves victory.

Guild A (Occupier)  Guild B  Guild C 
Holy Artifact HP at 1%  Holy Artifact HP at 50% Holy Artifact HP at 50% 
Guilds B and C have higher Holy Artifact HP, but Guild A, the occupying guild, wins because no one achieved victory

If the Node is occupied and there is a guild with a Holy Artifact that has higher HP, that guild will claim the victory.

Guild A (Occupier)  Guild B  Guild C 
Holy Artifact HP at 70%  Holy Artifact HP at 80%  Holy Artifact HP at 50% 
Guild B gains victory with the highest Holy Artifact HP

2. New Installations That Enable New Strategies
There will be new installations in addition to the Cannon, Hwacha, and Elephant.
First, the "Indomitable Flag" will function similarly to a Respawn Point in the Battlefield of the Sun.
Guild members who are defeated can revive at the location where the Indomitable Flag is raised.



The new Weapons "Flame Tower" and "Enhanced Flame Tower" will also be added.
Flame Towers can be crafted through Manufacture and can singlehandedly turn the tides of battle,
with its basic attack targeted at nearby enemies and a powerful enhanced attack that can be utilized with enough Flames.

Now, in Node Wars, in addition to specialists like cannon operators, there will be a need for extra members skilled in the detailed operation of Flame Towers,
and guild members will be able to perform roles that provide help in Node Wars, leveraging their unique characteristics.


3. New Guild Assembly Feature

The roles of the Guild Master and Guild Officer become even more essential.
This is due to the introduction of the "Guild Assembly" feature, which allows guild members to teleport instantly.
Even if the location you use it in is in front of the enemy guild's Holy Artifact, you can teleport without any restrictions for a certain time,
allowing you to turn the tide of an unfavorable battle or ensure a victory.


In addition to the combat elements that take place during Node Wars, there are also improvements for added convenience.

When bidding for a Node, the benefits and unique features of each Node will be displayed, allowing you to check them.
Also, improvements will be made so you can add more weapons that you need and level up structures even during prep time for Node Wars.

The anticipation for rewards is natural after an intense battle.
Plans are in place to increase the distribution of contribution payments to guild members,
and less popular items in the Splendorous Medal of Honor Shop will be revamped.
Additionally, depending on the Node, buffs such as increase in Field Combat EXP, PvP Damage Dealt,
and Life EXP (Foraging/Logging/Mining) can be applied.

Lastly, the participation requirement for Tax Wagon, currently in pre-season, will be adjusted.
The weekly change of Nodes eligible for Tax Wagon participation is being removed,
and if you own a Node that allows entry into the Hidden Banquet Hall, you will be able to participate.

As we prepare for the Node War Revamp update, given that this content involves the participation of many guild members simultaneously,
The roles of the Guild Master and Guild Officer have become essential for Adventurers.
Guild History, a new feature to make managing guild even more convenient, will be added.

In the Guild History, you can see a variety of information at a glance, from the basic information of the guild to the content that allows you to check the progression of the guild.
Various pieces of information that allow you to quickly confirm the guild's history are displayed.

  • Info on guild creation, joining, leaving, and history on being kicked from guild

  • War declaration history with other guilds

  • Acquired guild skills and leveling

  • Guild funds obtained, expenditure record

  • Guild Gifts, donations, support for enhancing auxiliary buildings

  • Node War, Siege War participation status

  • Guild content unlock status
    - Capotia, Elite Guild Raid, Atumach, Guild Rush

* Some content will be displayed starting from the information that occurred after the Guild History system update.


With the new addition of the Guild History feature, you can check the overall guild status and the direction of progression,
and we hope it can be helpful for more strategic guild management.

The Node War revamp is being prepared for an update in June,
and please note that all Sieges and Nodes currently being occupied will be subject to liberation before the revamp.

Experience the revamped Node War for more thrilling combat alongside your guild members.


2024 Ramoness Championship

The final piece of news we have for you is something that will delight PvP enthusiasts.
The 2024 Ramoness Championship is scheduled to begin soon.
This 2024 Ramoness Championship will be take place using the system first introduced at the Ramoness Skirmish in March.
Previously, after applying to join by filling out a separate form,
matches from the preliminaries to the finals were directly organized by the tournament officials, who invited Adventurers to participate.
This meant that in cases like the preliminaries, where many matches had to be held,
Adventurers had to endure a significant waiting time until their turn to compete arrived.

This 2024 Ramoness Championship will allow you, the Adventurer, to directly apply to join the tournament in the game, just like the Ramoness Skirmish.


For the Ramoness Championship, once you form a team with fellow Adventurers and confirm your team, you can apply to join.
Unlike the previous skirmishes, if your team has not participated in even a single match, you can disband the team by tapping the "Disband Team" button on the top right.
However, once a team has participated in a match, you cannot change teams until the end of the competition.



Once the application period ends, the preliminary round will begin.
The preliminary round takes place over a very short period, approximately 1-2 hours each day.
When the preliminary round starts, you don't have to wait for your turn to compete,
and matches will be made randomly between participants, and you will gain or lose points based on the results of the match.
During the preliminary rounds, you can aim for a high score by playing as many matches as possible,
and after securing a safe score by checking the ranks that are updated in real-time, you can decide whether to play additional matches.



When the preliminary round ends, the rank is determined by the final points owned at that time, based on the results of the matches during the event.
The top 4 finalists will advance to the main event, which is scheduled to be broadcast live in real-time.

The 2024 Ramoness Championship with the new system will first feature a preliminary event in the form of a skirmish at the end of June,
followed by the qualifiers on July 6th (Sat) to July 7th (Sun), and the main rounds to the final will take place on July 14th (Sun),
so those of you who wish to participate should keep this schedule in mind.
Detailed information on the tournament schedule and rules will be provided through a future notice.

We look forward to seeing the brilliant performances of our Adventurers, who are sure to have improved since the last tournament,
and we can't wait to see you there in the 2024 Ramoness Championship.


Today, we've delivered news about the new Co-op Rush: Ronin, the Donghae Province monster zones up to a recommended CP of 77,000,
the Node War Revamp, and the 2024 Ramoness Championship.
We will do our best to present these to you as as soon as possible.

Stable updates will be accompanied by various events, so
we hope you're as excited as we are to participate in them!