[2024 May] Known Issues (Frequently Updated)

[2024 May] Known Issues

Greetings, Adventurers.


We would like to inform you about the issues that were found during this month. 
Our team is working hard and will fix these issues as soon as possible.


This notice will be constantly updated throughout the month.


※ Last Updated: May 18th (02:00 GMT-8)



- An issue where dyed weapons do show the correct colors after exiting from camp (Updated on June 22, 2022)
※ This can be fixed by re-logging in, or unequip then equipping the gear again.



- An issue where the character cannot move or acts abnormally when taking off from your mount while using auto-path to a location, especially when it is near.
※ To resolve this issue, move to your Camp or the game lobby. (Updated on Apr 16, 2024)

- An issue where the dialogue appears abnormally when a quest does not match with a condition on certain stage missions. (Updated on Mar 4, 2024)

- An issue where you cannot enter the Land of the Morning Light when tapping certain locations on the world map during the Night of Vengeful Souls on Fridays.
※ This issue can be fixed by tapping the icon located on the left side of the mini map or by accessing the Serene Altar (Updated on Mar 15, 2024).


- An issue where the skill icons do not change when using skills with an additional attack
・ This is a UI issue and the additional attack will work as intended (Updated on Mar 14, 2024)

- An issue where your inventory would occasionally appear empty
※ This issue can be resolved by changing characters or by relaunching the game app. (Updated on Jan 25, 2024)

- An issue where Quantum Jump fails and cooldown occurs while using it to move from Illuminated Everfrost to Mountain of Eternal Winter (Updated on Jan 24, 2024)

- An issue where characters are occasionally stuck and unable to move on the stairs in [Path of Glory]. (Updated on May 6, 2021)
ㆍRe-arranging the class using [Change Formation] button will fix this issue.

An issue where "Ready for the Past" is displayed as the quest name required to open "Land of the Sherekhan" content. (Updated on April 16, 2024)
- The correct quest name you have to complete is "Land of the Sherekhan".



- An issue where the Super Armor and Forward Guard effect of Grandmaster's certain skills work in Arena (Updated on May 21, 2024)

- An issue where the description of Askeia's Black Spirit's Rage skill is not displayed. (Updated on May 21, 2024)

- An issue where you are teleported to the area where monsters spawn when using certain skills.
・ Your character will die when being teleported to the monster spawn area. (Updated on Apr 1, 2024)

- An issue where Letanas' Impalement skill cannot grab enemies occasionally. (Updated on Mar 14, 2024)

- An issue where the Enhancement Info's description of Scattering Darkness only mentions 5% PvP damage increase.
・This is a UI issue and the actual PvP damage increase is 10% (Updated on Mar 11, 2024)

- An issue where Grandmaster's "Shoulder Trust" does not link properly after using "Energy Vacuum" with its (Flow: Tempest Fangs) activated on certain circumstances. (Updated on Mar 7, 2024)

- [Archmage] An issue where "Arcane Burst" does not work in Arena and its description includes, "Not Applied in Arena" (Updated On Feb 7, 2024)
・The Super Armor effect of Invoker's Succession skill, Arcane Burst is not applied in Arena

- [Warlord] An issue where the direction towards where the class is facing while using Immolation skill after linking it with another skill does not work properly (Updated On Feb 7, 2024)

- [Choryeong] An issue where the direction towards where the class is facing when using Blooming Death does not work on certain conditions (Updated On Feb 7, 2024)


Thank you.


1st Week of May

- An issue where the game app occassionally abnormally forecloses when playing on iOS devices (Updated on May 2, 2024)

4th Week of April

- An issue where certain option stats displayed from [My Character Info] > [Bonus Effects] are abnormally displayed. 
- An issue where Vengeful Wrath appears to be maintained in Arena content when it has been activated before. 
- An issue where a character moves abnormally during evasion without using the directional keys. 



2nd Week of April

- An issue where you cannot exit and obtain rewards from Merchantry if you do not have enough space in your inventory.
- An issue where the season pass rewards are not obtained immediately after completing West Valencia Chapter 8, Complete Quest - "Prince Barhan's Key".

3rd Week of Mar

- An issue where Primrose's linking of Absolute Zero → Glacial Wall does not work in certain circumstances. 
- An issue where the cooldown of pet icons located below the mini-map does not work
- An issue where you cannot auto-quest missions when using Auto-Questing Pass.

2nd Week of Mar

- An issue where Black Spirit's Escape can be used on certain Arena content such as Battlefield of the Sun and Normal Arena.

1st Week of Mar

- An issue where monsters appear abnormally on certain regions in [Night of Vengeful Souls]

4th Week of Feb

- An issue where items are obtained abnormally when opening "5 Days 'Til Heidel Ball Chest"・ We have temporarily made the item unusable. (Updated on Feb 20, 2024)


3rd Week of Feb

- An issue where some of the description of Hwaryeong's Succession skill, "Charm Sunflash" is in Korean
- An issue where the content preview from the Official Website > Overview is not displayed when you do not accept the cookies from your web browser


4th Week of Jan

- An issue where you cannot start the story, "Primal Gear" when equipping Dawnveil gears.


3rd Week of Jan

-  An issue where all of the UI disappears when using auto-path by tapping the Black Sun UI from the World Map

- An issue where the death motion of the character is not displayed when the character dies in Ramoness Arena.

2nd Week of Jan

- [Gladiator] An issue where skills chained do not work as intended when Shield Charge's enhancement skill, "Defensive Stance" is activated
- An issue where guilds who occupy a node cannot use 'Fire Shot' because the "Fire Shot Supply Depot" UI is not displayed.


1st Week of Jan

- An issue where the item name of [Alchemy Stone Growth Support Chest is not displayed (Updated on Dec 29, 2023)