Details on Eidolic Umbral Gear (Updated)

Details on Eidolic Umbral Gear

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Greetings, Adventurer! This is the Black Desert Mobile Service Team.

Eidolic Umbral Gear is scheduled to be updated with the maintenance next week.

The Eidolic Umbral Gear, similar to the Severing Umbral Gear,
will be one of the methods to enhance a +8 gear item to +9, along with the existing enhancement method.
Since it allows for more stable enhancement attempts than the existing Awakened Enhancement method,
the expected quantity of consumed resources is set a bit higher.

When we first updated the Umbral Chaos Gear, we put a lot of thought into
making improvements to alleviate the situation in which our Adventurers would stop enhancing gear altogether
due to the great amount of time required to prepare and the risk of the enhancement level dropping
up until getting to +8, +9, +10 with items of a high enough grade.

We updated Umbral Chaos Gear last year
to allow more frequent and easier enhancement attempts
to alleviate the situation.

A similar level of materials are spent for Umbral Chaos Gear as in the original method.
However, the enhancement level does not drop,
and the system allows for a gradual increase in CP, even while challenging higher levels,
allowing many Adventurers to safely work towards +8 gear through Severing Umbral Gear.

After about a year since the update of the Severing Umbral Gear,
and since many Adventurers are now aiming for +9, +10,
we've decided to update Eidolic Umbral Gear.

With the addition of Eidolic Umbral Gear, as the burden of the enhancement level dropping when attempting +9 is removed,
we've set the expected resource cost to be slightly higher than the previous method of Awakened Enhancement.

Details regarding the Eidolic Umbral Gear are as follows.

- Eidolic Umbral Gear can be crafted with an Awakened+8 Chaos Gear and Ah'krad x1.
- Exquisite Black Crystals are required for Eidolic Umbral Gear Awakened Enhancement attempts.

- Eidolic Umbral Gear can be enhanced up to +5 for Awakened Enhancement.
ㆍ Eidolic Umbral Gear succeeds in Awakened Enhancement at a fixed rate (3%) at all levels.
ㆍ You cannot use items that increase the success rate when attempting Awakened Enhancement on Eidolic Umbral Gear.
- 30 Exquisite Black Crystals are consumed for each Awakened Enhancement attempt for Eidolic Umbral Gear.

* Further details will be provided through the patch notes for next week's update.

We hope that the Eidolic Umbral Gear becomes another method for stable progression,
and in the future, we will strive to provide Adventurers with
more detailed early notices before such updates.

Thank you.