[Nov 28 Patch Notes]
UPDATES 2023.11.28

Patch Notes


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Greetings, Adventurers!


The Patch Notes for the update on Nov 28 (Tue) are here!
Adventurers, please see the newly applied patch notes and enjoy an even more exciting adventure.

※ All screenshots in the main text were taken on the test server and may differ from the actual update content.
If there are any discrepancies between the patch notes and the applied content in the game, please contact the support center.




Featured Updates - Great Desert Quality of Life Improvements

Developer Commentary:

The Great Desert is a cornerstone of Black Desert Mobile, built around the idea of exploration. As Adventurers, you traverse the Great Desert, filling out your Desert Exploration Log, completing Hidden Quests, and ultimately exploring Temples and Great Temples to complete the narrative.

During this journey, you can acquire [Edana's Coin] and offer it to the ""Black Rock Shrine"" to gain various resources and items essential for other adventures, such as Boss Stamps and Ancient Tablets. You can also obtain [Trials of Ator: Ancient Entry Pass] as a reward from clearing Temples and Great Temples. These primary rewards are crucial as Knowledge levels mean more CP.

However, despite their importance, the layout of the Great Desert wasn't very intuitive, and its significance hasn't been effectively communicated to our Adventurers.

The connection between Edana's Coins, Black Rock Shrine, and Laytenn, as well as the Desert Exploration Log, Hidden Quests, Temples, and the Great Desert, has been ambiguous. They are certainly interconnected but in a way that isn't immediately apparent, and explanations were lacking.

This is particularly true for those of you who are new to Black Desert Mobile. Without its importance being conveyed when you start becoming able to interact with it from around 6,000 CP, you may even go right past it altogether, at least before Season Passes came out.

In short, we have implemented an update to improve the intuitiveness of the layout.

① The Desert Exploration Log will now follow a more linear structure.
② The moment you are able to enter Temples and Great Temples, it will be more visually prominent.
③ Hidden Quests will be integrated within the Desert Exploration Log.
④ We have enhanced the Black Rock Shrine to be a landmark of the Great Desert, boosting its prominence.
⑤ Even if you haven't located a temple you can roughly estimate its location.
⑥ If you pass by a temple you've yet to find, we've added a feature to mark it on the World Map.

We hope this update will make the Great Desert content more easily accessible and wish you luck in your adventure. We hope these improvements will add to a more fulfilling experience.

- Added new quests to the Desert Exploration Log and made improvements.
- Changed Great Desert Temples and Great Temples to open as you progress through the Desert Exploration Log.
ㆍ Removed Hidden Quests, which were the previous condition to enter Temples.
ㆍ Temples will sequentially unlock each time you complete three Desert Exploration Logs.
ㆍ The sequence in which temples open as you complete the Desert Exploration Log will shift when the Darkstorm sweeps across the Great Desert.
ㆍ Great Temples will open after every two Temples, in the order of Serrett, Tukar, and then Luinass.

- The locations of Temples and Great Temples will now be indicated on the Great Desert World Map.
ㆍ Unexplored Temples will be indicated with a question mark on the map.

- Interacting with a Temple indicated with a question mark after discovering it will activate its info on the minimap.
ㆍ Inaccessible Temples will be white, accessible Temples will be yellow, and completed Temples will be black.
ㆍ Tapping a Temple icon when it's white will auto-navigate you to its location.

- Changed the three Black Rock Shrines to always be visible in the Great Desert.
ㆍ The Black Rock Shrines are located near the Hidden Shrine Site, the Ancients' Gorge, and the Hystria Ruins.
ㆍ Tapping "Visit" on the Black Rock Shrine Scroll, obtained by defeating Laytenn, will auto-path you to the Black Rock Shrine where you can make an offering.
ㆍ The Black Rock Shrine that appears at 20:00 on Monday when Tukar Laytenn is defeated remains unchanged.
ㆍ You can no longer attack the Black Rock Shrines. (Updated)

- The Black Rock Shrine is initially inactive and will be activated upon using the "Black Rock Shrine Scroll" that corresponds to its type.
- Offerings can be made at an activated Black Rock Shrine.
ㆍ The process of making an offering at the Black Rock Shrine remains unchanged.
- You can view the details on offering even at an inactive Black Rock Shrine.

