[Class Intro] Spreads Her New Wings, Letanas


Spreads Her New Wings

The Ynix.
"A flame that can consume even the gods...
How much of its overflowing power can a mere mortal bear?
O daughter of mine,
greed is the source of wrath...
And that flame which fuels it must be extinguished.
Only then will the long-lost paradise of dragons return.


A place so unattainable,
it may as well not have existed.

Heeding the deep and somber voice,
I walked, and I walked, along an endless cliffside path,
gathering bones upon bones of my fallen kin.


On this path bereft of color and life,
I often wished to hurl myself off its edge, soaring triumphantly into the sky,
a reminder I yet lived, however...

"Unfurling your wings means death.
For that brutal tyrant still reigns the skies."

Whenever such thoughts came to me,
they echoed in a voice not my own, an unsought and unchecked edict.
Fettered wings
are nothing more than a blight upon one’s back.

For so long, dragons were pinned beneath the tyrant’s claw,
until a voice, steeped in malevolence, called out from that bitter path’s end:

"Build your paradise upon my body.
With my death, I will usher in the ruination of the golden mountain."

A shriek rang out, and a brilliant ray of light, puncturing a small hole,
like the pupil of an eye, in the barrier that marked this bitter path’s end.

The aperture dilated, growing brighter as the barrier crumbled away.
Someone was waiting there, with arms outstretched.
Was she the one who led us here?
My heart pounded with excitement...


"Come, frail dragon offspring."

The air was thick with the stench of blood that flowed from her jaws, torn to the ear.
It was the blood of my dead kin, interwoven with their resentment, their hatred, their tears;
The same kin I had tirelessly comforted.
Etched in this torrent of blood were the final memories of my kind.
Things I’ve never seen, heard, or experienced,
but somehow, I was present in them all.

"I am the seventh witch of Eternal Winter, Erethea."
"Tell me, how many dragon hearts have been pierced by the power of erasure,
which could wash away even the fear of the one you claim a tyrant?"

Her body in tatters,
and through coughing fits of blood,
her hoarse voice pealed mirthfully at some unknown joy.

"Come, tear out my heart and consume it.
It’s been sweetened with the hatred of countless, fallen dragons."

The witch’s laughter reignited the hunger within them.
No one asked why she chose this death.
Everyone sought to sate their thirst for vengeance.
The feast was a blur of teeth and sinew,
but when I came to my senses, I saw us reflected in her empty eyes.
In my mouth, I held her still-beating heart.

"It is done, child. My vengeance... will live on eternally."

Not a single scream had left her lips,
as the witch lay lifeless, seemingly mocking us with her grin.
Was it her defiance that only added to our anger?
My heart began to race uncontrollably.

“Take to the skies, by my heart's might.
Through your eyes shall I witness the golden mount's ruin.”

Now, with my wings no longer bound,
they slowly unfurl, as I gaze readily toward the edge.
The winds whirl against my skin, beckoning me beneath the blinding light.
Frustration, despair, and the faint allure of paradise tickle my nose.

"Proclaim defiantly, to the incarnation of Labreska, that a new era has dawned.
With the power of erasure, usher in the ruination of the golden mountain."

With the whispers of the being, black-winged like us, less one eye, still echoing in my head,
I stood at the cliff’s precipice with wings spread wide.

The moment of flight that had flashed countless times in my mind.
A burning thirst,
ignited by the winds of freedom in the dazzling sky.


"Come. Start your flight of destruction. The lost paradise of the dragons awaits."

Letanas' Combat Style

Upon acquiring the Trion, the legacy of Erethea, Witch of Erasure,
Letanas can now unfurl her wings and begin her flight of desctruction.
She wields her Trion and Ta'vest empowered with raging winds and embodying a raging inferno,
unleashing a relentless barrage of attacks!

With her dragon wings unfurled, she can surge into the air and crash down on unsuspecting enemies or soar quickly.
And when her wings are retracted, she can overwhelm any who opposes her
with her quick but elaborate attacks in Hexeblood form,
and destructive attacks in her Dragonblood form.

Once Letanas takes flight and brings forth raging winds,
none shall be able to escape from the destruction she brings.

Letanas - Main Skills


The first skill to introduce is "Legacy."

With this skill, she can switch between Hexeblood and Dragonblood,
and depending on the form, other skills and other effects apply,
allowing for diverse and unpredictable combat.

In Hexeblood, skill damage increases,
while in Dragonblood, the PvP Damage Reduction effect is applied.
With the above effects, she performs a barrage of powerful attacks,
and at times, is able to take damage during combat and continue her attacks.

Sundering Roar

The next skill is "Sundering Roar."

Like the skill name suggests, when used during Dragonblood,
she channels the winds into her left spear,
then unleashes her dragon breath in front of her.
This skill has a great amount of distance and range,
allowing her to deal great damage in PvE or in large-scale battles.

In Hexeblood, she switches between both spears,
allowing her to perform quick attacks in a wide range in front.

Savage Decree

The third skill is "Savage Decree."

In Dragonblood, she quickly swings her spear for attacks.
With Flow: Concealed Claw activated,
she performs additional attacks in which she powerfully pierces through enemies.

When used during Dragonblood,
instead of performing an additional attack when she pierces through enemies,
she attacks with Dragon's Roar used powerfully against enemies in front.


This last skill highlights Letanas'
unique characteristics.

She channels the winds surrounding her, ascends,
then strikes downward with her left spear powerfully against her enemies.
This skill is very useful in performing unexpected attacks against enemies in a large battlefield
as it can be comboed with her main movement skill "Dragon Flight."

Also, when used with enough MP,
a Bloody Zone is created that will deal damage against enemies,
allowing her to momentarily take control of the battlefield.

“Spread Your New Wings”
New Class Letanas

Letanas will be released with the Mar 12 (Tue) update.
We look forward to your support and interest.

Thank you.