Developer Notes for Adventurers

Developer Notes for Adventurers

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This is the Black Desert Mobile Studio.

It feels like just yesterday that we celebrated the fourth year of Black Desert Mobile with all of you,
and yet the warmth of May is soon approaching.
In the first half of 2024, we updated the content introduced at the last Calpheon Ball,
and time has just flown by since then.

During this process, seeing the excitement and encouragement from our Adventurers has given us strength,
and your sincere advice and concern made us realize
that our Adventurers may care about the future of Black Desert Mobile
even more than we do, which we truly appreciate.

In today's developer notes, we'd like to discuss three major topics.
We'd like to first discuss class balance adjustments.
Class balance sees regular adjustments based on overall performance in PvE, PvP, and more, as opposed to performance in a specific piece of content.
Some classes see maximum efficiency due to increased Combat Resources, making them overpowered. We therefore plan to make adjustments that bring a more harmonious balance between these classes in a future update.
Here's an example with Crimson Lily.
Due to her passive skill "Blood Harvest," her HP recovery is leagues above the others across all content, so we plan to decrease her HP recovery.

However, we are well aware that this effect is a unique feature for Crimson Lily,
and may be the reason our Adventurers have chosen to play the class.

With this in mind, we plan on making adjustments for the update in a way that doesn't fully deviate from these unique characteristics.

We have prepared a before and after of the adjustments made to Crimson Lily for better reference.
We also have skill demos ready for auto-combat with Maegu, another class that features high HP recovery from skill use.

Class  Crimson Lily (Before)  Crimson Lily (After)  Maegu
HP Recovery From Skill Use
at a Glance

Crimson Lily Before
Crimson Lily After

▲ Under identical conditions, and without use of any items that increase Serrett Damage or recover HP, this shows the classes' HP recovery through skills alone.

After the adjustment, you can see Crimson Lily's HP Recovery has decreased, but is still larger than other classes,
maintaining her trait of recovering HP quickly.

We will continue with class balance adjustments that narrow the gap in performance between classes,
while considering the details required in maintaining each class' unique characteristics.

Not only is it important to focus on the fun factor of content,
but the actual gameplay environment where the content exists also should be a key focus.
In response to our Adventurers' feedback regarding in-game lag and loading speed improvements,
we have continuously monitored the game's overall performance. As a result, during the maintenance update on Apr 23 (Tue),
we have reduced the memory usage in the game app and carried out various graphics and performance optimizations.
We did, however, discover an issue where these optimizations would fail to apply,
so we made further changes via a data update on Apr 24 (Wed).
With these changes in place, we successfully implemented the optimizations in question,
allowing for a faster, smoother experience in a more stable environment when
switching to zones, in large-scale combat, and fighting field bosses.
To alleviate any inconveniences, Black Desert Mobile studio will continue to put our best effort into
coming up with ways to resolve issues that our Adventurers face,
regardless of how much time it may take.

Next, we'll introduce the new monster zones.

The current highest difficulty monster zone is the Ashen Fog Origin, with a recommended CP of 59,000.
With the average CP of our Adventurers steadily increasing,
we understand the neccessity for monster zones with higher recommended CP,
which has brought us, as mentioned in the early notice for the update on Apr 9 (Tue),
to the final stages of developing new monster zones set in the Land of the Morning Light.

▲ New Monster Zones in the Land of the Morning Light: Donghae Province

The new monster zones are set in Donghae Province, a region in the Land of the Morning Light.
The region may feel familiar as it has already been introduced to you through the Tale Collection or Night of Vengeful Souls.
The recommended CP for Donghae Province ranges from 66,500 to 71,000,
a bit higher than previously mentioned.

▲ Bomnae County (recommended CP: 66,500)

In Bomnae County, located at the southeastern end of Donghae Province,
once stood Dalim Village, a place where the
homeless were cared for and the sick healed.

Each with their own stories, people gathered,
and a tavern naturally came into being.

Now in Bomnae County, the Jangseung (totem) that used to prevent bad fortunes from entering
has been destroyed and people have stopped visiting.

According to a traveler who passed near Bomnae County,
there are stories of sightings of the Dokkebi.

▲ Dalim Village Ruins (recommended CP: 68,000)

Dalim Village, itself evident of a place in ruins,
is littered with rundown choga houses, with walls collapsed.

In the past, the fox hunters raided Dalim Village in search of the Gumiho,
and the Foxpox used by the hunters still contaminates the ground, and makes the region uninhabitable.

In the ruins of Dalim Village, now devoid of human activity,
the Dokkebi, immune to Foxpox, are appearing from time to time.
Signs of life can still be found in Honglim Base atop the hill.

▲ The Dokkebi that appear in Bomnae County and Dalim Village

Monsters that spawn in Bomnae County and Dalim Village Ruins have relatively lower CP compared to other new monster zones.
These monster zones are suitable for Adventurers with CP that ranges from 66,500 to 68,000.

In these zones, you can encounter the Dokkebi you met in the tale of the Duoksini again.
Anything from the small and cute Dwarf Soldierkkebi to Hammer, Magic, and Shield Soldierkkebi,
and even the stone pagodas they built, all await you.

