GM Surprise Missions!
EVENTS 2024.02.07

GM Surprise Missions!

Greetings, Adventurers!
CM Roccio here! Queek!

As we continue to celebrate the Land of the Sherekhan update, we will be having a 2-weekend GM missions event!

All you have to do is log in to the game and defeat enemies to receive Clockwork, an item you need to navigate the vast area of Sherekhan!

Let's check more details below

1. Log in to the game.
2. Tap the [GM Surprise Mission Icon] located at the upper left side, next to the world mini-map.
3. Complete the missions to receive Clockwork x1.

Dates and Rewards
Date and Time Mission and Reward
February 10 (Saturday), 00:30 - 23:29 Server Time Defeat Monsters x5,000 Clockwork x1
February 11 (Sunday), 00:30 - 23:29 Server Time
February 17 (Saturday), 00:30 - 23:29 Server Time
February 18 (Sunday), 00:30 - 23:29 Server Time


※ Please Note

- The event reward will be sent directly to the inventory of the current character that is being accessed.

- The event period is subject to change.


Thank you.