[3/3] Official BDM Content Creator Partners List for March (Updated)


Greetings, Adventurers!


Black Desert Mobile is proud to introduce the official list of content creators participating in the Content Creator Partners Program this month.


New Adventurers of Black Desert Mobile can support our 50 partners as they showcase a variety of content in Black Desert Mobile!


Found your favorite content creator? Support them and get awesome rewards!


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■ Content Creator Partners of March

No.NameIntroductionChannel URL
1AwakenerHi guys! Awakener here. You’re watching Black Desert
2CasalGPSalve galerinha, sejam todos bem vindos ao canal
3Cronos219See you there in Black Desert Mobile!link
4datkillzmeMerhaba arkadaşlar, kanalima hoşgeldiniz. En güncel Black Desert Mobile videolari ile sizlerleyim!link
5Demone KimYa boy, Demone!link
6DR EsportsHello, hello! What’s up? This is PainDR from DR Esports, and you are watching Black Desert
7ElectraBig Deep Mobile immersion in game
8ElessarrBuenas Buenas
9extrafishzWelcome to the fishy fish tank~!link
10GameHauntMake Gaming Great Againlink
11Gamer Chat BoxWatz Up! Madlang People!link
12Gregg2GYo, what's up? Gregg2G here, playing some Black Desert Mobile!link
13Hashire ChiiWhat is up, kitties?link
14Immortal MBCGGood morning everybody! Welcome to Immortal MBCG. This is me, Marvin, and you're watching Black Desert Mobile!link
15Irie GamingHi, this is Irie Gaming of FB legendiriegaming!link
16Jaren GamingHey guys! What's going on? This is Jaren of Jaren Gaming, and you are watching Black Desert Mobile!link
17JohnuriosTransmito meu conhecimento do jogo de uma forma informal e divertida para a comunidade
18Kalbo Gaming link
19Life of GamersWhat's up, Life of Gamers? It's itchy boy Burning here, and welcome to my stream!link
20LordsofSkullsWelcome, Skullers!link
21MaskScarinHow's it going everyone, MasK here!link
22MG Gaming link
23MissSoloHey, MissSolo here! Come join my adventure in
25MSK GamingДа пребудет с Вами позитивlink
26NaodeeuTodos devemos crescer juntoslink
27noahsadHey everyone, Noah here, and welcome to the Peasant
28Extraordinary FAN link
29Panginoon GamingHey guys, this is Panginoon Gaming, and today I'm going to present to you, BLACK DESERT MOBILE!link
30Pulsar PlaysHello guys, Pulsar here, and welcome to our streamlink
31Raffybott GamingWhat's up guys, this is RaffybottGaming, and you are watching Black Desert Mobile!link
32RubikIt's part of what awaits you in the game. Black Desert Mobile, play right NOW!link
33Sh1n BooHi guys! I'm the shoutcaster Sh1n Boo! And welcome to Black Desert
34ShamwowTVYo! What's up guys, it's your boi Sham!link
35Silent HunterMy name’s Silent Hunter, and welcome to the Order of Stealth
36SweetilyAriel, the Shai (shy) Huntress!link
37TdogWelcome to the Dog House!link
38ChikenThe most ruthless poultry in mobile
39USOC Dodge GamingWhat's up guys?! This is USOC Dodge Gaming, and you are watching Black Desert Mobile. OHHH YESS!!!link
40WhuteverHello Adventurers, see YOU in the game!link
41Wolfy & НитрычНовости, гайды, обзоры и тесты, а также ламповые тематические стримы по праздникам.link
42XanttuStreamWelcome to the Pink Squad!link
43Yololab GamingPearl Abyss of Black Desert Mobile - best developer
44KingFBYo, what's up guys! It's your boy KingFB, and we are now playing Black Desert Mobile!link
45HerefereTVIf you are looking for a gaming on high level, come and enjoy on my
46SimpleGamingLove is the reason why there is
47OmniFlashOmniFlash taking Gaming to the next level!link
48AmyTannOhai There!link