Celebrate Black Desert Mobile’s 4th Anniversary! (Updated)
EVENTS 2023.11.30

Celebrate Black Desert Mobile’s 4th Anniversary! 




Greetings Adventurers, 


Celebrating 4 amazing years with Black Desert Mobile, we sincerely thank each of you for being part of this incredible journey. We kindly ask for your continued love and support.


To commemorate the 4th anniversary, various in-game events, community activities, live streams, a 400% Hot Time, and more are prepared! Please make sure to check them out and enjoy the Black Desert Mobile 4th Anniversary with us!


Firstly, here are the community events celebrating the 4th anniversary.


Event 1) Share Your Most Treasured Memories!



If you have any fun or touching stories from playing the game, please share!

Whether it's the heart-pounding PvP matches, unforgettable events, or stories about friends/guildmates you met in-game, we'd love to hear them! Your memories have made this journey truly special.


Event Period
November 30th (Thu) - December 3rd (Sun), 23:59



How to Participate

1. Share your most treasured memories with Black Desert Mobile via our official website

Forum > Community > Black Desert Mobile Event

2. Tap [New Topic], and use “[Share Your Most Treasured Memories]” as the title.

3. Add your Family Name and Server.

4. Tap “Post” and double check you have submitted your entry.

* Selected 5 participants will receive 1,000 Black Pearls! 


Example) Most Treasured Memories from [GM] Lando

In June 2023, I had the pleasure of meeting adventurers in the America server for the first time.

Initially, I struggled a lot on what GM name would be best to use; it was a time not long after the Mountain of Eternal Winter update.
Just like Lando embarking on adventures with adventurers in the snowy mountains, I wanted to become a GM who journeys with adventurers. Therefore I chose the GM name as [GM Lando].
(To be honest, I also liked Lando's cute appearance. I firmly believe that you all find Lando adorable too.)

When I created the character and logged into the game, it was late evening in the American time zone.
I greeted in the chat, and I was so grateful that many adventurers warmly welcomed me, much more than I expected.

Many adventurers sent friend requested and whispered a lot to play PvP, but back then, my CP was low, so I couldn't accept the request. I felt sorry for that as well.

From now on, I will strive to meet and communicate more with adventurers in the game.

The moment of meeting global adventurers for the first time is something I'll never forget. I'm always grateful to all the adventurers who warmly welcome me and love you all.



2) Your Favorite In-Game Events! 



Please choose the most enjoyable in-game event from the past 4 years of Black Desert Mobile!

To thank you for your support, we want to bring back the event that receives the most votes!

Let's revisit those precious memories and have a great time together once again!



Event Period
November 30th (Thu) - December 3rd (Sun), 23:59



How to Participate

1. Please visit Forum > Community > Black Desert Mobile Event > Your Favorite In-Game Events!   

2. Select your favorite in-game event from the list and write it in the comment section

along with the reason why you chose that event

3. Add your Family Name and Server.

* The most popular in-game event chosen will be repeated in December!

* If the total number of participants exceeds 400, we'll provide Mysterious Acorn Lv 0 x 20 to everyone.



3) 2023 Partner/Creator Awards


Partners/creators' videos always help us a lot!

Please check the categories below and select the first Black Desert Mobile partner/creator that comes to mind!

It's a chance to show gratitude for the videos of partners/creators we enjoy watching! 


Event Period
November 30th (Thu) - December 3rd (Sun), 23:59


Please check this SURVEY LINK and vote for BDM Partners/Creators



1) Strategy Helper

Vote for the creator who has greatly assisted adventurers in their gameplay. 

2) Visual Style

Vote for the creator whose video editing or overall atmosphere stands out the most. 

3) Future Star

Vote for the creator who you think will have the biggest channel growth a year from now


Black Desert Mobile Partner & Creator List

1. Gee CH

2. Rubik
3. Siegred
4. GreatMobileGaming

5. ggJennifer

6. Fried Siomai
7. 66PROs
8. Cantiller BDM

9. Nafeshh Games

10. IceXgame    

1. Play ไป เรื่อย

2. w00dz
5. Venom GamingTv
6. Sibilyan
7. Quirx
8. Tears

9. Phobio

10. Rattenz
11. Schokolade
12. xgames_tv
13. delpetet
14. Geo7
15. OpG ZexTy
16. XDravkunX



4) 4th Anniversary Gleam Event



We're thrilled to announce the Black Desert Mobile 4th Anniversary Gleam Event! 

Join us for a chance to win fantastic in-game prizes by participating in our Gleam Event. Good luck to everyone!



Event Period
December 5th (Wed) - December 22nd (Fri), 23:59



Please check this LINK and participate in the Special Gleam Event! 


[For 100 winners]

Black Pearl x 1,000 / Path of Glory Entry Pass x 3 / Neruda Shen Ancient Secret Chest x 50 / Akhram Prophecy (100%) x 50


Additional Notes

• Any inappropriate images will not be considered. Furthermore, users who post offensive comments will be reported and evaluated in accordance with our [Operation Policy]. 

• You will be disqualified from the event If you violate our [Operations Policy] during the event or due to other restrictions in place. 

• Pearl Abyss reserves the right to the ownership of adaptation rights for all screenshots, videos, and all other content submitted for this event.

• Pearl Abyss may also use these contents at its own discretion for promotional purposes without restrictions to time or location. 

• Participating in the event using inappropriate methods may result in a cancellation/retrieval of your reward(s) and/or restriction from the game. 

• The event period is subject to change.