[2023 Calpheon Ball] Looking Back at Calpheon Ball (Updated)

2023 Calpheon Ball


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Greetings, Adventurers.


We have finally concluded the <2023 Calpheon Ball>,
where we had a special time together with all the Adventurers who have always given their unwavering support to Black Desert Mobile.

We would like to express our sincerest thanks to everyone worldwide who visited the event venue in person,
and to the adventurers who supported us by watching the livestream.

Let's check out various scenes from the event to see both our adventurers' love and support,
and Black Desert Mobile's newest updates at the <2023 Calpheon Ball>!

For those who have missed the livestream or those who would like to rewatch it again,

You can watch it through the video below.

The Future of Black Desert Mobile

Scheduled updates were introduced to our Adventurers at the 2023 Calpheon Ball.
We'd like to provide you a list of the scheduled updates starting with the new class Scholar to be updated just next week on Dec 19 (Tue)!


To Be Updated: Dec 19 (Tue)

Scholar, a researcher of gravity, uses the power contained in her Gravity Cores and effortlessly brandishes her mighty Hammers, treating them like mere toys.

With her Hammers firmly gripped in each hand, Scholar unleashes devastating strikes upon her foes, obliterating them with ruthless precision.

She fearlessly delves into the spatial rifts warped by gravity, leaving no trace of her adversaries.

Enjoy adventuring with "Scholar," who says, "Scholar's me trade, combat's me game."

To Be Updated: Dec 19 (Tue)

The new winter season begins.
With a season character, you can speedgear up to a certain level.
In this winter season, you can obtain the [Brilliant Crystal Chest],
which contains a max stat Dimensional Crystal and a max stat Ah'krad Crystal.

To Be Updated: Jan 2 (Tue)

The Great Desert will be improved with the added auto-hunt feature following the simplified Great Desert update
so that our Adventurers can more conveniently use the Great Desert, an important basis for progression.

To Be Updated: Jan 2 (Tue)

Black Spirit Mode will be improved to activate when you log out of the game without selecting Black Spirit Mode.

Also, Black Spirit Mode will be available for Arena content with this update,
and the rewards were significantly increased to be nearly identical to the rewards from actually logging in and playing the game..

Content will be improved by increasing the rewards overall and setting a main reward for each content
so that our Adventurers can have a clearer goal in mind when accessing content.

1. Chaos Rift
To Be Updated:
1st - Jan 9 (Tue)
2nd - Jan 23 (Tue)

Chaos Rifts will be improved with reduced entry costs
while also making it possible to loot "Riftborn Fervor," a material for crafting "Spellbound Glyph" in rifts after "Tooth Fairy's Glooming Grove."

You can obtain "Riftborn Fervor" at a set chance from rifts after "Tooth Fairy's Gloaming Grove."
Spellbound Glyph can be crafted using "Riftborn Fervor" as one of the materials,
and if you get it appraised, you can obtain a Chaos Unknown Glyph at a set chance.

※ Inscribed Glyph is a material required to craft a Spellbound Glyph, and Inscribed Glyphs were temporarily restricted from sale on the Market.
Inscribed Glyphs registered on the Market will be expired and sent to the in-game mailbox with the maintenance on Dec 19 (Tue).

2. Ancient Ruins
To Be Updated: Feb 20 (Tue)

We are planning to regorganize the difficulty levels to a total of 3,
and make the concept clearer by making all "Lightstone" relevant items obtainable from Ancient Ruins.

3. Boss Rush
To Be Updated: Feb 20 (Tue)

We are planning to improve this content by removing the distinction between Elion and Hadum to simplify it, while maintaining its role as the main source of Ancient Coins
and add "Crystals" to be obtainable as the main reward.

4. Alyaelli's Rift
To Be Updated: Feb 20 (Tue)

Alyaelli's Rift will maintain its concept, but will be improved so that you can obtain Dimensional Fragments right away instead of Alyaelli Fragments.
You will still obtain "Dimensional Fragments" and "Advice of Valks" to facilitate clarity in its concept.

To Be Updated: Jan 2 (Tue)

Ah'krad, Root of Sorcery, and Chaos Crystal and Adventure Tokens will be improved to be registrable on the Market. (Updated on 12/18 00:55 UTC-8)
More items will be added sequentially in future updates.

To Be Updated: Jan 9 (Tue)

Awakening will be added for Eternal Accessories, and "Voidsent Eyes" will be used as an Awakening material.

※ Eternal Accessories and Voidsent Eyes were temporarily restricted from sale on the Market due to the scheduled update.
Eternal Accessories and Voidsent Eyes registered on the Market will be expired and sent to the in-game mailbox with the maintenance on Dec 19 (Tue).

To Be Updated: Jan 16 (Tue), 2024


A new battlefield will be added to the Battlefield of the Sun.
Like the Node War, if you destroy the Holy Artifact of the enemy faction, you win. And both the attacking and defending faction start simultaneously.