- The types of Black Rock Shrine Scrolls include "Shrine Site Black Rock Shrine Scroll," "Gorge Black Rock Shrine Scroll," and "Ruins Black Rock Shrine Scroll."
ㆍ Each type of scroll can only be used at the Black Rock Shrine located in the area that matches the name.
ㆍ Shrine Site Black Rock Shrine Scrolls were given out based on the amount of "Black Rock Shrine Summon Scrolls" that you owned prior to the update.
- Defeating Laytenn in the Great Desert and Black Sun will yield one type of "Black Rock Shrine Scroll" at a predetermined rate based on your contribution.
ㆍ You can no longer obtain "Black Rock Shrine Summon Scrolls."
- The locations of the Mirages will rotate monthly.
ㆍ The number of Mirages that appear in the Great Desert every month will be the same.
- Due to the Desert Exploration Log update, access to the Great Desert and Desert Exploration Log will be restricted from the update maintenance on Nov 28 (Tue) to Nov 30 (Thu), 23:59.
ㆍWhile the "Flute of Unity" effect will be applied, entry to the Great Desert will be restricted.
ㆍEverfrost can be accessed normally.

- The spawn point for Laytenn in the Great Desert will now be set to a fixed location.
ㆍ This location will be indicated on the Great Desert map.
ㆍ Laytenn that spawns in the Black Sun of the Great Desert will still spawn at a random location.



Featured Updates - Mountain of Eternal Winter Improvements

Developer Commentary:

"The six witches have influenced every nook and cranny of the Mountain of Eternal Winter. Many Adventurers are venturing into the snow-laden landscape, piecing together the witches’ remnants like a complex puzzle. The witches have left not only trials for those brave enough to ascend the mountain, but also beacons of light for those lost in the blizzard.

This peculiar remnant, known as the "Witch’s Illumination” is said to illuminate a different realm where the light yet reaches. Though it appears as a mere reflection in a mirror it is in reality an entirely different world. Whether a whimsical trick by the witches or a trap for someone else, the true nature of the Witch’s Illumination remains a mystery.

However, one thing is certain: not everyone can perceive this light or peer into the other side, and only a handful of Adventurers have managed to do so. Altars have been placed to mark the spots for those who have discovered the light.

Aren't you intrigued to discover what lies on the other side of the Mountain of Winter, where the Witch’s Illumination shines?"

Everfrost is a region with a seamless map, with monster zones ranging from 39,000 CP to 60,000 CP. The base loot remains the same, but different core rewards are set to cater to CP growth, whether you're aiming for currency or specific items.

After the first update of Everfrost, Adventurers set their sights on Eternal Accessories, and now their goal has shifted to looting Supreme EXP Scrolls by attacking the Winter Forest Ronaros. As a result, certain times and zones have often been overcrowded. We've noticed the difficulty in securing a monster zone due to this and have given much thought to potential improvements.

If Adventurers could enter monster zones where their desired monsters appear at any time, and if monster zones were expanded or reduced to accommodate Adventurers, we believe we could alleviate the current difficulties and optimize the limited space for each monster zone.

Now, you’ll see Witch’s Illumination if you navigate to the locations marked on the Everfrost map. Interact with it to be transported to the Illuminated Everfrost where only the monsters for the specific monster zones appear.

The location where the monster appears is the same as the Mountain of Eternal Winter, and the maximum capacity of the field is adjusted to an extent that allows you to find an empty spot more quickly.

- Added Illuminated Everfrost to the Mountain of Eternal Winter.
- Only the relevant monsters of each zone appear in the Illuminated Everfrost zones.
ㆍ Effects such as Hot Time, item buffs, and Citron Tea consumption apply as they do in the Mountain of Eternal Winter.
ㆍ You can defeat monsters within the designated zones.
ㆍ A new channel is created when a certain number of players enter a zone.
ㆍ Gairas of Everfrost does not appear here.

- You can enter monster habitats of all CP ranges in Illuminated Everfrost.
ㆍ You can enter Illuminated Everfrost through "Witch"s Illumination" in each zone.
ㆍYou can check the location of each Witch's Illumination on the Everfrost map.

- You can leave Illuminated Everfrost in the following ways:
ㆍ Interact with the portal at the entrance
ㆍ Move outside the boundary zone
ㆍ Return to Duvencrune
- In Illuminated Everfrost, you cannot activate Outlaw Zone nor use the Save Location and Move to Nearby Town features.
- If you do not have enough exploration time or are unable to take action, you will immediately return to Duvencrune.
- There will be an increased number of Winter Forest Ronaros that appear in all spawn locations and increased distance between each location as well.

