[Class Introduction] Zayed, the Sand Serpent That Shall Devour All!

Class Introduction

Greetings, Adventurers.

This is the Black Desert Mobile Service Team.


Zayed, Hashashin’s Awakening, will soon arrive in Black Desert Mobile after overcoming the trials and receiving the true blessing of Aal.

He wields the enormous Dual Glaives as if it was light as a feather to purge his enemies.

By the authority of the sands, he absorbed the enemy’s power and created the sand serpent, which he unleashes to make his foes tremble in its wake.


“Harken, as this sand serpent shall devour the world!”

We introduce you to Zayed, the true authority of the sands who overcame the trials of contempt.


The true authority of the sands that
overcame the trials of contempt

has been awakened

“Hear me, as the bush needs water to grow, and the flowers need tending, lest they perish.

Avail your blessings of the holy sands before your servant dries into dust.”

A wondering soul cries out into the night sky.

The sands of time trickle down the hourglass as the soul finds no answer to the Blackstar.

Together with time, the soul’s fleeting life comes to a certain end.

“However can I overpower the certainty of death?”


"Aal’s faithful servant. What could cause such an outcry in a place like this?

May my words give you sustenance as you carry yourself back to the fortress and rest. Take comfort in knowing your prayer has reached Aal."


The words resonated with the lost soul.

His mission to discover the truth of Blackstar had reached an unfortunate end.

But to return to a fortress full of those who deny the teachings?

Those old men who revel in their power over the warriors of Aal?

He thinks to return to where his journey began, and realign his brothers towards the true path.


"Out of the many servants of Aal, I have chosen to appear before you.

As this apparition, I will reveal the truth – for I am the truth.

Now take heed of my words and return, for there you shall fulfill your mission.

Spend your remaining time praying, in patience, under Aal’s blessing."


The lost soul began reflecting on the commandments of Aal.

The first disciple, Barhan, took the words of Aal and committed them to scripture.

The final disciple, Kayal, spoke of the Blackstar’s fall and how it would open up a paradise to the north.

However, the Blackstar fell, yet paradise had not opened its shrouded gates.

And in that moment, the mist in his mind began to fade, and clarity came to him once more.


“Stand aside, false herald!

Those of pure intention would not speak with a serpent’s tongue.”


"I have brought you to the highest peak of the desert.

Do you see the Valencian lands below?

Kneel down before me and I shall give you all treasure that brilliantly shines and smells of heavenly riches."


“The Book of Vigilance, Chapter 9, Verse 10.

‘The serpentine shadow whispers of a paradise filled with false hope.’

Ibedor, you are. Born from a world shrouded with despair.

Foul servant of Hadum, you dare insult a servant of Aal?”

The soul reached out, revealing his Dual Glaives.


“I am the blade of Aal, wrapped with power and ready to serve.

Servant of Hadum! With Aal on my side, never shall I falter.

Prepare, for today will be your last.”

After overcoming the trials, Zayed was awakened by the true blessing of Aal. He seeks to purge the enemies of the God of Sun with his Dual Glaives.


Zayed wields his enormous double-edged Dual Glaives as if they were light as a feather, and unleashes a flurry of unavoidable attacks, pushing his enemies to the brink.


Zayed’s sand serpents, created from his authority over the sands, rule over the battlefield and make all enemies quiver in fear.

The first skill is Purge, where Zayed uses his Dual Glaives to summon a sand serpent and attack his foes.

Zayed smashes the ground with his Dual Glaives, inflicting Daze on hit, and the sand serpent will inflict Knockback as it assaults the enemy.


The next skill is Ensnaring Sands.

Zayed sends his Dual Glaives to the ground, then uses his two hands to control their power and summon sand serpents that bring destruction to a wide area.




This skill is called Condemnation.

Zayed leaps into the air with sand serpents summoned by the power of his Dual Glaives, then strikes the enemy down together.

The sheer force of the serpents inflicts Knock-up on the first hit, and enemies hit by the descending strike will be inflicted with Bound.


Zayed can use Paradise Surge upon landing after using Condemnation, and Condemnation can also be used during Paradise Surge.

This represents how the serpents can quickly burrow into the ground, and leap out to ambush enemies.




The last skill is his Passive Skill, Desert’s Shadow.

Zayed subdued the serpent-shaped shadow of Hadum and gained authority over the sands.

The power of the Black Snake became his, which enhanced his physical power and certain skills.


This mysterious power allows Zayed to use other skills during a skill enhanced by Black Snake without cancelling the skill.


You will soon meet Zayed, the sand serpent who devours everything in its path.

“Dare not challenge me in the desert!"

We look forward to your support, Adventurers!

Thank you.