[GM Note] New Class: Wizard

Class Introduction

Greetings, Adventurers.

This is CM Roccio!

The newest class Wizard, with his Rod and Knife, casts powerful magic attacks against his foes.

Having reached incredible heights due to his endless thirst for knowledge, he will soon arrive in Black Desert Mobile.

“He is the one who has once again transcended his limitations.”


Magic, I Call Upon Thy Omnipotence!


Main and Sub-weapon: Rod, Knife

Combat Style: Ranged

Wizard wields his Rod and Knife to cast deadly magic upon his foes.

Wizard magnifies the flow of the primal elements, having reached incredible heights due to an endless thirst for knowledge. Possessing explosive magic skills and the ability to quickly escape from hairy situations, he proves his true strength in large-scale battles. 

Wizard Main Skills

Lightning Storm

The first main skill is Lightning Storm. Wizard utilizes his arcane power and summons lightning from above to strike down his enemies within a certain range. Lightning strikes around the target, and with enough MP, he can continuously perform more attacks.

Mana Echo

[Use this skill after Lightning Storm]

The next skill is Mana Echo, where he utilizes the ability of a savant. With this skill, he can reuse the last skill he casted. Wizard stands out with this skill as he can use the same skill over again which he can make strategic use of in certain situations.



[Use Mana Echo after this skill]

The third skill is Teleportation. By using his arcane power, Wizard can instantly teleport and bypass enemies in front of him over a certain distance. He can also perform an additional move with enough MP, so he can teleport up to 4 times when it is chained with Mana Echo.

Elemental Flow

The last skill is his passive, Elemental Flow. Wizard uses the flow of the elements to gather more mana. He can gain Elemental Flow stacks by using normal skills. These stacks will be spent upon using Mana Echo, empowering the reused skill and his defensive stats, all while recovering MP. Elemental Flow can stack up to 5 times and its effects will increase based on the stacks spent.

Wizard, the prophet who’s once again transcended his limits.

He will join your adventure in Black Desert Mobile on the August 8th scheduled update,
so we ask for your interest and support, Adventurers.

Thank you.