[Feb 14 Patch Notes]
UPDATES 2023.02.14

Update Notice


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Greetings, Adventurers!

The Patch Notes for the update on Feb 14 (Tuesday) are here!

In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game.
See below for more details about this update.

※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.
If you find something in-game that's different from the Patch Notes, please feel free to contact the support center.



Featured Updates


Developer Commentary:

You can currently compare your CP with the average CP Breakdown of Adventurers of similar power. In this update, we've added a new feature that allows you to compare your CP breakdown with another Adventurer.

We hope that this update will help you better analyze your strengths and weaknesses in each part of your overall CP, then decide which parts must be focused on for efficient character progression.

This update is a beta version in which CP comparison with other Adventurers is only available from the Chat, Guild, Social, Rank, and Enemy List menus.

We are planning to expand this feature in future updates and make improvements to further improve convenience for our Adventurers.

- Added a feature that allows you to compare your overall CP with other Adventurers.
ㆍThe feature is available from the following content: Chat, Guild, Social, Rank, Enemy List
- Tap the magnifying glass icon on the right of the other Adventurer's Family name or the Details button to open the CP Comparison UI.
ㆍThe server information next to the Adventurer's Family name will no longer be displayed.
- You can compare your Base Family CP and Base Character CP from the CP Comparison window.
ㆍThe Base Character CP of the character with the highest CP in each respective Family will show on the CP Comparison UI.
- The CP shown in this UI may slightly differ from actual CP in real-time.
- This feature will be accessible from other content in future updates.



Developer Commentary:

Ever since Woosa's release, we've been carefully observing her performance in various types of content.

Manual combat is usually more powerful than auto-combat for most classes. However, the gap between Woosa's auto-combat and manual combat has been particularly noticeable, compared to other classes.

In our attempt to reduce the gap, we've improved her auto-combat to be more powerful, while maintaining her efficiency in manual combat with this update.

First of all, due to the slow speed of "Stormfall" and "Cloudrise," which deal damage over time in a wide area, other skills were activating less during auto-combat. This led to her dealing less damage when fighting World Bosses through auto-combat, which may have been a factor in her low damage rankings.

With this in mind, we've drawn out her strength to "bring forth the storms" by improving her main skills "Stormfall" and "Cloudrise" to combo with other skills more quickly.

Also, another one of her main skills, "Wingbeat," couldn't deal much damage to enemies in combat due to the slow speed of the second attack.

We've increased the speed of Wingbeat's second attack so Woosa can deal damage more swiftly with the skill, and switch directions more quickly when using the skill in a combo.



- Improved to quickly combo into other skills while maintaining "Stormfall: Downpour" during auto-combat.




- Increased the speed in switching directions when used in a combo with "Sagoonja: Plum."
- Increased the speed of the second attack.




- Improved to quickly combo into other skills while maintaining "Thundercloud" during auto-combat.

Developer Commentary:

Windwalker utilizes her fast mobility to freely switch between offensive and defensive abilities in battle against her enemies, which makes her an appealing class.

However, even when she sees attack opportunities with her fast mobility, her lack of main skill combos and slow attack speed often result in her taking counterattacks.

Her mobility in combat also makes her more difficult for our Adventurers to control, which is why we've made her easier to use.

With this update, we've improved the stability in her overall performance by adding the "PvP Damage Reduction" effect when she is accelerated by her passive skill "Guidance of Wind."

In addition, we've increased the attack speed of "Ethereal Blast" and "Rupture" to prevent situations in which she would rather take more damage in large-scale battlefields because of the skills' slow attack speed.

Furthermore, it took considerable time for her to perform the additional attack after the first attack of "Wind Slicer," which gave enemies ground for counterattack. To solve this issue, we've adjusted the skill animation of the additional attack to end more quickly.

Additionally, Super Armor applied after performing an attack with "Wind Slicer," "X-Strike," "Gale Harvest," and "Rupture" ends rather too quickly, allowing opponents to cancel skill combos with counterattacks.

To improve the consistency of her skill combos, we've increased the duration of Super Armor from these skills.


Guidance of Wind

- Changed "PvP damage dealt +10%" to "All skill damage +15%." (10% → 15%)
- Removed "Accelerate when running" from the skill description and added "Flow: Accelerate."
“Flow: Accelerate”
- Accelerate when running
- PvP damage taken -15% for 5 sec



Vorpal Daggers

- Increased attack speed.
- Increased attack range.



Ethereal Blast

- Increased attack speed.
- Increased combo speed.
- Improved to combo with "Wind Knife," "Gale Harvest," "X-Strike," and "Wind Slicer."




- Increased the duration of Super Armor.



Wind Slicer

- Shortened the character's skill animations of the additional attack.



Gale Harvest

- Increased the duration of Super Armor.
- Increased the duration of Super Armor from "Flow: Howling Winds."




