Be Kind and Be a Role Model! Campaign!

Be Kind and Be a Role Model! Campaign!

Greetings, Adventurers!

CM Roccio here!

“Kindness makes you the most beautiful person in the world, no matter what you look like”


As true as it can be, Adventurers from all over the globe can also be the most beautiful people in the whole wide world with kindness not only in your guild but also by making sure that anything you represent will leave goodwill to everyone!


Black Desert Mobile’s campaign has the theme, “Be Kind and Be a Role-Model!”


A campaign that will run for one month will allow Adventurers, regardless of race, gender, and belief, to unite and change for the betterment of our community!


More details below:

March 24, 2023 ~ April 24, 2023, 23:59

1. Two items will be sent via in-game mail:

- Family Name Change Coupon

- Character Name Change Coupon

2. During the campaign period, you can be the first role-model by taking a step to change your Family Name, Guild Name, or Character Name into a name that will not offend or upset other Adventurers in the game.

※ If you already have a name that’s perfect, beautiful, and deemed as non-offensive, there is no need to change! 😊

※ Guild Name Change Coupon will be given to Guild Master of a guild that has been name-changed after the scheduled maintenance on April 25(Tue).

- Implementation of inappropriate names will take effect after the scheduled maintenance on April 25, (Tue). 

ㆍSuch implementation will include words to be restricted in the server chat, and inappropriate Family names and Guild names will be changed to default ones. 

ㆍRestricted names implemented will not be usable in the future. 

ㆍNames will be changed to the following: 

  • TEMPC001 (Character Name) 

  • TEMPF001 (Family Name) 

  • TEMPG001 (Guild Name) 


- The campaign items will be sent out via in-game mail on March 24(Friday) and can be collected until April 24(Monday), 23:59:59 (Server Time).

- Family, Guild, and Character names changed using the coupons will be implemented after the scheduled weekly maintenance.

- The regular implementation of inappropriate names mentioned above will continue even after the campaign

- Please be reminded that restriction and change of inappropriate names after the campaign will not have any assistance regarding name change coupons.


We hope you will actively join in making Black Desert Mobile a loving and peaceful community where Adventurers can be good role models not only in the game but to the rest of the globe!