[Guide] All About Season Characters
GUIDES 2023.08.29

[Guide] All About Season Characters

The first season character is here in Black Desert Mobile.
We would like to provide all the details here, as it is the first season character for our Adventurers.


If you have any questions, please refer to the details below to more easily progress your season character.

- Season Character Introduction
- Season Pass
- Tuvala Gear
- Season Character Tips
- Season Completion

Season Character Introduction

A season character is a character you can create only during the season in Black Desert Mobile.
You can create a season character after maintenance on Aug 29 (Tue) and until maintenance on Sep 19 (Tue).

You can proceed with the Season Pass, unlike non-season characters.
Each time you complete a quest that is part of the Season Pass, you can obtain a variety of rewards that'll help you progress quickly.


Not sure whether you should select a non-season character or a season character?


Season characters can progress 5 times more quickly than non-season characters.
You can even increase your Knowledge level, which is required to increase CP and is essential in Black Desert Mobile, much more quickly!


Also, season characters equip "Tuvala" Gear.
You will also progress more easily as Awakened Enhancement, Awakening, and restoring enhancement level are all easier!


And there are a variety of rewards awaiting our Adventurers upon completion of all Season Pass quests!


Current Adventurers can also obtain rewards that are helpful as well!
So why not use this opportunity to begin your adventure with a season character?


If you are an Adventurer on your first adventure in Black Desert Mobile,
you'll see a window with info on season characters from which you can create a season character once you select a server.


Tapping the "Season Character" button will take you to the screen from which you can create a season character.
You can select a class of your preference as a season character.

Adventurers who are on an Adventure or Adventurers who have briefly left an adventure previously in Black Desert Mobile
can tap the [Create Character] button displayed in orange on the most bottom part of the character list window.
A season icon will display for a season character on the right.

If you want to check whether or not a character is a season character, check the icon to the right of the class icon from the list of characters.
The icon will only display for your season character.

Season Pass

The Season Pass is basically a series of quests that only a season character can complete.


Not only can you obtain rewards, but a variety of quests are included in order of main quests or based on the CP for each region so that our Adventurers can adapt better to Black Desert Mobile.
and understand each content more easily.

You can check the Season Pass by tapping the icon to the right of the minimap or the upper part of the quest widget on the right of the screen.
You can get Main Quest Express Passes that helps you speed through the earlier main quests, Tuvala Gear,
materials required for Awakened Enhancement/Awakening, Boss Stamps to level Knowledge, Trials of Ator: Ancient Entry Passes,
and a Character Class Change Coupon for Adventurers who want to try out different classes!


Your inventory will be full of these rewards as you complete the Season Pass without much difficulty,
and your CP will gradually increase.


The Season Pass is available for purchase until Sep 17 (Sun), 23:59 and will end after maintenance on Sep 19 (Tue).
All season-exclusive items that are not claimed or used will be deleted before maintenance on Sep 19 (Tue),
so be sure to complete all quests and collect rewards before then!

Tuvala Gear

Tuvala Gear includes Tuvala Weapon/Armor, Accessories, Relics, Totem, and an Alchemy Stone.
Unlike with non-season Gear, where you have to enhance multiple times through a variety of grades,
you can more easily and simply proceed with enhancement and Awakened Enhancement.


Crystals, Enchantments, Awakening (only available for Alchemy Stone), Memory Imprints, and Glyphs are not available as Tuvala Gear.
However, they give you more CP when equipped.
Tuvala Gear are very important items for Adventurers progressing their season character,
as all Tuvala Gear must undergo enhancement/Awakened Enhancement to the max level.


We recommend that you attempt enhancement with Tuvala Weapon/Armor, Accessories, Relics, Totem, Alchemy Stone all equally
instead of focusing enhancement only on one type of Gear.

Tuvala Weapon/Armor

- There's one type of Tuvala Weapon and Armor per piece, and you can proceed with Awakenened Enhancement up to +20.
ㆍ Successful Awakened Enhancement is guaranteed up to +10, and for enhancement levels above that, you can succeed at a certain Success Rate.
ㆍ Enchantments, Crystals, and Memory Imprints are not available.

- You can attempt Awakened Enhancement using "Tuvala Black Crystals" for Tuvala Weapon and Armor from Black Spirit Lv 60.
ㆍ You can obtain Tuvala Black Crystals as Season Pass rewards, by defeating monsters in zones after Valencia and in Resonating Beach.
- You can use Advice of Valks 10%/50% to increase the Success Rate for Awakened Enhancement.

- You can use Restoration Scrolls to attempt to restore the enhancement level at a set rate upon a failed Awakened Enhancement.
- You are guaranteed a successful Awakened Enhancement if you use Pristine Tuvala Black Crystals.
- Gear Resonance effects apply for Tuvala Gear based on the Awakened Enhancement level for each piece.


