[Community Event] Happy Birthday Enraged Red Nose!
EVENTS 2023.05.26

[Community Event] Happy Birthday Enraged Red Nose!


Greetings, Adventurers!  


May 28th is the birthday of our one and only, Enraged Red Nose, yay! 
To congratulate Enraged Red Nose’s birthday, we have prepared two community events where you take and share an in-game selfie with Enraged Red Nose, or send him a message on social media, wishing him happy birthday! 
To participate, take an in-game screenshot of you and Enraged Red Nose and share it in our official forum, or leave a heartful comment congratulating Enraged Red Nose in the relevant event posting on official Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account. 

📢 Event Period 

Until June 1 (Thu), 23:59 (UTC-8) 


🎁 Event #1 ‘Share a Selfie’ Rewards: All Participants 




Boss Stamps x 3,000

🎁 Event #2 ‘Social Media Comment’ Rewards: 30x Random Selection; 10x per each Social Media Platform  




Mysterious Acorn Lv.0 x 50


📢 How to Participate 

[1] Event #1: ‘Share a Selfie Official Forum 

1. Log in to our official website and go to Forum > Community > Gallery 

2. Tap [New Topic], and use Happy Birthday Enraged Red Nose! 

3. Attach an in-game screenshot of both your class with Enraged Red Nose shown. 
4-1. The Server and Family Name must be included in the post. 

4-2. You must upload a screenshot in which your Family name is shown. 

5. Tap “Post” and make sure that you have submitted your entry! 

6. Please read the event rules below: 

[2] Event #2: Social Media Platforms

1. Find the appropriate event posting on our official Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account. 

2. Write a heartful message in the comment section wishing Enraged Red Nose happy birthday. 

3. Include your Family name and Server name in the comment.
Ex) Another year older Enraged Red Nose! Time sure flies by, but the good news is that you are the pilot! Another year, another adventure! Family Name: [CM] Akash Server Name: America

4. Please read the event rules below: 


Any work that is not originally created will not be considered (ex. stealing work created by others will result in automatic disqualification).


📢 Additional Rules 

- Participation is limited to only 1 per individual for each event. 

- If you submit multiple entries, only the last entry will count. 

- Any inappropriate screenshots will not be considered. 
- Comments that do not follow the rules may be deleted without prior notice. 

- Comments that include inappropriate content or are deemed offensive to race, religion, gender, etc will be excluded from the event and may be restricted from game access. 

- You will be disqualified from the event if you violate our [Operations Policy] at the time you are selected. 

- Moving or deleting the initial post after the Event period has ended will cause it to be exempt from the final results. 

- If the submitted Family Name is inaccurate or is altered before the results are announced, reward delivery may not be possible. 

- By participating in the event, you agree that the screenshot can be used on the official Black Desert Mobile website, Facebook, YouTube, and other social media outlets and for marketing and PR purposes. 

- The event period and conditions are subject to change. 


Thank you.