- Increased the duration of Super Armor from "Flow: Open Sky."
- Improved to combo with "Ethereal Blast" and "Wind Rider."
- Improved the character to change motions when you combo into "Wind Rider."

Developer Commentary:

Paladin has underperformed in large-scale battlefields like the Battlefield of the Sun. She also displayed low efficiency in defeating monsters, which is why we've made some improvements with this update.

First, the attack range of "Shield Throw" made it difficult to hit enemies directly in front of Paladin. So we've changed the skill to adjust its attack according to the character's distance from the target.

Even though the skill "Sharp Light" takes a while to activate, it had short attack range, weak damage, and lacked Super Armor. To improve on such weaknesses, we've condensed this skill's damage so it can deal the same amount of damage in 1 attack instead of 2, and improved its overall performance.

In large-scale PvP, utilizing the Forward Guard during "Radiant Charge" was too risky, as she cannot block incoming enemy attacks from behind. To increase consistency in performance, we've added "Rear Super Armor" to this skill and increased its synergy with her passive skill.

While the attack of "Shield Chase" quickly activates, the duration of Super Armor decreases, providing more opportunities for enemy attacks. We've increased the duration of Super Armor maintained after the attack to make it easier to combo into other skills.

"Knockback on hit" was added to "Judgment of Light" so that the skill can be used as a debuff tool in small-scale battlefields.

Lastly, the attack range of "Divine Wrath" was increased for better efficiency in auto-combat.



- Added "Shield Throw" to the list of skills that can be enhanced by the passive skill "Smite."
- Added the "Splendor" effect.
- Using a full gauge of Sacred Power will grant the "Splendor" effect, which provides "Skill damage +20% for 10 sec."
- Changed the guard type of skills enhanced by "Smite" from "Super Armor" to "Invincibility."



Shield Throw

- Improved the shield attack of the skill to be maintained in melee range when enemies are nearby.
- Adjusted PvE damage.
Lv 1: 257.65% Max 8 hits → 293.77% Max 8 hits
Lv 10: 334.95% Max 8 hits → 381.9% Max 8 hits

- Added "Smite: Shield of Light."
“Smite: Shield of Light”
- Spinning shield attack range +20%
- "Invincibility" during the skill



Sword of Judgment

- Increased attack speed.



Sharp Light

- Increased attack range.
- Increased the number of hits (3 → 5) and decreased max attacks to 1.



Judgment of Light

- Changed "Knockdown on hit" to "Knockback on hit."



Divine Wrath

- Increased attack range by 20%.
- Increased the attack range of the skill enhancement "Additional Attack."



Radiant Charge

- Increased attack range.
- Added "Rear Super Armor during the skill (Not applied in Arena)."
- Added "Recover 100 Sacred Power upon use."
- Adjusted PvE and PvP damage.
Lv 1: 379.5 Max 8 hits → 420.90% Max 8 hits
Lv 10: 512.32% Max 8 hits → 568.21% Max 8 hits
Lv 1: 322.57 Max 8 hits → 357.76% Max 8 hits
Lv 10: 435.47% Max 8 hits → 482.98% Max 8 hits



Shield Chase

- Increased duration of "Super Armor" maintained after performing an attack.
- Increased attack range by 10%.
- Adjusted PvE damage.
Lv 1: 299.6 x 3 → 355.6% x 3
Lv 10: 363.8% x 3 → 431.8% x 3



Sonic Slicer

- Adjusted PvE damage.
Lv 1: 505.57 x 4 → 585.90% x 4
Lv 10: 657.24% x 4 → 761.67% x 4




- Improved to combo more quickly into other skills, including Evasion, when failing to grab.



- [Windwalker] Fixed an issue where the visual effects of "Flow: Open Sky" was not matching its sound effects.
- [Windwalker] Fixed an issue where "Gale Harvest" and "Rupture" could not be used in a combo.
- [Berserker] Fixed an issue where using "Crimson Cyclone" -> "Vicious Rend" in a combo would not apply the Forward Guard from Vicious Rend.
- [Kunoichi] Fixed an issue where the skill enhancements of "Touch of Death" and "Viper Strike" would be toggled on when moving channels, even with them turned off.
- [Content] Improved auto-combat to resume when returning to the field after a match of Arena, Friendly Arena, Hero of Karkea, or Normal Arena.
- Fixed an issue where the damage at the end of a grab would not be dealt to the enemy.




- Added an option that toggles the visibility of the cloak of the "Shudad" and "Shudad Black" Outfits for all classes.
ㆍThe dye applied on cloak parts will reset after the update.
ㆍAfter you reapply the dye, it will be maintained even when visibility is turned off.

ㆍ This feature will be available for other Outfits with cloaks in future updates.

World Boss

- Improved the Immortal Knights that appear during the fight against "Ancient Kutum" in the Great Desert to deflect attacks and detect the boss' weakness.
 ㆍThe Immortal Knights will reflect the boss' attacks and deal damage back.
 ㆍThe boss' weakness will be detected when below 10% HP, lowering its defense drastically for a quick finish.