- Changed the reward for completing Mercenary Missions to Citron Tea Chest x1 and three or more times the other rewards.
ㆍ You will obtain [Citron Tea] x3 upon use of [Citron Tea Chest].
ㆍ You can now complete one mission per week.
ㆍ After the update maintenance, the weekly limit for Mercenary Missions were reset, and all incomplete Mercenary Missions were canceled.




Developer Commentary:

There are a variety of classes in Black Desert Mobile, each with their own unique characteristics and playstyles. We believe that PvE performance excluding the pros and cons of a class shouldn’t be a reason for you to be hesitant in choosing a class to play.

We continue to identify classes who have shown lacking performance in PvE through testing and monitoring in a variety of environments. With this update, we increased the PvE performance of several classes.


Shoulder Thrust
- Increased the frequency of skill use during auto-combat.
- Increased the skill damage increase from 1 to 2 times of the "Perseverance" effect upon skill use.
- Decreased skill damage increase from 40% to 30% for "Perseverance."



Full Force
- Increased PvE and PvP damage.

Lv 1: 341% → 443.3%
Lv 10: 443.3% → 576.29%

Lv 1: 207.35% → 269.555%
Lv 10: 269.555% → 350.421%



Cheap Shot

- Slightly increased attack range.






Strong Principle
- Changed "Damage against monsters +15%" to "All skill damage +15%."
- Removed the effect "PvP Damage Taken +10%" applied to the opponent on Shield Block.
- If the activation condition is met, the duration of the existing skill effect is reset.



Heavy Strike
- Increased skill damage range.



Deep Thrust
- Increased attack range.






Ruin Scythe
- Adjusted PvE damage.

Lv 1: 288.6% → 375.18%
Lv 10: 375.18% → 487.734%



Quillion Release
- Adjusted PvE damage.

Lv 1: 318.5% → 414.05%
Lv 10: 414.05% → 538.265%



Royal Fencing: Sweep
- Adjusted PvE damage.

Lv 1: 800% → 960%
Lv 10: 1040% → 1248%



Star Shatter
- Adjusted PvE damage.

Lv 1: 845% → 1014%
Lv 10: 1098.5% → 1318.2%



Royal Fencing: Riposte
- Adjusted PvE damage.

Lv 1: 598% → 717.6%
Lv 10: 777.4% → 932.88%



Scatter Shot
- Increased skill range.
ㆍ Increased the range enemies are detected during auto-combat due to the increased skill range.
- Adjusted PvE damage.

Lv 1: 651.9% → 782.28%
Lv 10: 847.47% → 1016.964%





Flower's Remaining Scent
- Changed the "Damage against monsters +15%" and "PvP damage dealt +10%" effects of "Flower's Remaining Scent" to "All skill damage +15%."




Developer Commentary:

Black Shrine content is different from the other types of content you’ve experienced before. It involves enhancing the Energy you’ve obtained from defeating each boss. In addition, this content was designed to only reflect 10% of your CP. As we mentioned earlier, we’ve designed it as such with the hope that newer Adventurers with relatively lower CP could enjoy the Land of the Morning Light content right away.

However, we realized that the level of Energy required to challenge each of the bosses wasn’t intuitive and caused some confusion.

With this in mind, we've prepared two updates to reduce the overall burden of challenging the Black Shrine. In this first update, we've directly adjusted the difficulty when challenging the bosses. We’ve increased the AP, DP, and max HP effects applied per Energy Point by 20% and adjusted Energy enhancement effects including “Reduce Evasion Cooldown” and “Revive in Black Shrine” by a higher percentage.

We plan on indicating the suggested DP Energy required for challenging each boss in the next update. By showing the DP energy required to challenge each boss, Adventurers will be able to gauge the appropriate difficulty level for themselves.

Also, this indication will allow Adventurers to better check their current status and divert some DP from their CP into Energy if they choose to.


- Increased the stats gained through Energy in the Black Shrine.

Stats Increased Stats
Increase AP 1,000 → 1,200
Increase DP 1,000 → 1,200
Increase Max HP 3,000 → 4,000
Reduce Evasion Cooldown 0.3 sec → 0.4 sec
Recover HP when attacking 0.7% → 0.9%
Revive in Black Shrine HP per Energy 10%/55%/100% → 30%/65%/100%

- Adjusted the weather in the Dokkebi Cave and Songakshi Tomb within the Black Shrine to be brighter.

