[Class Intro] Scholar: "Nothin' Me Hammers Can't Solve!"


"Nothin' Me Hammers Can't Solve!"

On a fateful day, as a young alchemist, Eibhlin was just beginning to flaunt her talents,
devastating news struck her like a lightning bolt.

The Black Death, a plague sweeping across the continent,
crushed the dreams of this aspiring alchemist on the brink of fame.

She then embarked on a quest, delving into myriad rumors and secrets, seeking a cure.
As the Black Death slowly consumed her,
she clung to a sliver of hope, enduring excruciating pain and suffering.

Among those Giants who sought power,
there was a whisper of one, a master in alchemy, who had the secret to defeating all diseases.

Just as secrets lead to treasures and legends,
Eibhlin embarked on a journey, driven by this faint hope.
When Eibhlin finally met the sage, the response she received was heartbreaking.

"Eibhlin O'Cearbhaill. Regrettably, it seems fate is not in your favor. You had the potential to revolutionize alchemy... such a pity. The Black Death cannot be overcome."

The sage's words, though harsh, bestowed upon Eibhlin a newfound wisdom.
She realized she had been neglecting her natural alchemical gifts,
depending on others to elude death.

Shaking off the despair that had shadowed her for years, she reclaimed her spirit.
By night, racked with debilitating coughs from the Black Death's ravage,
and by day, she immersed herself in alchemy
and delved into the mysteries of ancient ruins to keep herself alive.

Eibhlin, both an alchemist and an archaeologist,
eventually uncovered secrets and potentials leading to realms unknown.
The exhilaration she experienced defied simple description,
transcending her roles as an alchemist, archaeologist,
or even a dying patient.

Yet, the secret required an even broader expanse of knowledge.
Eibhlin was captivated by ancient weapons,
constantly seeking out the relics of the past.

As the Black Death gradually ravaged her life,
her amassed knowledge only expanded.

She eventually mastered the art of replicating ancient weapons,
and Eibhlin O'Cearbhaill,
both alchemist and archaeologist,
managed to construct and traverse her own portal.

To reignite the dying embers of her own fire.

Scholar In-game Screenshot

Scholar Combat Style


Harnessing the immense power of her Gravity Cores to control gravity,
Scholar effortlessly brandishes her mighty Hammers, treating them like a mere toy.

With her Hammers firmly gripped in each hand, Scholar unleashes devastating strikes upon her foes,
obliterating them with ruthless precision.
She fearlessly delves into the spatial rifts warped by gravity,
leaving no trace of her adversaries.

She uses her Gravity Cores and fearlessly delves into the spatial rifts,
brandishing her Hammers to perform unpredictable attacks.

At times her attacks are light and agile
and at other times, she unleashes devastating strikes for a powerful blow.

Scholar Main Skills

Core Control

Scholar utilizes her passive Core Control to continue battle.
The cooldown of her main movement skill "Attraction" decreases upon each skill use.

Her Gravity Cores are actuated upon use of certain skills.
Gravity Cores increase skill damage and decrease PvP damage taken once they're actuated.

Once actuated, they deal damage to nearby enemies instantly.
Since Scholar uses her remaining Gravity Cores with other skills,
it is difficult to predict where she'll move to and where she'll attack from
within the spatial distortion.


This skill is used as Scholar's main movement skill.
Super Armor is applied, adding stability and speed when moving.

When "Attraction" is used during Core Actuation,
she will move to the location of the Gravity Cores and will become Invincible.
This skill can be used to enter the battlefield or move in an unpredicatable way towards enemies.

Gravity Anchor

With this skill, Scholar uses gravity to mightily throw her Hammers to deal damage.
Upon use of the skill, Gravity Cores are actuated at the Hammers' location, allowing her to combo into Attraction.

MP is spent when the skill is enhanced with "Flow: Ultra Pull,"
and Scholar will move instantly to the Hammers' location and retrieve her Gravity Cores.

Also, Hammer Throw can be used
efficiently in a combo with Attraction.

Home Run

With this skill, Scholar clashes her Hammers together, igniting the explosive power of her Gravity Cores,
dealing significant damage to defenseless enemies.

If the skill enhancement "Gravity Overload" is applied, significant damage is dealt to enemies near her Gravity Cores.
She can also retrieve her Gravity Cores.

Scholar: "Nothin' Me Hammers Can't Solve!"

Scholar will arrive with the update on Dec 19 (Tue).
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