- Slightly reduced the minimum travel distance required to spawn the Wandering Merchant.


- Added a button to the item description UI that returns you to the description of the previous item after checking a hyperlinked item.

- Added a "Discipline All" option that affects all lazy Camp Workers.

ㆍ You can choose to use this feature when tapping on a lazy Worker from the Camp Worker list.

- Added a Black Spirit mini guide that explains the function of the Acquisition button on the top left of item descriptions.

- Added a button that allows you to apply for the guild on the Guild Information pop-up when tapping on a guild in the Guild Rank menu.

- Added a UI to Trials of Ator: Ancient that indicates the current difficulty level.

- Added a UI that allows you to choose specific items from your inventory to donate for quests.

- Repositioned the "Decline" button to the left and "Accept" button to the right on the Party Rush invitation pop-up.


- Significantly reduced the number of Aakman enemy kills required for obtaining the titles "Fearsome Face," "Object of Scorn," and "Guardian of the Desert."
- The following controls are available when using a keyboard on an iPhone or iPad.

Movement = W A S D
4-Key Quickslot = J K L ;
8-Key Quickslot Bottom Row = N M , .
Switch Quickslot = I
Target Lock = U
Basic Attack = H
Evasion = Space
Black Spirit Emergency Escape = R
Jump = Right Shift
Black Spirit Skill 1 = → (Arrow Key)
Black Spirit Skill 2 = ↑ (Arrow Key)
Black Spirit Skill 3 = ← (Arrow Key)
Potion = ↓ (Arrow Key)


Early Notice

- The max market price of certain items will increase by 50% after the scheduled update on Feb 21 (Tue).
ㆍ Applies to: All equipment
ㆍ We advise Adventurers to keep the above change in mind while playing the game.

- The quest objective of "At the Edge of Chaos" within the "Chaos Accessory" Story will change after the scheduled update on Feb 21 (Tue).
ㆍ (Before) "Use Undefeated Shield x5" → (After) "Defeat Roud Sulfur Mine Lava Creature x500"





- Reduced the length of Fairy Gift cutscenes and made them skippable by tapping the screen.
- Improved the Fairy Brooch Enhancement menu to retain the current success rate from spent materials even when switching to the other Brooch.


- Improved tutorials that previously required player interaction to now explain only through images and text.
ㆍ Applied tutorials: Arena, Outfit Upgrade, Tailor Outfit, Ramoness Arena, Ancient Relic Altar, Black Spirit Quests



- Improved quest reward screens to not display Knowledge if you already have it.


- Adjusted the frequency of Black Spirit messages within the Ancient Ruins before completing the "Black Spirit's Awakening" quest to match the frequency after completing the quest.
- Improved Mega Growth Boost to stop taking effect when a character in the Family reaches Lv 80.
- Doubled the amount of Guild Bonuses.
- Adjusted the recommended CP for joining guilds to 6,000 CP.

Bug Fixes


- Fixed an issue where the first-time rewards for clearing the next Constellation difficulty would be shown even when there are no higher difficulties left.
- Fixed an issue where visual effects would remain on screen in certain situations.
- Fixed an issue where the boss icon on "Knowledge EXP Scroll: Ancient Kutum" was Kzarka's instead.
- Fixed an issue where the actual effects of "Bonding: Increase Max MP" and "Bonding: Increase Magic Regen" were different from the values shown.


- Improved the motions of other Adventurers to be more fluid.

- Improved the "Defeat Khan" quest within Path to Power: Great Ocean so it can be completed regardless of your progress.

- Changed the party leader position in private rooms for multiplayer content to be reassigned 2 minutes after all members have joined and are ready. The previous party leader will be kicked out of the party.

- Fixed an issue where auto-pathing in the Great Ocean would sometimes make the player spin around in circles.




Starting Events

Valentine Chocolate Event
· Event Period: After maintenance on Feb 14 (Tue), 2023 - Feb 27 (Mon), 23:59
Black Spirit's Chocolate Gift
· Event Period: After maintenance on Feb 14 (Tue), 2023 - Feb 27 (Mon), 23:59
Burning Valentine Hot Time
· Event Period: After maintenance on Feb 14 (Tue), 2023 - Feb 20 (Mon), 23:59

Ended Events

· Woodo School Lucky Chest Bingo
· Desert Selection Chests
· Play Support Event
· Woosa Release Premium Login
· Woosa Level Up Event

Pearl Shop


※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.

New Items

- Special Pack > Special Package
· Lucky Shop Sample Pack
· Content Pass Lucky Shop Pack I
· Content Pass Lucky Shop Pack II
· Lovey Dovey Valentine's Pack
· 2+1 Lucky Raid Pack

- Lucky Shop
· Content Pass Lucky Shop
· Tap [here] to check the drop rates for Content Pass Lucky Shop