[3/17] Patch Notes
UPDATES 2020.03.17

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Greetings, Adventurers!


The patch notes for the 3/17 Update are here. In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game. See the patch notes for more details about this update.

※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.


■ New Gear Resonance

- Increased Gear Resonance to +38.

· You must log in with characters whose gear fits the requirements to receive the new +37 and +38 Gear Resonance effects.

■ New Mount

- A new Tier 6 Horse has been added.


■ Tier 7 Town Hall

- The Tier 7 Town Hall has been added.

■ New Foraging Content

- The Focused Gathering feature has been added. Although it requires more food and loyalty, you will be able to gather greater amounts of resources.

- Added new zone in World Gathering.


■ Added Node War Time

- You can now choose which node war to participate in when Node War is available.



- You can no longer enter Mission, World Boss, Node War, Seige War, or other special content when you are in a party.

- Users can now exchange locked gear from Shakatu Exchange.

- Users can now cancel Black Spirit mode by tapping the screen. The button to cancel Black Spirit mode has been removed.

- Changed to show grade color of crystals from the Equip Crystal and Enhancement Transfer screen.

- Fixed an issue where some item descriptions were not properly displaying.

- Fixed an issue where the Stonetail Wasteland letters overlapped with the reward icon from the world map.

- Improved the message that displays upon obtaining a camp item.

- The Blood Kin button located next to the minmap will now only appear if there is a Blood Kin quest or Blood Kin buff available.

- Fixed an issue where some Ascension skill descriptions were not properly displaying.

- The Black Spirit speech bubble will now display when you are in quickslot combat mode.

- Fixed an issue where the Kick button and Ready button overlapped on the settings for the party leader.



- Increased Boss Knowledge max level to 50.

- Adjusted the Titan Spectre's attack and HP.


[Node Manager]

- Renewed Node Manager rewards.

※ Worker's task will reset and rewards will be sent based on its level before the patch.



- Fixed an issue where the description for Enhanced: Increase DP icon was incorrect on Titan's Lava Piercer.



- Fixed an issue where daily guild missions were still showing as available even after completing all of them.

- Fixed the text overlap issue that occured when bonus CP exceeded 1000.

- Fixed an issue where the skill training window didn't appear upon tapping the pet's skill list.

- Fixed an issue where the Adventurer's Apparition level displayed as 0 in the Ancient Ruins.

- Fixed an issue where the recommended item mark appeared on an outfit with lower CP compared to the equipped outfit.

- Fixed an issue where some classes were unable to move between Altars of Memory in different regions.

- Fixed a description error for Designated Shakatu Exchange.

· Before: Mystical grade relics cannot be exchanged.

· After: Mystical grade relics can be exchanged.

■ [All Classes]

-Attacked Monsters will now chase the Adventurer even if they sprint.

■ New Events

- Spring Log-in Event

- Amazon Prime Collaboration Season 2

- 2020 Fiesta

- New/Returning Adventurer Support Event

- Special Spring Push Rewards Event


■ Ending Events

- Amazon Prime Event

- Cherry Blossom Festival Event

- Ramoness World Championship Event


■ New Items

- Spring Log-in Premium Pass

- All-Inclusive Plus Chest

- New Armor Outfit - Kibelius I

- New Armor Outfit - Kibelius II

- New Weapon Outfit - Kibelius

- 1+1 Pearl + Black Pearl Chest

- 1+1 Tier 3 Pet Chest

- Special Steps of Fortune

- Armor Outfit Fusion Pack

- Weapon Outfit Fusion Pack

- Epic to Mystical Crystal Chest x10 Bundle

- Boss Knowledge Growth Package


■ Sale Ending

- Daily Lucky Chest

- Relic Fragments Package


■ Changes

※ Lower Steps of Fortune will be renewed in next week's maintenance.

As a result, the steps will be refreshed.