Zayed Premium Login
EVENTS 2023.02.27

Zayed Premium Login


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Greetings, Adventurer!

A special login event is here to celebrate the release of the new class, Zayed!
Log in every day for 14 days and get [Adventurer's Alchemy Stone Support Chest], [Horse Emblem: Tier 7 Chest], and [Alyaelli Fragment]!
Purchase the Premium Login Pass to obtain a total of [Black Pearl] x3,000, [Restoration Scroll] x15,000, [Shadow Knot] x800, and [Kutum Raid Scroll] x3 over 14 days!


▏Event Period
After maintenance on Feb 28 (Tue) - Mar 27 (Mon), 23:59

▏Event Details
1) Tap the gift box icon on the right side of the minimap to open the event list and check the "Zayed Premium Login" tab.
2) Navigate to the "Zayed Premium Login" tab and tap "Check In" to receive rewards.
- Purchase the [Zayed Premium Login Pass] to receive additional rewards for 14 days.
※ Receive Black Pearl x200 immediately upon purchasing the [Zayed Premium Login Pass].

▏Event Tab Open Requirement
- None

※ Please Note
- The event period and conditions are subject to change.
- The login will reset between 00:00 - 01:00 every day.

Thank you.