Black Desert Mobile's 1500 Days Celebratory Fan Art Contest
EVENTS 2024.01.08

1,500 Days Celebratory Fan Art Contest

Greetings, Adventurers!
CM Roccio here! Queek!

We are delighted to inform all Adventurers worldwide that Black Desert Mobile will soon celebrate its 1,500th day next week, January 18 (Thursday)!

For the last 4 years and more, our Adventurers have been with us on this journey and we are grateful for your unwavering support. 🙌

To prepare for the celebration, we will run a fan art event where you can draw or illustrate your memorable experiences in Black Desert Mobile for the past years.

For more details, let's check more info below! 🧐

- AMERICA: From January 8, 2024 ~ until January 22, (Monday), 2024, 23:59 (UTC-8)

- ASIA : From January 8, 2024 ~ until January 23, (Tuesday), 2024, 16:59 (UTC+1)
- EUROPE : From January 8, 2024 ~ until January 23, (Tuesday), 2024, 08:59 (UTC+8)

1. Create your very own image, illustration, or video about Black Desert Mobile.
2. Submit your fan art by uploading through Black Desert Mobile > Forum > Community > Fan Art > [Write].
3. Please read the event rules below:
3-1) You must include the title, “Celebrating 1,500 Days” when submitting your artwork.

3-2) The fan art must be about your memorable moment in Black Desert Mobile to be considered for selection.

3-3) The server and family name must be included in the artwork
Eg. America / Roccio

※ Any work that is not originally created will not be considered (ex. stealing work created by others will result in automatic disqualification).

※ Any submission that is against the Operation Policy will be deleted immediately.

Example of how to attach your artwork:

[1] After tapping Black Desert Mobile > Forum > Community > Fan Art > [Write], tap the pencil icon that is shown below:

[2.1] After being redirected to the screen below, put the title, Celebrating 1,500 Days.
[2.2] At the box, put your Family Name and Server.
[2.3] Tap the "Camera" icon to start attaching your artwork/illustration.

[3] Tap "Post" to finalize your submission.

[3] Tap "Post" button to complete your submission. 


Selected Submissions: Up to 5 winning Adventurers
■ Black Pearl x2,000
"BDM Artist" In-game Title

※ Rewards will be sent within a week after the event ends.

📺 January 23 Livestream Winning Fan Art Special Corner
For the winning entries, they will be featured in our weekly livestream scheduled on January 23, 2024 with Laila and Jeremy!

Winning entries will be introduced including their Family name.

❗Please Note

- We reserve the copyright to any derivative works, such as screenshots or videos, that you submit to participate in the event. Your submissions may be used for marketing purposes in any region at any time.
- Participating in the event in an unauthorized manner may result in disqualification, as well as confiscation of any items or restriction in gameplay.
- The number of winners may change according to the number of event participants.
- Restriction of your account due to violation of operational policies until the ball date or prize distribution date may result in nullifying any event win and the confiscation of any prizes distributed.
- Event prizes may be subject to change to other items of equal value without prior notice.
- The event content and period may be subject to change or cancellation. Changes will be added to the event page, and we will notify you accordingly.
- Refer to [Black Desert Mobile Operational Policies] for matters not addressed in this notice.

Thank you.