[GM Notes] Do Wielder of Blooming Death, Choryeong

Class Introduction


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Greetings, Adventurer.

The new class Choryeong weaponizes charms bound into her Soul Tome, enveloped with the power of the netherworld, and her Calligraphy Brush to draw powers from the Seocheon flower garden.
The Do wielder of blooming death, Choryeong, will soon arrive in Black Desert Mobile.


“May Sari Flowers Bloom in the Netherworld”


Do Wielder of Blooming Death


Weapons: Soul Tome / Calligraphy Brush

Combat Type: Melee / Mid-range

Choryeong weaponizes charms bound into her Soul Tome and her Calligraphy Brush to draw powers from the Seocheon flower garden.
With the powers of the netherworld, Choryeong can beckon souls from the great beyond with one stroke of her Calligraphy Brush.

She utilizes flowers to strategically block enemy movements.
Furthermore, by calling upon this Seocheon flower garden, Choryeong can unleash a variety of attacks and inflict damage, ensnaring enemies in a state of confusion.
Enemies who have their names written in her Soul Tome are destined for the netherworld and will shake in fear as Woosa's movements seem to seize their very souls and fill them with dread.

Choryeong's Main Skills


First, there is the skill "Bloomburst."

Choryeong unfolds her Soul Tome as Sari flowers bloom.

These flowers will bloom where enemies are located, dealing periodic damage to those nearby,
then finally explode after a set time.

Mark of the Moon

Next is "Mark of the Moon."
Using this skill sees Choryeong descend, then absorb her Soul Tome to attack targets nearby.

Her last attack plants Sari flowers in her foes that explode after a set time,
enabling her to effectively attack her enemies with the Sari Flower effect.


Absolute: Butterfly Step

The third skill is "Absolute: Butterfly Step."
Choryeong appears to ride the clouds in this movement skill that ignores collision detection.
You can also cancel other skills to combo into this one.


Sari Flower

Last is her passive "Sari Flower."
This skill is the very foundation of Choryeong's skills.

Each time she uses a skill, she gathers Do Energy.
Once full of Do Energy, her following skill will consume the accumulated Do Energy to make Sari flowers bloom near her current target.
Summoned Sari flowers will remain in bloom for a certain period of time, then explode after detecting a threat nearby to cleanse its surroundings.

When more Sari flowers are summoned,
Choryeong will see increased combat prowess and gain
increased PvP and skill damage, as well as reduced damage taken.

Do Wielder of Blooming Death, Choryeong

She will arrive with the Sep 26 (Tue) update!
We look forward to your support and interest.

Thank you.