▲ Dim Kkebifire, obtainable from the Dokkebi

At a very low chance, you can loot [Dim Kkebifire]
by defeating the Dokkebi that spawn in Bomnae County and Dalim Village Ruins.

If you've obtained the Kkebifire, from which you can feel a stronger umbral energy of the night,
you must head to the "Dokkebi Cave," located deep within the Dokkebi Forest in Land of the Morning Light.

▲ Use the Kkebifire at the Dokkebi Cave located in Land of the Morning Light - Dokkebi Forest

If you use the Kkebifire on the stone lanterns inside the cave,
the furious Dokkebi King, Duoksini, will appear.

▲ Summoned Boss "Duoksini"

Duoksini, known as the Dokkebi King, is a very powerful boss.
It might be difficult to face alone, so we suggest teaming up with guild members or other Adventurers to defeat it.

Bring the loot you obtain from defeating Duoksini
to the Chorong Merchant Guild, and they'll exchange it for a Silk Sack.
You can obtain Embers of Hongik at a set chance when you use the Silk Sack.

▲ Honglim Base Entrance (recommended CP: 69,500)

The people of Dalim Village from Bomnae County
have established this haven after losing their home.

The residents wear masks to hide their identities,
upholding the maxim of Dalim Village to help those in need.
The masks allow them to accept each other without bias.

However, for some reason rumors spread at Donghae Office that bandits have sneaked into the village,
wearing masks of late, leading to growing concern among the people.

▲ Fox Hunters' Den (recommended CP: 71,000)

Venturing deep into Honglim Base,
one can confirm that the recent rumors about bandits wearing masks of Honglim
were not unfounded.

Traveling in small groups, they will charge and attack upon spotting an outsider.
Extra caution is advised.

According to the villagers residing near the area, fox hunters possessed by the Gumiho
established a den deep within the Honglim Base, which has caused considerable trouble.

▲ Masked bandits that appear at Honglim Base Entrance and Fox Hunters' Den

You'll find Honglim Base located even deeper than Bomnae County.
You can encounter groups of bandits wearing animal masks.

They wear raccoon, fox, lynx, and boar masks and live in tents
guarded by wooden fences, however poorly, to prepare for an outside invasion.

With a recommended CP ranging from 69,500 to 71,000, it is a dangerous zone
where you have to fight against the Bandit Leader.


▲ [Fox-Sealing Gourd Bottle] that the bandits carry

Fox Hunters who reside at the Honglim Base have turned into bandits, possessed by the fox they were on the hunt for.
Among them, there often are those found carrying a [Fox-Sealing Gourd Bottle] with them.

Recently, the seal of the gourd bottle has broken, letting loose the Gumiho trapped inside.
Unable to stand idly by, Donghae Province has issued hiring orders to defeat Gumiho.

▲ Donghae Hiring Orders
It is said that even the most skilled Fox Hunters struggled with the Gumiho sealed within the gourd.
The weak among them wouldn't dare to even attempt opening it.

The energy that bursts as you open the gourd bottle is so powerful that it is nearly impossible to handle alone,
so you must do take at least two trustworthy Adventurers with you.

For Adventurers who want to try monster zones of a higher recommended CP,
or want to encounter unique monsters with a unique background,

new monster zones that go up to 77,000 CP in Donghae Province of Land of the Morning Light are now in development.

We will do our best to ensure the update is not delayed.

On March 12th, the Drakania Awakening class "Letanas" was released.
As many Adventurers have been eagerly waiting, it has received a great deal of interest and support.
Many Adventurers are eagerly awaiting the release of classes beyond Letanas.
I'm here to deliver news that a new class will be introduced in the upcoming update in May.
The new class being released this time is the Mystic Ascension class, Askeia.

■ Askeia's Main Skills
▲ Twisted Collision
This skill involves forcefully launching the enemy into the air, then executing a powerful strike upon landing.
Activating the skill enhancement "Flow: Landslide" allows for an additional attack mid-air after use
to deliver a powerful punch to the target.
▲ Wolf's Frenzy

True to its meaning, "wolf that leaps across the clouds,"
this skill sees Askeia vanish as if strolling above the clouds, and then creating a Specter to attack the enemy.

She attacks enemies with powerful, heavy blows while moving,
leaving them confused and vulnerable to her repertoire of unpredictable skills.


Also, an event which allows you to experience a variety of classes is scheduled.

With the class balance adjustments, an event where you can obtain [Class Change Package (Limited Time 3 Days)] x3 is scheduled.
"We are planning to give out a bonus [Class Change Selection Chest (30 Days)]
with the update maintenance for the release of Askeia to Adventurers who complete the event. "

Instead of relying on the Azure Dragon, Askeia has learned to control her abilities to great effect,
and we expect you'll to feel a different charm to her from Mystic.
We are working to ensure you get to see her as soon as possible, and we look forward to your interest.



In addition to introducing the new zones in Land of the Morning Light and the new class Askeia,
our Black Desert Mobile studio is also reviewing the various feedback we received from our Adventurers
through in-game chat, Customer Support, and the Official Forum.

We sincerely thank all Adventurers who always show so much love for Black Desert Mobile.
To repay the immense love and support from our Adventurers,
we will do our best to continue providing enjoyable adventures.

Thank you.