Black Desert Mobile Content Creator Partner Program (Pilot) - Registration is now CLOSED


Pearl Abyss is looking for partners with whom we can look forward to building our community together in a mutually beneficial relationship. We have decided to try out this particular program, which will be debuting on Black Desert Mobile’s global service. We will start out as a pilot program and may evolve into a fully-fledged program depending on performance and popularity. 

※ Please understand that the specifications and/or details are subject to change as this is a pilot program. Any changes will be added to this announcement.



The Black Desert Mobile Content Creator Partner Program(Pilot) is a program where our partners will be able to earn revenue during the duration of the program. New Adventurers(or otherwise “players” of BDM) that create an account during the Event period may choose to support a partner of choice by entering their desired partner’s code in the Event tab. After doing so, a portion (may vary depending on the internal revenue policies, with a maximum of 5%) of paid content that new Adventurers spend towards BDM will be given as revenue to their supported partner.


Please note that only new Adventurers that join during the Event period will be able to support partners, and current Adventurers will not be eligible to participate in this program. This is because we wish to find partners to grow together with, during this “Pilot Program” phase and we believed that having new Adventurers be the focus of the program better matched our vision. However, we may include current Adventurers as well should we decide to expand this program further down the line. 


New Adventurers can access the “Event” tab in-game and enter the personal partner code of whichever partner they wish to support. After initially entering the code, Adventurers may change their desired Partner code one(1) time per account. Once a new Partner code has been entered, the new Partner will be the recipient for any future revenue. 


As this is a “Pilot Program”, we ask that you understand that the program is planned to run for only a limited time and various issues may occur during the program. The following is a list of issues that may occur. 

- The selection process may be extended if there is a larger number of applicants than was initially expected.
- The number of selected partners may change due to various reasons. Please understand that not everyone may become a partner in this case.
- Payments for Partners may be slightly delayed due to various issues with payment processing systems or due to high volume. Any delays in payment shall be rectified within one(1) month.

※ Please note that registration will close at (UTC-8) 23:59 February 23, 2020. (Updated 00:50 02/18)

Anyone that meets the following criteria may register for the program.


[Common Criteria]
- Must have at least 1,000 followers on any major social platform (number may vary slightly depending on platform)
- Must agree to our Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), complete the Partner Agreement, and abide by our Code of Conduct
- Capable of receiving payment in a form provided by Pearl Abyss
- Capable of providing personal information for verification purposes
※ Major social platforms include but are not limited to: Youtube, Twitch, Mixer, Facebook, VK, Twitter, Instagram

※ Please note that the criteria mentioned above is not final. Pearl Abyss will take multiple factors into consideration while processing the applications, so don't hesitate to apply if you feel that you have other qualities that you can show off. (Updated 01:40 02/23)


[In case of pre-recorded video content]
- Must have a An average of at least 1,000 views per video is preferred. (Updated 23:50 02/20)
- Must produce At least 1 new Black Desert Mobile video per week is preferred. (Updated 23:50 02/20)


[In case of live streaming content]
- Must have an average of at least 200 100 average concurrent viewers in a stream is preferred. (Updated 19:08 02/17) (Updated 23:50 02/20)
- Must produce at least 1 new Black Desert Mobile stream per week is preferred. (Updated 23:50 02/20)


There are no restrictions regarding language or the type of created content.


However, please understand that we will not be able to form partnerships with applicants from regions in which BDM has separate service for(HK, JP, KR, MO, TW) or regions that the global version does not service(BE, CN, KP, VN).


We also reserve the rights to reject applicants who engage in toxic, illegal, fraudulent, discriminatory, or sexually explicit behavior. We may also reject applicants who promote gambling, harassment, or other types of behavior that we define as to be unsuitable. We may also cease to cooperate should such behavior be discovered after the program begins. 


Please note that we will also disclude any revenue created by any foul play or abusive behavior from the final payment should we discover it. (e.g. Abusing the refund system)



You will be able to earn revenue based on the number of people who decide to support you after you introduce them to BDM. The actual amount will depend on how much these new Adventurers decide to spend in-game.(Up to 5% of the amount spent as mentioned above.) You may also get your channel or content promoted on any of Black Desert Mobile’s official social media channels!


However, we do not advise using methods to “clickbait” Adventurers into entering your code, as entering code by itself does not gain you any benefits. We recommend being as authentic as you can in presenting yourself and be helpful to other Adventurers in getting into the game. Partners will be able to earn profit once a supporting Adventurer has purchased paid content in BDM.


Please note that only the purchases made during the designated period, which will be revealed to our partners at a later date, will be calculated towards the revenue.


More details regarding the revenue policy and payment dates will be communicated once the Partner Agreement has been signed. However, please note that we will not be able to share certain information, such as how much your supporters have spent.


We will also be providing the following in-game buff items to your BDM account to help you during the duration of this program. 

- Combat Plus (28 days)
- Life Plus (28 days)
- Black Spirit Plus (28 days)



You may submit your registration via the [following link]. We will get in contact with you after processing your registration form. Please understand that registration does not automatically mean that everyone will be able to join the program.
※ Please note that registration will close at (UTC-8) 23:59 February 23, 2020. (Updated 00:50 02/18)
Registration has closed as of (UTC-8) 23:59 February 23, 2020. (Updated 00:10 02/24)

Please note that after we have reached out to you, you will be required to provide a short video(up to 60 seconds) containing a short message showing your support for Black Desert Mobile. It can be in any format or language so please feel free to express your support in any way that feels comfortable to you.

※The message you send us may be edited and used in future marketing material to promote Black Desert Mobile without additional notification. Please only proceed should you feel comfortable with your message being included in any of our promotional videos. 

Once we have received the aforementioned message, we will send you a personal code with which you can follow the next steps to verify ownership of your claimed profile.


1. Copy your personal code


2. Display the code on your profile as indicated below.

- Facebook/VK: On your page’s “About” section
- Twitter/Instagram: On your “Profile Bio”
- YouTube: On your 'About' page
- Twitch: On a “Panel” below your stream channel labeled, “Black Desert Mobile Partner Code'
- Mixer: On your “Channel Description'



This code of conduct lists what Pearl Abyss expects from its partners in addition what is considered undesirable and the consequences for such actions. All judgment shall be at the sole discretion of Pearl Abyss.


1. Expectations
- Always be respectful and courteous to other Adventurers.
- Account information is private. Please keep your account information safe and refrain from asking other Adventurers for their information.
- Please play by the game’s set system and rules. Usage of unauthorized programs will result in removal from the program.
- Please create content appropriate for the game’s age rating.


2-1. Undesirable
- Please do not engage in verbal abuse, hate speech, threat, false advertisement, harassment, discriminatory or otherwise disrespectful behavior.
- Please refrain from being excessively commercial with your created content.
- Please do not create or display sexually explicit content related to BDM.
- Please do not violate the copyright, trademark or other intellectual property of Pearl Abyss or that of any other third parties.
- Please do not promote or engage in gambling or other illegal monetary activities related to BDM.
- Please refrain from partaking in any actions in which Pearl Abyss may, at its sole exclusive judgment, see as undesirable.


2-2. Consequences
Undesirable actions will not be tolerated. Any partner found to have engaged in such activities will be issued with one warning. If non-compliant with the given warning, the partner-in-question will be removed immediately from the program without notice.