To Be Updated: Jan 30 (Tue), 2024


Land of the Morning Light: Night of Vengeful Souls
Land of the Morning Light: Night of Vengeful Souls will take place every Friday from 20:00 to 20:30.
In this content, you can either fight against the vengeful souls or attack other Adventurers to gain points, in a similar method to the Black Sun.

In Night of Vengeful Souls, only 10% of a character's CP is applied, and other Adventurers' Family names wil appear as "Unknown Adventurer."
A difference in this content from the Black Sun is the added element of being able to go inside nearby bushes and hide.

※ The name of the content has been changed, and the schedule for "Land of the Morning Light: Night of Vengeful Souls" may be subject to change when updated.

To Be Scheduled: Feb 6 (Tue), 2024


Old Drieghan, or "Land of the Sherekhan," which is an open world, will be updated for many more Adventurers to enjoy together.

The CP ranges between 43,000 to 60,000 in "Land of the Sherekhan," and Adventurers within a wider CP range than in the current Drieghan can adventure in this region.

To Be Updated: Feb 6 (Tue), 2024

Succession Skills that allow Ascended and Awakened classes to interchangeably select one skill from two skills to use will be added.

For example, Berseker can use one of Gladiator's skills, either "Piercing Spear" or "Spinning Slash."
And Gladiator can use one of Berserker's skills, either Crushing Falcon or Havoc Thrust.

We will add the skills first so that even classes that haven't had their
Awakening or Ascension released yet will be able to use the Succession Skills.

Succession skills can be enhanced when stats are added to the Charm of Succession, obtainable from "Land of the Sherekhan," through the Sealed Charm of Succession.

We also are planning to add new hairstyles and other various updates.
We will continue to improve upon our Adventurers' feedback.

※ All of the above may be subject to change as development is still in progress.

<2023 Calpheon Ball> To the Event Venue! 📷

📣 Introducing the <2023 Calpheon Ball> Event Venue!

△ Gwangmyeong IVEX Studio, the site of the 2023 Calpheon Ball!
Our staff are waiting for Adventurers while making sure all preparations are complete before the ball begins.

△ Rehearsal being prepared before meeting Adventurers

△ Many events enjoyable for Adventurers on-site were also prepared before the livestream.

△ The BLSG band, known for their entertaining performance combined with band music, are performing based on the stories shared by our Adventurers.
What a meaningful and wonderful performance inspired by the stories shared by our Adventurers!

△ The event would not be complete without a feast! Delicious food was also prepared for everyone.

△ The Calpheon Ball has commenced!
The event's MC, Heo Jun, and CM Aiden greet Adventurers worldwide as the <2023 Calpheon Ball> begins!

△ Profits from the ticket sales being donated to the "Joh-Enjib" orphanage (an orphanage located in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea) to reflect the heartwarming support of our Adventurers!

△ Black Desert Mobile's improvements on existing content and the future of Black Desert Mobile were explained in this 2023 Calpheon Ball.
Black Desert Mobile's Executive Head of Division, Chang-wook Kim, and Head of Game Design Division, Hyeong-gyu An, are first introducing the improvements to existing content.

△ Auto-combat for the Great Desert, an important content for progression, which will provide better convenience for our Adventurers, is being introduced.

△ Black Spirit Mode improvements for better optimization on mobile devices is being introduced here!

△ Improvements on the reorganization of Alyaelli's Rift, Boss Rush, and Ancient Ruins for clearer purpose are being discussed.

△ A weapon statue appears and the new class Scholar, the maven of gravity, appears in a trailer with a sudden black out!

△ A new winter season will also begin!

△ No event would be complete without news on the newest content, right? <Battlefield of the Sun: Forgotten Ruins> and <Land of the Morning Light: Night of Changui> will also be added!

△ Succession Skills many of our Adventurers showed great interest in! With these new skills, combat will be more enjoyable!

△ Quiz show featuring our Adventurers! Did you get all the answers right?

△ Lastly, Black Desert Mobile's Executive Head of Division, Chang-wook Kim and Head of Game Design Division, Hyeong-gyu An, giving their farewell message and special gifts as they conclude the <2023 Calpheon Ball>.

Thanks to all the Adventurers who continue to show their love and support to Black Desert Mobile!

A Summary of Wondrous Goodies! 🎫🎁

Last but not the least, we wanted show you the gifts we prepared as a token of our appreciation to all Adventurers who supported the <2023 Calpheon Ball>.
A 200% Hot Time buff will be applied until maintenance on Dec 19 (Tue) in celebration of the <2023 Calpheon Ball>.

- All announced coupons, including the quiz coupons, can be used until April 1 (Mon), 2024 at 23:59.
- You must collect the rewards obtained from these coupons within 7 days upon redeeming the coupons.
- "Blessings of W" obtained from certain coupons will be deleted with the update maintenance on Apr 2 (Tue), 2024.



Our sincerest thanks to all the Adventurers who supported us at the <2023 Calpheon Ball>.
We will always do our best to return your heartwarming support, Adventurers!


Thank you.