[Class Introduction] Woosa

Class Introduction

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“A butterfly that reached the path of enlightenment, Woosa”

Following her older twin, Maegu, a mage who wields a Foxspirit Charm to perform mystical arts and summon fox spirits to destroy her foes.

The younger twin, Woosa, who uses a fan as a main weapon which summons butterfly will arrive this January in Black Desert Mobile.

Let’s meet Woosa who can utilize a butterfly motif as she can summon a huge storm from the beating wings of a butterfly!

With elegant, fluttering butterfly wings,
this Do wielder of the Woodo School brings forth the storms

[Bagdahl] Year 3973, 25th under Youngjong's reign, 2nd month, 9th day.

It was already noon, yet the king was still absent from the morning assembly,

and the royal officials went to the palace in search of him.

Having heard from the queen dowager that she'd not yet received her morning greeting,

the crown prince trembled with unease as he made his way to the queen's bedroom.

He found the king and queen conversing coquettishly in her private garden.

In the midst of the entreaties from the subjects who'd come looking for him,

the king said, clearly flustered, "Do not let the royal scribe hear of this."


[Bagdahl] Year 3973, 25th under Youngjong's reign, 2nd month, 16th day.

Hwadam, the royal philosopher, said to the king,

"The coming month’s end is

a day unmarked in calendars of both sun and moon.

The fabled day when the Emperor of the Heavens

and the King of the Nethers slumber.

A millennial event on a leap year day

where neither sun nor moon shall light the sky.

On that day, we shall need cleanse these lands

of all its unpleasantries."

The king said,

"My child may be born on that very day,

as the queen's spirit is dwindling.

Tell me, will she birth a son or daughter?"

To this, Hwadam responded,

"If she births one child, I sense it will be a prince,

if they are to be twins, both will be princesses."

Hearing these omens, the king grew anxious.


[Bagdahl] Year 3973, 25th under Youngjong's reign, 2nd month, 29th day.

Two infantile cries rang out from the chamber of the midwives,

yet no one rang the copper bell to announce the birth.

Hwadam heard this and abandoned his work to go gaze up at the moon.

"For royal twins to be born on such a day forsaken by both sun and moon...!

If the gods never turn to smile upon them, naught can be done to save them."

he said and magically stepped toward the king's bedroom.


[Bagdahl] Year 3973, 25th under Youngjong's reign, 3rd month, 1st day.

At midnight, the king secretly summoned Jo Ik-hyun, the chief minister, and said,

"I've been told that these children, born without the blessings of the gods,

are sure to bring calamity upon us all if they are spared.

We must destroy all records of the queen's conception and childbirth,

so I ask of your assistance, buwongun [Title for king's father-in-law]."

Bewildered, Ik-hyun asked the king,

"Your Highness. Everyone was overjoyed when they heard that the queen was with child.

How are we to erase this from their minds? Please, I beg you reconsider."

The king sunk deep into thought.

"....... You speak the truth. I must not be in my right mind.

Then, let it be known that the children perished in their mother's womb.

Doing so... will leave only a couple of mouths for us to shut."

Ik-hyun asked,

"The princesses are your daughters, and my granddaughters. What will become of them?"

The king responded,

"I have received counsel on a place where they can be trained.

Hwadam's Woodo School is the sole path left to them if they are to live."

Ik-hyun became deeply troubled. (In the background, he says "Your Highness....")

"Forgive me, buwongun. This is something that must be done..."

the king said in consolation.


Excerpts from the Records of King Youngjong. Written by Scribe Kim In-seng.

With her butterfly-summoning fan, Woosa hails from the Woodo School, a group of those who temper their body and mind to wield the Do.


She can deliver quick strikes with her folded fan, or imbue her fan with her Do Arts, spreading it open for area-of-effect attacks.


Woosa’s Do Arts can summon a huge storm from the beating wings of a butterfly. She can also draw up the power of the Sagoonja from within.


Like the gently fluttering wings of the butterfly, she gracefully flits around the battlefield, overwhelming her foes.




The first skill where she uses her fan is Wingbeat.

She enlarges her fan with Do Arts causing a mighty wind that knocks back her enemies.

Holding down the skill button after this skill makes her fan stronger sweeping away her enemies and inflicting knockdown.

This skill can be used quicker to attack enemies if used with Sagoonja: Plum. Plum petals fly in the air as it attack enemies.



Her next skill is Stormfall.

She wields the Do Arts causing a fierce rain and winds around her inflicting damage to her enemies.

This skill targets monsters in a wide area making it effecient when farming.

Since fierce storm is summoned after using this skill, she can combo it with other skills enabling the storm to inflict additional damage.

Butterfly Step


The next skill is Butterfly Step.

She channels her energy into her legs and sprints forward into the air.

Like a stepping into clouds, she ignores all objects as she leaps and can use

an extra leap when holding the skill.

She stops from leaping when using another skill and switch it to attack enemies.





The last skill is her passive, Enlightened.

Englightened is activated every time she uses a skill.

This skill increases skill damage and decreases PvP damage received.

This can be stacked up to 4 times and gives extra damage buff to Wingbeat,

Sagoonja: Plum, Cloudrise.


Also, when Woosa is attacked by enemies

The damage received will be stored as strength. She can save it for a maximum of 5 times and can use it as an additional fixed damage against her enemies.

※ Skill description is described prior to Woosa update. Changes may occur after the expected update this January.

Woosa, the Do wielder of the Woodo School who brings forth storms with elegant, fluttering butterfly wings, will soon begin her adventure with you in the world of Black Desert Mobile!


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