[Class Introduction] Igneous, the Embodiment of Nature’s Strength

Igneous, the Embodiment of Nature’s Strength

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Igneous received the elemental powers of Marg, the Fire Guardian, and Arne, the Water Guardian.

With these powers, he traps his foes with water and strikes them down with a blazing fire raging overhead!

“True power is born when balance is found between rage and reason.”

This is an introduction for Igneous, who destroys enemies by using the elements of water and fire.



“True power is born when balance is found between rage and reason.”

In a distant space, there was a world of
sages led by a group of men known as

the Godr-Ayed Thea.

The Godr-Ayed Thea was an elite group of wizards centered around three young men.

Through them, the sages began their mysterious quest for the primordial knowledge of the

first elements, said to contain the universe and all other possible matters of research, which would quench their thirst for knowledge.


Among the three, the one called Lord Red was the brightest of them all, both in and out of the Godr-Ayed Thea.

His skills as a researcher and wizard was the subject of envy among all other sages.

He was always one step ahead of his group. He took pride in his position and his leadership was instrumental

in the perfection of the Godr-Ayed Thea’s research.

One of Lord Red's most acclaimed achievements was the invention of the first-ever magical tool, "Sphera."

The first Sphera he created was named after the Godr-Ayed Thea and thus became the “Godr Sphera.”

After the creation of the Sphera, Lord Red’s desire for greater knowledge of the universe was unceasing, and he further entrenched himself in his studies with fervor.

In time, Lord Red succeeded in summoning and communing with the guardians of fire and water by using the Godr Sphera.

From the Fire Guardian, Marg, he channeled the power of absolute destruction.

While Arne, the Water Guardian, offered mental acuity and fortitude.

Though this alone was a feat the first of its kind for the Godr-Ayed Thea,

it also became a source of great concern.

This was due to Marg, the Fire Guardian. Marg’s destructive power was nigh impossible to keep under control.

Lord Red, despite being the most powerful, could barely contain it with the Godr Sphera.


This situation was brought to the attention of the entire Godr-Ayed Thea.

While their original goal was to expand their knowledge of the elements, they felt this endeavor had now been tainted by a thirst for destructive power.

Ultimately, this caused a rift between members of the group.

A faction who had been harboring jealousy towards Lord Red began openly criticizing him for being corrupted by his lust for power. The remaining members of the Godr-Ayed Thea concurred, and denounced him as a madman blinded by the pursuit of destruction.

Lord Red himself was aware of the changes within him,

but a zealous dedication to his studies forced him to eschew the consequences.

The Godr-Ayed Thea’s hatred for him grew as time passed by,

and presumed that the whole of his powers were granted solely from Marg.

Once revered as the most brilliant mind of this time, his legacy became reviled, and his achievements forgotten.


But his ego would not allow such grievances to go unchecked.

He easily forced the Godr-Ayed Thea into submission with his fire magic.

His powers grew and the conflict escalated until he himself became too powerful to control his own powers.

In an effort to put his immense strength on full display, Lord Red launched an assault upon the Wizard’s Chamber, which was at the heart of this world of sages. In response, the Godr-Ayed Thea unleashed their ultimate defensive magic, absorbing Lord Red’s power.

This last desparate act would prove to be Lord Red’s downfall. He was confined to a contorted space that defied the laws of physics and nature – he was hopelessly trapped.


Despite this, the destructive magic of Marg continued to consume

Lord Red’s body and soul without end.

The painful ordeal eventually brought Lord Red to his senses. He saw his corrupted self for who he was.

He began his desperate attempt to regain control over Marg, and while he barely managed to triumph,

it was not without sacrifice. Having used all of his energy, Lord Red became a frail shell of his former self.


As he remained trapped in the abyss, Lord Red’s sense of his own humanity was nearly lost.

Then, he suddently felt a presence from beyond trying to gain access to this distorted space, his eternal prison.

A visage of a Witch appeared across the abyss. He witnessed her pursuing a different Sphera,

an entirely different source of knowledge. Lord Red watched as she followed in his footsteps, and her passion for knowledge was a reflection of his former self.

Yet he felt anger when the Witch got closer to where he was,

and from that anger he felt fear for the very first time in his life.

He feared the Witch would also become consumed by the very elemental force he had so fruitfully studied,

and that her fate as a prisoner in this same distorted space would soon come to pass.

In an attempt at self-redemption, he decided to save the Witch from walking down the same path.

Lord Red struck the Godr Sphera with all his might. The boundaries between space and time began to dissolve, and everything was swept away in a gigantic explosion averse to all known natural laws.


Awakened Wizard uses the elemental powers he received from Marg, the Fire Guardian, and Arne, the Water Guardian,

to make powerful area-of-effect attacks his forte as he wrecks havoc upon his enemies.

Igneous traps his foes with water and strikes them down with a blazing fire overhead.

He specializes in slow yet powerful attacks that can devastate enemy lines, making him most effective in large-scale battles as opposed to 1v1.

With “Aqua Jail Explosion,” Igneous creates a barrier made of ice-cold water,

trapping and overwhelming his foes.

Enemies within its attack range suffer Daze on hit, as well as Knockdown when it explodes.

The next skill is “Calamity.”

Igneous unleashes his rage onto a wide area with burning flames.

The lingering power of the flames in the affected area will also deal damage over time.

The next skill is “Bolide of Destruction.”

Igneous summons a powerful fireball and hurls it to the ground.

Enemies suffer Knock-up on hit and when Flow: Bolide of Cataclysm is active,

the size of the fireball increases, inflicting damage in a larger area.

The last skill is “Savantgarde.”

With both water and fire at his disposal, Igneous protects himself with elemental resistance.

He receives elemental powers from the Fire and Water Guardians,

increasing his power in both elements.


Tempered by Water and Flames,

Igneous Will Soon Arrive in Black Desert Mobile


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