Notice Regarding Recommended Version Update (AOS & iOS)

Notice Regarding Recommended Version Update (AOS & iOS)

Greetings, Adventurers.


This is to notify Adventurers that a recommended version has been updated to fix a certain issue.

💡 The update for the AOS version has been made available as of May 10, 02:20 (UTC-8).

- Fixed an issue where the screen appears abnormally when connecting to the game in an AOS environment on certain devices.

- Improved game stability of the game (App)

※ The improvement above that will be implemented can be done by closing the game App and restarting the game to download the hot fix.


■ How to Update AOS App

Please follow the instructions below to download the latest version.

① Go to Google Play

② Press [Update] button for Black Desert Mobile App


Thank you.