Official Season Guide



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Official Season Guide

Black Desert Mobile Official Season Character
We would like to provide all the details here, as it is the first season character for our Adventurers.

If you have any questions, please refer to the details below to more easily progress your season character.

- Season Character Introduction
- Season Character Tips
- Season Completion

Season Character Introduction








Season Character Tips

You may face difficulties in understanding certain aspects as you adventure along the Season Pass with a season character,
and may have questions on what may be the most optimal way, so we've gathered some tips that you may find helpful.









If you are having trouble increasing CP even after enhancing Gear,
go for Knowledge that you can acquire from Boss Rushes, Constellations, and more!


In Black Desert Mobile, you can not only get CP from equipping Gear,
but you can increase a lot of CP from Knowledge.








Season Completion

We're providing the details on how to complete the season, how to make use of the completion rewards,
where to utilize the new items,
and how to continue your adventure.











We hope this to be an enjoyable adventure with the season character for Adventurers setting off on an adventure for the first time, Adventurers who are returning,
and for Adventurers continuing their adventure!

Thank you.