Zayed’s Guess the Weapon Event!
EVENTS 2023.03.01

Zayed’s Guess the Weapon Event!

Greetings, Adventurers!

Roccio here! Queek!


We have finally concluded the [Find the Sand Serpents Event]! However, I found out that the correct answer did not reach the 60% required total votes! 😡


I know that many of our Adventurers have watched and counted the sand serpents carefully so our otter department has submitted another proposal to run a 5-day voting event for everyone! 🦦🦦


Valentine and Stella also joined forces and requested for the required percentage to be reduced to 50%!

Until March 6 (Mon), 23:59 (Server Time)

※ Zayed has arrived in Black Desert Mobile after February 28 maintenance. All you have to do is select the main weapon of Zayed by visiting the social media sites below!

1. Visit our official social media websites and find the event announcement where you get to vote by putting an emoji or a number.

or by putting an emoji.





2. If the correct votes surpass 50% of the total votes counted, all Adventurers will receive a reward!

Mysterious Acorn Lv 0 x30


I put my trust to all Adventurers that they will select the correct answer! Queek!

Have a great day!