[Class Introduction] New Class, Letanas[Updated]

New Class "Letanas"
Video Summary

“Once she takes flight, none shall be able to escape
from the destruction she brings.

Letanas appears as she wields her Trion empowered with raging winds
and her Ta'vest embodying a raging inferno,
unleashing a relentless barrage of attacks!

New Class, 「Letanas」.

She will meet all Adventurers after the upcoming maintenance on March 12 (Tue)!

Take Flight With New Wings

New Class, 「Letanas」 Trailer


New Class, 「Letanas」 Combat Showcase


New Class, 「Letanas」 Skill Preview


You can meet the newest class, 「Letanas」
after the upcoming maintenance on March 12(Tue).

Thank you.