[CM Note] The Doors to Land of the Morning Light Will Open

Land of the Morning Light
A New Door Will Open

A never-before-seen new continent awaits our Adventurers
when they reach the Juur Sea, beyond the Margoria Sea.

You'll find yourself in awe of everything on this land
from the different vistas to the people you meet,
you will first discover a map left behind by a stranger named Seungsan.

Brave traveler who discovered this map, it seems you are
preparing to set off for the new realm, the "Land of the Morning Light."

Despite its enchanting beauty,
a pall of bleak, dismal energy hangs over this land.


"In my quest to complete this map, I’ve wandered,
watching and listening to every corner of this country,
and I shall gift you with a log of my experiences.
I hope this will aid you in your own endeavors.

<Land of the Morning Light Territories>

[Dalbeol Village]

This is a transportation hub that leads to the capital, and the central trading hub where traders
with all kinds of goods from across the Donghae Province converge.


As such, it is always bustling with people in need of something,
and the development of the lodging industry was spurred by the prolonged stays of travelers and merchants due to the threat of Sangoon.
They say that the third daughter of the Honorable Choi, the richest man around, is quite the beauty.


Nampo is the new name given to Port Ratt after undergoing extensive expansion.

It’s a lively port where boats from all over the world come and go,
carrying a great diversity of goods and people.
Waves lap its serene beach, and it has one of the largest shipyards in the Land of the Morning Light.

[Byeot County]

Byeot County is widely recognized for its expansive, arable farmland.
Ox carts transporting grains are a common sight, and it boasts a substantial population of farmers.

These farmers come from diverse backgrounds, and each have their own stories.
Young women gather at the nearby river to do laundry.


The rice harvested in Byeot County is renowned for its excellent quality. It’s the best in
the Land of the Morning Light.
This is largely attributed to the efforts of Miss Myo, who shares her extensive knowledge of weather and farming practices with the people of Byeot County.

[Shimnidae Forest]

Shimnidae Forest is a place where people burdened by injustice
lay down stone towers and shout their bitterness into the winds.

You can find bulletins throughout the forest where studious seonbis
have anonymously written things they cannot dare say out loud.

Currently, there are rumors that the Bamboo Legion has come to slaughter
those who speak of their resentment,
so the number of people who visit the forest has lessened significantly.

[Beombawi Valley]

Beombawi Valley of Taebaek is a majestic locale
cloaked with the vibrant hues of the changing seasons.

However, the path leading to the tiger rock is being controlled by the Tigerslayers
due to its perilous nature.
It is also said that the Changui, spirits who met their demise at the hands of tigers, roam the upper regions of Beombawi.

[Bari Forest]

A gloomy and desolate forest.
There is a rumor circulating that anyone who visits Bari Forest
becomes a lifeless corpse upon their return.
As a result, people passing through the area make sure to visit the Sacred Dangsan Tree, protected and worshipped by the Birigondeok couple, to seek good fortune and protection.

[Shimhyangje Giwa House]

The serene, spacious traditional Korean hanok of the Giwa House
is built entirely in the antique architectural style of the Land of the Morning Light.

It is an excellent space with a scenic view where wonderful memories can be created,
as it will be open for travelers from beyond the continent.

<Bosses of the Morning Light>


[Mudang Wraith]

Bari received the unconditional love of the kind Birigongdeok couple.
This pure girl, who would not dare hurt a thing, suddenly vanished and returned as a Mudang Wraith.




Gumiho, the fox with many tails.
She possesses a mysterious Fox Orb.


She appears in various forms, and is currently in search of her
Fox Orb, which somehow disappeared...




The Songakshi, who claims to have committed no sin other than being madly in love, wanders every day in search of her beloved fiance.

Any man who ever looks into her eyes will be cursed with Gakshi Fever.



[Golden Pig King]

The Golden Pigs, who are said to mine daily for gold,
and their enforcer, the Golden Pig King, known as the Executioner.


It seems that the poor have established an inexplicable relationship with the Golden Pigs, working together in mining operations.
Rumors have it that they are actually being blackmailed by the Golden Pigs.


Characters You'll Meet


Yeonhwa is the one who invites you to this new land, the Land of the Morning Light.
She introduces you to Dolswe to ensure a smooth adventure throughout the unfamilar region.
Soon after, she departs, saying she's going to get medicine for her younger sibling.


Dolswe is a seasoned porter introduced to you by Yeonhwa, and will accompany you on your journey through the Land of the Morning Light.
He was born in Hanji County, and has been a long-time servant in the capital,
and speaks with a warm and approachable demeanor.

However, upon visiting his hometown, you'll find that nobody seems to recognize him.

[Yeongam of the East]

During your adventure in the Land of the Morning Light,
you will encounter Lee Duksoo, entangled in an unfortunate turn of events.

He is known as the warden of Donghae Province and the Yeongam of the East,
possessing exceptional knowledge and administrative skills.
However, as he is born of a servant mother, he could only enter the government through the military exam.

Thanks to his ambition and obsession with his success,
his performance as the Warden of Donghae Province is highly regarded.

[Old Birigongdeok Couple]

An elderly couple with kind hearts who lend
a sympathetic ear to the concerns of the villagers.

They hold a secret wish close to their hearts, one that they cannot confide in others—the fact that they have no children.
As Old Lady Birigongdeok can see spirits, she always has a sad look on her face.

[Dohoon the Physiognomist]

Dohoon, the infamous physiognomist who always carries a bottle of alcohol,
claiming that he cannot read people's faces while sober.

While he may frequently discuss his love for alcohol,
the villagers attest to his exceptional skills as a physiognomist.


Sungyeom is a jeweler based in Nampo who has an intriguing background. She was once the most celebrated entertainer in Donghae Province, captivating audiences far and wide.
Given her previous employment with the government, Sungyeom might have some fascinating stories to share, ones she may have overheard during her time there.
If you ever lock eyes with her by accident as you look around at the Nampo marketplace, her charm may mesmerize you.

[Miss Myo]

She has many skills including ones related to agriculture and mountains,
and her intelligence may soon lead her to hold an official government position.

She built a lot of trust from her frequent visits to and from the Dragon Palace,
but still finds herself in prison for some reason.
Miss Myo is released after some time, but then is exiled.

[Mister Turt]

Mister Turt is considered to be the chief of Angler's Point.
People started calling him Mister Turt because "talking so slow makes him seem turtally wise."

However, he tells many visitors the information they must know,
and sometimes tells them stories of the Dragon Palace.
From the way he slowly turtles, he seems to have a lot on his mind.


Brave traveler who has eagerly awaited the opening of the gates of Nampo Harbor,
though I have many untold stories, I hope you arrive safely in the Land of the Morning Light,
and lend an ear to our tales, filled with beauty and the essence of life.

May your journey in the Land of the Morning Light be filled with excitement and continuous discovery. With that, I shall conclude my writing for now.

Thank You.