Tuvala Accessories


- There is one Tuvala Accessory for each part, and they can be enhanced up to +10.
- You can use the same Tuvala Accessory for each piece as the material to attempt enhancement.
ㆍ You can obtain Tuvala Accessories as Season Pass rewards, and by defeating monsters in zones after Valencia and in Resonating Beach.

- You are guaranteed to restore an enhancement level with Restoration Scrolls or Silver upon a failed enhancement with Tuvala Accessories.
- Accessory Grade Resonance effects apply for Tuvala Accessories based on the enhancement level of each piece.
- Enchantments, Crystals, Awakening, and Memory Imprints are not available.

Tuvala Relics


- There are a total of four types of Tuvala Relics, one for each branch, and they can be enhanced up to +10.
- You can use the Tuvala Relic of the same branch as the material to attempt enhancement.
ㆍ You can obtain Tuvala Relics as Season Pass rewards, and by defeating monsters in zones after Valencia and in Resonating Beach.

- You are guaranteed to restore the enhancement level with Restoration Scrolls or Silver upon failed enhancement with Tuvala Relics.
- Awakening and Glyphs are not available for Tuvala Relics.

Tuvala Totem

- There is only one type of Tuvala Totem, and it can be enhanced up to +10.
- A Tuvala Totem can be enhanced with a Tuvala Totem or Crystallized Tuvala Totem as the material.
- You can obtain Tuvala Totems and Crystallized Tuvala Totems as Season Pass rewards, and by defeating monsters in zones after Valencia and in Resonating Beach.


- The enhancement level drops upon failed enhancement with Tuvala Totems, and it cannot be restored.
- The Accessory enhancement level increase effects apply for Tuvala Totems based on the enhancement level.
- Awakening is not available for Tuvala Totems.


Tuvala Alchemy Stone

- There is only one type of Tuvala Alchemy Stone: Tuvala Lucky Stone.

- You can amplify it up to +30 at the Alchemy Lab in Camp and then awaken it. Once awakened, it can be enhanced up to +10.
- You can attempt enhancement with a Tuvala Lucky Stone and Caphras Dust.
ㆍ You can obtain a Tuvala Lucky Stone as a Season Pass reward, and by defeating monsters in zones after Valencia and in Resonating Beach.

A season character can enter "Resonating Beach" using Tuvala Scrolls for a certain time
through the Chaos Rift Watcher at the Resonating Beach Entrance in North Calpheon.


It is an essential zone for Adventurers on an adventure with their season character,
as it is another Chaos Rift from which you can obtain various types of items required to enhance Tuvala Gear from defeating monsters.

You can either obtain Tuvala Scrolls required for entry as a Season Pass reward,
or purchase up to 2 per day from the Chaos Rift Watcher at the Resonating Beach Entrance.


Although there is a purchase limit, there is no limit to how many Tuvala Scrolls you can use.


We recommend getting as many items required for enhancement as possible by entering the "Tuvala Rift" to complete the season!


Season Character Tips

You may face difficulties in understanding certain aspects as you adventure along the Season Pass with a season character,
and may have questions on what may be the most optimal way, so we've gathered some tips that you may find helpful.

- If all of your Tuvala Weapons/Armor are at max level for Awakened Enhancement, but you still need to enhance your Totem, Relics, and other Tuvala Gear,
you can use Tuvala Black Crystals as material for crafting Tuvala Relics, Accessories, and more via [Menu - Craft - Materials - Craft Material - Tuvala].


Main Quest Express Passes allow you to adventure through only the important parts of Main Quests and speed through the rest.
There are Main Quest Express Passes from Balenos, where you begin your adventure, to regions before Valencia.
You can obtain Main Quest Express Passes you can use for the following region as you progress through the Season Pass.

There are two requirements for using Main Quest Express Passes.
First, you must meet the CP requirement stated in the item description of each item to use it.
Second, you must complete up to a certain quest even if you've reached the CP requirement with a preceding quest.

You may find items in your inventory not available for immediate use as you adventure with your season character.
From Gear items to various Crystals that you cannot immediately equip, you may find yourself not knowing what to do with all these items.


The Gear you get from completing the Main Quests can be added to the Collection or fed to the Black Spirit as Dark Energy!
Different types of Crystals can also be registered to the Collection, and by fusing them, you can get higher-grade Crystals.

Holy Vials of Light are required to stay in Hadum's Realm, unlike Elion's Realm.
Enemies respawn more quickly and the rewards you can loot are different.
Notable rewards include Chaos Crystals required to enhance the Rift Stone, and EXP Scrolls that grant you EXP required for fast leveling.


