[GM Note] The Mighty Warrior That Protects Everfrost, Guardian

Class Introduction

Greetings, Adventurers.

This is the Black Desert Mobile Service Team.


Guardian – the newest class who takes on the role of an executioner, and makes her enemies face the unwavering judgment of her Battle Axe.

The mighty protector of Everfrost, the Mountain of Eternal Winter, will soon arrive in Black Desert Mobile.

“It’s my duty to become the protector of Everfrost.”


The Mighty Warrior Who Protects Everfrost


End this eternal winter.

Omua’s black blood burned away the snowy-white flesh,

and painted a path from the Mountain of Eternal Winter to where the dragon’s fang lay.

To show the descendants of the parasite who stole the Holy Flame,

that the dragon’s curse has not yet ended.

End this eternal winter.

Omua’s black blood melting away the bones they inherited from the parasite

reflects the pain she felt when the gods ripped apart her wings and severed all four legs.

To show them that the Holy Flame must be returned,

lest the glory of the Golden Mountain be buried beneath the eternal winter.

End this eternal winter.

Omua’s black blood consumed the blood seeping out in silence

blatantly screaming out of rage upon the creature’s broken covenant.

To return life to Omua, who was slain by the gods,

and to make a pact with the Black Spirit that possessed her, for power to reclaim the Holy Flame.

End this eternal winter.

When I first hatched from the egg and saw the winter scenery,

I took the warm, thin ice that encircled me and froze these fragments of memory

by engraving Omua’s blood on my body.

This ensures I remember, even though I’ll struggle through the void the moment the pact is made.

End this eternal winter.

Alas, Omua’s black blood blossomed into blood-red flowers upon my body,

and now we shall set forth beyond the Golden Mountain.

I trust my body in its possession of great power, as I fulfill the pact with the Black Spirit.

I shall reclaim the Holy Flame Ynix, that can even consume the gods, and condemn all gods of this world.

End this eternal winter.

In the midst of a moonless night on Zvier Highlands,

a young Demibeast looked upon the Mountain of Eternal Winter and whispered,

“Oh, to the gods... hide your tracks...

Guardian, the owner of the Holy Flame, covered in the ancient dragon’s blood,

has opened her eyes to her purpose.”



With her giant Battle Axe and Battle Shield, Guardian charges towards enemies with her powerful physique, striking them at once without mercy.

She charges towards her foes, grabbing them by the neck and delivering the final blow using her Battle Axe.

Guardian utilizes her Shield and aims for the perfect attack opportunity. Her battle tactics are like that of a giant and powerful, yet agile beast.

The first is Bonechill Strike, where she strikes with her Battle axe.

Guardian focuses the power into her Battle axe and slams the ground

to send powerful shockwaves toward the enemy in a wide area.

The next one is Hellfrost.

Using the Battle Axe, Guardian draws power from the earth and unleashes it around her.

The attack range is wide and she is granted an additional attack when holding the skill button with “Flow: Ground and Pound” which is effective in defeating groups of monsters.

She can also consume MP to gain Invincibility during the skill and deal even more damage.

The next skill is Shield Blitz

Guardian raises her shield and charges forward, pushing back everything that stands in her way.

After charging forward, she gradually accelerates, and when another skill is used while charging forward,

she will stop her movement immediately and perform an attack.

The last is her passive skill, Call of the Dragon.

The dragon’s blood coursing through Guardian’s veins grants her explosive strength and regeneration.

Call of the Dragon effects are applied when she uses all her skills. Certain skills also give her an HP regeneration effect.

This passive also bestows increased Crit Chance, Crit Damage, and allows her to gain Tundra’s Fury.

This effect can also stack up to 5 times, and she unleashes powerful aftershocks upon receiving 5 stacks of Tundra’s Fury.

The newest class, Guardian will unleash simple yet formidable power that will shatter her enemies’ defense!

She will come to Black Desert Mobile on the June 27(Tue) update.

We look forward to your interest and support!

Thank you.