[3/4] Cherry Blossom Screenshot Event (Twitter)
EVENTS 2020.03.03

Greetings Adventurers!


Spring will soon be in full swing, so let’s celebrate with an event!


📢 Event Period

March 3rd - March 17th(23:59 PM PST)


📢 Theme:

All Things Spring


■ How to Participate: 

Posted on your own Twitter profile and include the following:
A. Your correct Region, Server & Family Name
B. The Hashtag #AllThingsSpring20 and Twitter tag: @blackdesertm_en
C. Users can take pictures alone or with up to 3 friends.
- If chosen as a grand prize winner, the user that uploaded the image must be able to submit the family names, server, and regions of all pictured participants. Top 30 images will only be awarded the original poster.


■ Prizes:

3 Grand Prize Winners: Tier-1 Gosphy x1 and Black Pearls x300

Top 30 Winners: Special Chicken Soup x10


■ Event winners:

Winners will be announced after the event.


■ Please Note:

- Any inappropriate screenshots will be excluded. Furthermore, all offensive comments will be punished in accordance with the Operation Policy and are subject to punishment.

- Creativity and quality will increase your chances of winning.

- Anything requirements missing mentioned in ‘How to Participate’ will be excluded.

- Any work submitted after the event period will be excluded.

- Moving or deleting your post after the event period will be excluded from the results.

- Changing Family Name after participation will result in disqualification from the Event.

- All screenshots may be reposted with the name and region of the original creator of the artwork.

- The event period is subject to change.