Check whether you're in Hadum's Realm when you're defeating monsters after completing the Hadum's Realm quest.
There are tiers 1, 2, and 3 for Blessing of Light. You can acquire more EXP from tier 3, but at a greater Holy Vial of Light cost.
We recommend that you set the tier for Blessing of Light based on the amount of Holy Vials of Light you have.

Some content such as Path of Glory and Constellation, among others, require more characters within the Family.
We're giving out a Lv 60 Character Generator Coupon from completing the season so that our Adventurers can more easily participate in Family content.

You may not be able to create more characters because you don't have enough character slots.
You can use the Black Pearls obtained from the Season Pass to add more character slots.
You'll be able to use the "Lv 60 Character Generator Coupon" once you expand character slots.

You'll obtain Blazing Chaos Crystals from the Season Pass you progress once you enter Hadum's Realm.
You can use this item to enhance the Rift Stone up to Lv 150. This item will guarantee increasing your Rift Stone level.

You can level up the Rift Stone by increasing the Success Rate with Chaos Crystals as well,
but we recommend that you use the Blazing Chaos Crystals for enhancing the Rift Stone up to Lv 150 as you can get them from the Season Pass.

If you are having trouble increasing CP even after enhancing Gear,
go for Knowledge that you can acquire from Boss Rushes, Constellations, and more!


In Black Desert Mobile, you can not only get CP from equipping Gear,
but you can increase a lot of CP from Knowledge.


A lot of the Boss Knowledge comes from Boss Rush bosses.
You can exchange Boss Stamps for Boss Rush Passes for entry to the Boss Rushes.
You can progress quickly as you'll gain 5 times the Knowledge EXP when the Knowledge level for each boss is Lv 100 or below.


Main rewards from completing the Boss Rushes include Lightstone Fragments and Ancient Gold Coins.
You can craft Holy Vials of Light required for entry to Hadum's Realm with Lightstone Fragments.


Ancient Gold Coins can be used at Shakatu's Shop.
You cannot use the Gear obtained from Shakatu's Shop,
but if you feed them to the Black Spirit as Dark Energy, the Black Spirit level will go up, which will increase your CP additionally.


Also, you can use Ancient Tablets for entry to the Ancient Ruins which will level the Kabuamilles Knowledge upon completion.
You can gain CP as your Gates of Atovator Knowledge level increases upon completion of Trials of Ator: Ancient.


Challenge the Constellation content that you can do with other characters within your Family!
Your CP will increase every time your Constellation Knowledge level increases.


Major rewards you can get from completing Constellations include Black Spirit Runes and Faded Star Pieces.
Fusing Runes into higher-grade Black Spirit Runes and equipping them will increase your CP.
You can purchase Faded Star Pieces from vendors for a large amounts of Silver.

Regular Knowledge

If you've discovered question mark icons throughout your adventure, be sure to check them out!
The question mark icon indicates Knowledge that has not yet been acquired.
Interacting with an NPC or object with the question mark icon will grant you the Knowledge, increasing your CP.

These question mark icons are displayed even on the list of NPCs in the region your character is at.
We strongly recommend that you try interacting with the NPCs with the question mark icon, if you've entered a new town or region.


The question mark icon appears on top of monsters' heads during combat.
You can acquire the Knowledge and stats from the relevant monsters if you repeatedly defeat them.


You may get to Hadum Boss Rush after completing the Elion Boss Rushes to increase CP.
Hadum Boss Rush for each boss will unlock once you complete Lv 99 Elion Boss Rush for the relevant boss.


You may think it time consuming to complete up to Lv 99.
You can skip over 5 levels at a time in Elion Boss Rushes.
We recommend using Black Pearls to exchange the Boss Stamps for bosses of your choice to complete up to Lv 99 more quickly.


If the Combat Plus item is active, you can challenge the next level even if you proceed with auto Boss Rush,
and you can complete Boss Rushes more quickly as you'll skip to the boss.
However, multipliers will increase by x10, so we recommend checking Min Multiplier before proceeding.


Also, if Combat Plus is active when progressing Hadum Boss Rushes later,
entry multipliers will increase by 10 times, allowing you to complete them more quickly.
Less time will be required for Boss Rushes, and you can use more time in adventuring.


Last, we recommend that you exchange all Boss Stamps when you have the most bosses unlocked for Hadum Boss Rush.
More EXP is required for higher Boss Rush Knowledge levels. When you don't have many bosses available for Hadum Boss Rush,
exchanging all Boss Stamps at once will eventually lead to the latter bosses having a relatively lower Knowledge level, resulting in a net decrease in CP.

