Please Look After Mallowmerz!
EVENTS 2023.02.07

Please Look After Mallowmerz!


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Greetings, Adventurer!

You can now add Mallowmerz to your Pet Album collection!
Welcome Mallowmerz in this event as you get a hand in collecting all tiers of Mallowmerz as fast as possible.
Please start looking after your Tier 1 Mallowmerz and obtain various tiers of Gosphy and exchange them to try and acquire a Tier 7 Mallowmerz!


▏Event Period
After maintenance on Feb 7 (Tue) - Until further notice

▏Event Details
1) Tap the gift box at the right side of the minimap, and go to the "Please Look After Mallowmerz!" event tab.
2) Participate in the "Please Look After Mallowmerz!" event and obtain [Token: Cushy Mallowmerz], [Wandering Gosphy Tier 1 - 4 Selection Chest], [Token: Wandering Gosphy (Tier 5)], and [Token: Wandering Gosphy (Tier 6)].
3) Use rewards from the event to try and turn your Tier 1 Cushy Mallowmerz into a higher tier!

▏Event Tab Open Requirement
Complete Balenos Main Quest "The Boss, Red Nose"

※ Please Note
- The event period and conditions are subject to change.
- You may not be able to further participate in this event if you use the event rewards that you can only get once to exchange other pets.
- You can adjust settings to prioritize specific pets before proceeding with Auto-Exchange so that pets that are prioritized will be maintained.

- If you've already exchanged your Tier 1 Mallowmerz and Tier 1 Sunshine Tiger required for participating in this event, please use the coupon below (the coupon can be used only once per Family).
■ Available until: Mar 14 (Tue), 2023, 00:00
■ Contents:
- Token: Cushy Mallowmerz x1
- Token: Sunshine Tiger x1

Thank you.