[2023 January] Known Issues

[2023 January] Known Issues

Greetings, Adventurers.


We would like to inform you about the issues that were found during this month. 
Our team is working hard and will fix these issues as soon as possible.


This notice will be constantly updated throughout the month.


※ Last Updated: January 23 (17:10 GMT-8)



- An issue where rewards window from the 'Expedition Gateway: Cursed Pirate Island' occasionally shows rewards that were gained in the previous stage (Updated on Dec 21)


- An issue where the HP Bar of Adventurers would occasionally appear to increase when hit by another Adventurer in mass PVP (Updated on June 8)

- An issue where dyed weapons do show the correct colors after exiting from camp (Updated on June 22)
※ This can be fixed by re-logging in, or unequip then equip the gear again.


- An issue with the Aal's Judgment fire button's cooldown timer animation not displaying properly (Updated on Oct 13)

- An issue where the outfits obtained from a failed Outfit fuse is incorrectly displayed for Maegu weapon outfits.
We have temporarily disabled the fuse function to solve this issue on December 16(Friday), 02:35 (UTC-8)

- An issue where reclaim count of the Outer Castle shows as 0 when reclaiming is possible. (Updated on Jan 31st)
ㆍ It is possible to reclaim the Outer Castle twice after winning a Siege War


-  Erreur à cause de laquelle il est impossible de saisir le texte de confirmation de suppression de décoration d'emblème. (Updated on Jan 23)
※ Ce problème peut être résolu en choisissant une autre langue dans les paramètres du jeu.


- Wenn die Sprache des Spiels auf Deutsch eingestellt ist, ist es nicht möglich, „Transferieren" im Bestätigungsfenster für den Transfer einzugeben. (Updated on Jan 6)

※ Dieses Problem kann behoben werden, indem eine andere Sprache aus der Sprachauswahl in den Einstellungen ausgewählt wird.


- An issue where characters are occasionally stuck and unable to move on the stairs in [Path of Glory]. (Updated on May 6)
ㆍRe-arranging the class using [Change Formation] button will fix this issue.

- An issue where the game is occasionally logged out after obtaining EXP while playing in-game content. (Updated on Sep 26)
The EXP are normally obtained and you can continue playing the game by relogging in.

- An issue where Adventurers receive damage even when located in a safezone from a sandstorm in Ancient Kutum
ㆍ This can be resolved by continuously hiding from the back of the safezone located at the back of the big rock where damage will not be inflicted from the sandstorm. (Updated on October 11)

- An issue where combat mode is unavailable if Atumach Skirmish starts while using the auto-move function.
ㆍPlease refrainfromusing the auto-move function until this issue is solved. (Updated on October 18)

- An issue where Sleep mode cannot be used when you use more than 2 world boss Raid Scrolls of the same type.
ㆍThis issue can be resolved by restarting the game App and reusing the Sleep Mode. (Updated on Dec 30)

- An issue where offering to Black Rock Altar is not possible after appraising an item through Advanced Tent installed in the Great Desert.
※ Offering, Excavating, or issues alike can be resolved by moving to another map, switching to another class, or pressing "Rest" button > Cancel. (Updated on Jan 6)

- An issue where Woosa cannot Fish in combat regions
· Fishing does not work when moving to Camp from combat regions (Updated on Jan 18)

Elite Guild Raid

- An issue where Urugon and Loure Ravi are moving to a location that cannot be attacked.


- An issue where the enhancement flow effect of "Vicious Rend" while turned ON is changed from [Forward Guard] to [Super Armor] after using "Crimson Cyclone" (Updated on Jan 16)


- An issue where the Touch of Death and Viper Strike's enhancement flow is turned [On] even after deactivating the skill when moving to another channel (Updated on Jan 11)


An issue where the teleport effect of 'Cloudcarve' > 'Clouded Perception' does not occasionally work. (Updated on Jan 17


- An issue where Primal Alchemy Stone obtained from 3 Year Anniversary rewards has been abnormally set
※ You can only craft Primal Alchemy Stone after Awakening.

[Due to the current state of the item, the following actions will be implemented]
If you obtained the items from opening Primal Alchemy Stone Chest:
- Silver used for continuous enhancement will be compensated via in-game [Mail].
If you have not opened the Primal Alchemy Stone Chest:
- Exchange the Primal Alchemy Stone with the Awakened version during the next scheduled maintenance on December 20(Tuesday).


An issue where Fairy's 'Black Rock Altar Auto-Offering' skill sometimes cannot be used.
- The skill will not work if you are attacking the Black Altar. This issue can be resolved by ceasing to attack, and Black Rock Altar Auto-Offering will normally work as intended. (Updated on January 30)


Thank you.


1st Week of Jan

- An issue where the max amount of group pass when doing 1-time exchanging for randomized passes via [Menu] > [Rush Board] is only until 1,000.
- An issue where a different Adventurer appears when using [Whisper] function through selecting the Adventurer from your saved list of [Kills] during combat.

2nd Week of Jan

-  An issue where Berserker's passive 'Unleash' does not get activated with the skill 'Rattle' is used when 'Flow: Helmet Smash' is turned on
- An issue where [Adventurer's Tier 6 Pet Chest]'s description from Woosa Release Premium Login Day 5 and 12 rewards, and Black Spirit Mission pass after obtaining 133 points is incorrect.※ You can obtain one of the pets randomly when you open the item.