- The suggested DP Energy indication will be added with the update maintenance on Dec 5 (Tue).


- Improved to instantly teleport to Barhan Gateway if exhausted in the Great Desert.
- Improved to instantly teleport to Duvencrune if exhausted in Everfrost.
- Changed the title “Passionate Scholar” to be acquired upon completion of Tale Collection – “Changui.”
ㆍ If you've already acquired the title, the title will stay acquired.

- Changed certain content with a specific schedule such as the Battlefield of the Sun to be prioritized in alignment on the right of the minimap over other content.
- Added a notification regarding the usage of gear as enhancement materials if it has Memory Imprints and Enchantments.

Error Fixes

- [Eclipse] Fixed an issue where the character couldn't pierce Forward Guard during "Singularity Break" in auto-combat.
- [Eclipse] Fixed an issue where the effects of "Singularity Break" and "Star's Breath" would stack for "Quillion Release."
- [Wizard] Fixed an issue where the character wouldn't proceed with auto-combat temporarily after using "Black Spirit's Rage."
- [Hwaryeong] Fixed an issue where the character wouldn't proceed with auto-combat temporarily after using "Black Spirit's Rage."
- [Archer] Fixed an issue where, at times, damage wouldn't be dealt to multiple enemies upon use of certain skills.
- [Fletcher] Fixed an issue where the range wouldn't increase for "Jackpot" with "Flow: Searing Light" applied.
- [Void Knight] Fixed an issue where Forward Guard would trigger on the 2nd hit for "Cross Slash" with "Flow: Criss-Cross" applied.
- [Hashashin] Fixed an issue where the character's chin would appear awkward while customizing his appearance.

- Fixed an issue where the Mirage and Evonatt Chest icons' placement would appear abnormal on the Great Desert minimap.
- Fixed an issue where the quest objective for "The Harsh Desert 1" from the Desert Exploration Log would be "Defeat Enemy x200" instead of "Defeat Enemy x2,000."
ㆍ If you've already completed the above quest, it will stay as completed.


- Fixed an issue where tapping the button for Adventurer's Guide would navigate you to a different page.
- Fixed an issue where, at times, the multiplier applied for Special Boss Rush would differ.
- Fixed an issue where only some UIs would display for the Preview Gear feature during enhancement.
- Fixed an issue where the "Black Shrine Entry Available" notification would display when you're out of Black Shrine entries.

Early Notice

- After the update maintenance on Dec 19 (Tue), the Item Drop Rate for completion rewards from Calamity 1 to Calamity 4 in the Black Shrine will be changed to be the same as Calamity 5.
ㆍ Before the update maintenance on Dec 19 (Tue), we plan to send you the completion rewards for Calamity 1 based on the number of extra entries and Black Shrine Entry Passes you own.
ㆍ We recommend that you use all your extra entries and Black Shrine Entry Passes before the update maintenance on Dec 19 (Tue).
ㆍ From Dec 18 (Mon), 00:00 to before the update maintenance on Dec 19 (Tue), the sale of [Black Shrine Entry Pass], purchasable with Pearls/Black Pearls from the Pearl Shop, will be temporarily suspended.




Starting Events

Make a Snowman!
· Event Period: After maintenance on Nov 28 (Tue), 2023 - Dec 4 (Mon), 2023, 23:59
Great Desert Exploration
· Event Period: After maintenance on Dec 1 (Fri), 2023 - Dec 11 (Mon), 2023, 23:59
December Monthly Login
· Event Period: After maintenance on Dec 1 (Fri), 2023 - Dec 31 (Sun), 2023, 23:59

Ended Event

· Defeat Erebjork the Dreadwinter Guardian (to Nov 25, 23:59)
· Guild Party Up! (to Nov 26, 23:59)
· Half off on Kayal Nesser's Treasure!
· Make Knowledge Rewards Chests!



Pearl Shop

※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.


New Products

- Special Pack > Special Package
· Clearance! Lucky Shop
※ These items can be purchased until Dec 11 (Mon), 2023, 23:59.


- New Outfits

Outfit Class Price
Kyrill Lotus, Primrose 960 Black Pearls
Kyrill Weapon Lotus 240 Black Pearls


Lotus, Primrose - Kyrill