Since season characters can only equip Tuvala Gear, there may be items obtained through progressing your character that you cannot equip or use.
Add them to the Collection before you feed them to the Black Spirit as Dark Energy!
When you register items to the Collection, you can obtain a variety of items
as well as permanent stats that increase your CP from completing each Collection.

There are many Adventurers in Black Desert Mobile.
Please ask any questions you have during your adventure on the Official Forum.
Friendly Adventurers and our GMs and CMs will answer all your questions!

Go to Forums

Season Completion

If you've completed all Season Pass quests
and have used enhancement/Awakened Enhancement to reach max level with all of your Tuvala Gear,
you're all set to complete the season!


Tapping the "Complete" button from the last page of the Season Pass will take you to the screen from which you can complete the season.
If you tap the Season Completion button on the bottom after entering your Family name,
all Tuvala Gear will be unequipped, and you'll obtain the season completion rewards.

Perilla's Star

"Perilla's Star" cannot be obtained in any other way than completing the season. It is a special item rewarded to Adventurers who complete the season.
This item can be equipped on the Outfit Decoration slot and increases your CP right when you equip it. Don't hesitate to do so right away.


Please carefully consider what to equip on the Outfit Decoration slot since you'll need Pearls or Black Pearls to extract it!

Dear Adventurers who've completed the season, do not be surprised if you see a decrease in your CP!

Once you equip all the items you received as season completion rewards
and proceed with Enchantments and equipping Crystals with the items you received, your CP will increase.

If you're having trouble with equipping a season completion item or how to go about using it,
check out the details below.

Full +6 Awakened Chaos Gear Set

You can immediately equip the +6 Chaos Gear once you receive it. It will already be Awakened.
Unlike Tuvala Gear, Enchantments and Memory Imprints are available, and you can equip Crystals.

Equipping 3 Dimensional Crystals, obtained from opening all Dimensional Crystal Chests given as season completion rewards,
on each piece will significantly increase your CP.


You can add 2 Enchantments to each Gear piece. You can use Magical Residue, Dimensional Fragments, and Silver
to Enchant to 20 to additionally increase your CP.
We recommend that you continue with Enchantments through adventures after season completion, as you can Enchant up to 100 each.

Full +4 Chaos Accessory Set

You can immediately equip +4 Chaos Accessories.
However, the Accessories given will not be Awakened,
so you must Awaken them with Chaos Jewels you obtain throughout your adventure.

Crystals and Awakened Enchantment are available after they're Awakened, just like Chaos Gear.


If you have a Mystical-grade Emblem equipped and have just completed the season, you can switch it out for an Abyssal-grade Emblem.
Later, you can transfer the enhancement stats of the Emblem your character had equipped during the season from the [Emblem - Transfer] menu.
Please note that you cannot transfer the enhancement stats if you've already enhanced the Abyssal-grade Emblem.


If you have an Abyssal, Primal, or Chaos Emblem instead of a Mystical Emblem,
you can feed the Abyssal Emblem obtained as a season completion reward to the Black Spirit as Dark Energy,
then use all the Badges of Glory obtained to enhance the Emblem currently equipped.


Adventurers who've completed the season can first equip the +10 Primal Rift Totem.
Then, you can combine the +6 Savior Rift Totem, +6 Unity Rift Totem, and +6 Wrathful Rift Totem from [Black Spirit's Influence - Equip Totem].

You don't need to craft more Primal-grade Totems since only Abyssal-grade Totems can be equipped on the Primal Rift Totem.


You may be a bit confused about why you get 4 different Relics after season completion since you only equipped 2 Relics during the season.
We're giving out all types of Relics so that you can select the Relics you want to equip.
We recommend that you equip the remaining 2 Relics to other characters in your Family.


Glyphs were not available for Tuvala Relics.
Inscribing Mystical Glyphs from the Relic Altar to the Relics you have equipped will greatly increase your CP.


You can switch out the Glyphs later, but please note that the previously equipped Glyphs will be deleted if you do.

Alchemy Stone

We're giving out Lucky Stones and Enhanced Stones for Alchemy Stones, but you can only equip one as there is only one Alchemy Stone slot.
Enhanced Stones are useful in fighting against powerful enemies, as they greatly increase your CP,
and Lucky Stones give you stats that helps you discover Spoils of Battle more quickly and more often.


You will be able to craft a Chaos Alchemy Stone as you continue your adventure after season completion.
Once you craft one, you'll be able to equip multiple Alchemy Stones at once with different effects, kind of like how the Totems work.
Please note that you'll be able to use all Lucky Stones and Enhanced Stones later.

We hope this to be an enjoyable adventure with the season character for Adventurers setting off on an adventure for the first time, Adventurers who are returning,
and for Adventurers continuing their adventure!


Thank you