[Community Event] Succession skill: Show Us Your Strategy! - Winner List
EVENTS 2024.02.22

Greetings Adventurers,


Once again, we want to sincerely thank every one of you who participated in the [Community Event] Succession skill: Show Us Your Strategy! event! Thank you always for the warm welcome and your continued support. Without further ado, here are the winners!



Event 1. What's your favorite Succession skill?

We are very happy to announce that we have reached more than 100 comments of all the videos combined!
Thank you for your attention and support for our newly updated Succession Skills!
As promised, we will be giving all Adventurers the following rewards


  1. All adventurers!


Restoration Scroll x 3,000
※ In-game rewards have been sent on February 24 (Sat), XX, 2024 (UTC-9)
Restoration Scroll
x 3,000




Event 2. Show Us Your Strategy!

Our gratitude to all who participated and shared their strategy with our community!
This will surely help other Adventurers in discovering their potential with the new succession skills!



Winners Submission Link

"OK guys, since my main is Lancer, so..."
"Buccaneer is very good to use for..."

"This skill will save your Super Armor/Forward Guard in the..."

" are some examples I can suggest based on..."

"...I will show you strategy about my favorite class succession skills..."

"Bookworm" In-Game Title
Black Pearl x 2,000
All-Inclusive Plus Chest (28 Days) x 1
※ In-game rewards have been sent on February 24 (Sat), XX, 2024 (UTC-9)
※ In-game Title will be sent on the scheduled maintenance on February 27 (Tue), 2024.

Black Pearl x 2,000
All-Inclusive Plus Chest (28 Days) x1



Additional Notes

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• You will be disqualified from the event If you violate our [Operations Policy] during the event or due to other restrictions in place. 

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• Pearl Abyss may also use these contents at its own discretion for promotional purposes without restrictions to time or location. 

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• The event period is subject to change.